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  1. Regardless of what happens he made some money and was one of the best college QB's of his era.
  2. Not bad for a former walkon DL who played 8 man football.. I was a little surprised when I heard his name drafted in the 6th round considering his size. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/03/15/matt-paradis-again-leads-broncos-in-performance-based-pay/
  3. Boise has a really good win against #14 SMU and some decent wins like Colorado St 2x and such. Boise should have beat Oregon and was up all game but collapsed in the final minutes. Boise sometimes gets up for games like this but it's hard to tell. We are a very young team. Only 2 seniors and both are not much of a threat. We are a decent rebounding team but our bigs have no offensive game. Stars are Chandler Hutchison and PG Paris Austin. I think we split with Utah a few years back. But if was before they got good again.
  4. Because I know you're all dying to know..
  5. Boise has hotter girls per capital than anywhere I've lived in SoCal. Bellingham/Seattle has maybe 1 hot girl per 10,000.
  6. Boise struggles in the conference tourney whether they're tourney bound or in last place.
  7. Rankulator is a great system imo.
  8. Boise women's b-ball started off hot and had a big win @CSU where very few teams win.. But then went into a huge slump. Didn't watch the games to see what happened though.
  9. It's his only chance to get paid.. He was solid but not spectacular at MLB. We are thin at the position though. Lots of bodies but no one who has done anything.
  10. not the game thread

    Off the top of my head I can't think of any Boise St basketball coach to leave for a better job.. Obvioulsy Boise is a lifer job.
  11. not the game thread

    UNLV isn't a lifer job. Not anymore. Aztecs have had one old ass coach stay.
  12. I've yet to meet a Trump supporter in Boise that has a college degree.. All of em are whiskey tango or old farmer dudes.
  13. Glad Hutchison made it.. Only player to finish top 10 in points rebound and assists.
  14. Boise St decided not to do those smaller tourneys for image issues.. Not that Boise has a basketball history worth mentioning, but by declining invites to em they can project the image that they're too good for them.
  15. I've had the login issue from my phone for ever. But it doesn't do that on my wife's phone so I'm sure it's an issue on my end.