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  1. 2-15 from 3? Someone tell him to stop shooting those.. Not falling tonight.
  2. Fluke.
  3. Battle for 1st place tonight. In the previous game it was tight early but by the end Boise got their ass whipped. I'm the resident pessimist when it comes to Bronco basketball, but I fear a repeat is coming tonight. Unless Duncan magically becomes a serviceable player again.
  4. I'd be somewhat surprised if they won, but the whole season has been like that.
  5. I was bummed he left but in the end it was better for our team. Hope he gets a shot in the bigs, been a long time since a BSU player has played an NBA game.
  6. If my own team can't win it I'd love to see it just for the threads that'd be posted here.
  7. Yeah village idiot award would be a better name.. Stunner is the master troll but not enough people realize it, but other than that there aren't any trolls here anymore.
  8. Yeah I think they do too.. I could see Fresno getting hot again and winning it, the above 3, maybe UNM. Hell San Jose will probably win a game.
  9. Nevada/Boise/CSU Big game coming up with Boise @Nevada. Broncos will have to play MUCH better this time around to have a chance. CSU and Boise exceeding expectations this year.
  10. Boise St was the Broncos long before the NFL team existed. Also was blue and orange long before Denver, they used to have Wyomings colors.
  11. Republicans went from Mitt Romney to Trump all on their own.. I can't speak for the rest of the country, but virtually everyone I see in Boise who backs Trump is uneducated and broke.
  12. You can't blame republicans voting for Trump on Obama..
  13. I'd love an NIT bid.. Would make this season a success in my eyes. Although they have done much better than I thought. I think Boise has declined any post season tournament below the NIT.
  14. You should never lose when you take 17 more shots..
  15. Yeah if he bounces back and someone like Musgrove can pan out we'll be fine. I understand why they didn't make a trade and have to part with someone like Martes. I like the lineup a lot. Worried about 1st base a little.