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  1. Trump supporters do manual labor, can't take days off.
  2. It's impossible to tell if they are though. A lot of times kids will get an offer in August but by December the spot is filled but they still list the offer. ill take that over a 3 star kid with an offer from North Texas.
  3. I'm pretty sure he listed Boise St as one of his offers as well.
  4. What offers they have is a better measuring stick.
  5. Stars are for entertainment purposes. Boise St walked into Atlanta and waxed Georgia who had 5 star players all over the place. Boise had better OL/DL and were pretty much better everywhere. Georgia went to the SEC title game that year. Obviously a special team but still mostly 2-3 stars.
  6. Steroids saved baseball. It was a dying sport st the time and the homerun chase revived it.
  7. Berkman was really good for a long time too.
  8. Watched those guys for years. Thought they had the best team in baseball during the strike year. Either Bagwell got hurt or they faced the Braves and got shutdown by Maddux/Glavine during their best years.
  9. I think Bonds would have been in without steroids. He was a superstar when he was a skinny kid with the Pirates. McGwire started well but really fell off until he juiced up.
  10. I hope so.. his film is pretty crazy. Although most D1 athletes have great highlights.
  11. He's a transfer right? He didn't go to a JC? If not they usually don't count those.
  12. Lots of stars have sucked balls in the postseason.. Or hardly made it all. I don't think that should go against 15 years of regular season work. There re was an article on how Bagwell would take voluntary tests and give the results to management, it's a few years old but I'll try to find it. He's 38th all time in WAR that is easily HOF worthy. Not many first basemen could do it all. Steal bases, hit for major power, and play great defense.
  13. Love the game Battlefield 1. Really enjoy the desert battle for the Suez Canal and the Ottomans marching through the desert. Can't imagine they really had some of those weapons though 🤔🤔🤔
  14. Bagwell, Tim Raines, and Ivan Rodriguez. There was talk Pudge might not make it in which is crazy considering he was the best catcher of the generation by a mile. Glad Bagwell made it, I grew up watching him and Biggio play. Surprised Hoffman didn't make it, he was a premier closer for over a decade but the HOF isn't kind to closers.
  15. Utah offered Lloyd so that throws a wrench in things.. We usually go 50/50 against them.