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  1. Calling It Now

    Thanks for reaffirming my suspicion that pro sports are +++++ing soap operas for dudes. Jesus, what a drama queen.
  2. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    In your head.
  3. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    Bowls get choices and pick teams, not the other way around. It's been this way for 20 years or so.
  4. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    Buncha whiners. Winners don't blame external forces for their failures. Sorta tongue-in-cheek....sorta.
  5. MWCBoard Guess the Score - Final Standings

    I'm in the top half! Woo-Hoo!
  6. CSU being left out

    10-2 and ranked.
  7. CSU being left out

    The 1996 Wyoming Cowboys were the worst-snubbed. This sucks, though, if true.
  8. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Love it. Get it done!
  9. Two bid league this year

    Cachet. Cache (pronounced CASH) is a stash.
  10. Two bid league this year

  11. Early Lines 2017 MWC finale....

    It's kind of necessitated, in a way, by all these West teams scheduling BYU. I could be wrong.
  12. What happened to the dream?!?!?!

    Isn't Calvary a place? Like where Jesus died for your specific sins? The word you want is cavalry.
  13. Kustra just quit

    Kellyanne Conway?