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  1. Wyo @ Boise State

    Time for a takeaway!
  2. Wyo @ Boise State

    I can't quit you.
  3. Wyo @ Boise State

    You should have the thread inside this one, like a picture-in-picture deal. I know you can make it happen, nerd.
  4. 10 schools and 6 additional football games.
  5. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    Should've read the whole post.
  6. Coaching Chamges Announced for UNLV Football

    Going to get middle school coaches next?
  7. Dearest Mall Cop...

    No worries Jack! Yeah, how are they??
  8. He pronounced it, "Ne-vahv-da" ? What a nincompoop. There's no second V in that.
  9. Dearest Mall Cop...

    You should reread the thread, I guess. I neither said nor implied anything about BYU nor its fans. I thought that in the context of the discussion, it was obvious that I was referring to the cohort that joined the board when you did, lowering the level of discourse. Sorry that I wasn't clear enough. Weren't we talking about an SDSU fan being an asshole? You brought up BYU, and I didn't follow you down that rabbit hole. In short, you imagined it. You usually don't have the persecution complex that a lot of BYU do; I'm kind of surprised.
  10. Dearest Mall Cop...

    19 or 20. I think I started posting in 1998 when the board was the WAC-16 board on Killerfrogs.com. The board predates the WAC expansion to 16. You are a champion at putting words in people's mouths. Who said anything about BYU? GTFOOH with that. Some chip on that shoulder.
  11. Dearest Mall Cop...

    Okay. You're obviously correct, like always.
  12. Dearest Mall Cop...

    Since you guys showed up with the culture of shitposting.
  13. Rank Em - Week 7

  14. Dearest Mall Cop...

    That's called being an asshole.