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  1. I'm partial to montipora.. Easy to keep SPS, relatively cheap and bright colored. Love chalices too but the prices get so crazy for one phukking eye.
  2. Some people grow em like weeds but I haven't had the same luck.. When Stylophora's hit the market they'd almost always die but now people seem to keep them pretty easily.
  3. I went through a tank crash about 3-4 years ago.. Just got too hot and never recovered. Fish survived but all the coral died
  4. Yes sir, will do when I get home. I've had trouble with Birds Nest.. Really love the ORA bright pink variety but it either dies off or never takes off. I'm a T5 guy because I like the color better but that could be a reason.. i used to post pics here years ago but there was only one other person interested.
  5. Connects to a 125g sump/pipefish tank. I don't have as much time as I used to but it's a great hobby. I'm having trouble with heat as well, it's over 100 here in Boise.
  6. Cold saltwater tanks aren't worth the cost imo. What type of acro was that?
  7. I have 700 gallon reef tank that I'm looking at right now.. If I could post a phukking picture I'd post a pic.
  8. Love the Sandbar.. We rent a room and take the kids swimming there.
  9. I just don't see how anyone can support this administration at this point..
  10. Kareem racked up his numbers in the weakest era of basketball. He won the MVP award with a losing record, that's how shitty the NBA was in the 70's. He just played for phukking ever. Look at the players he shared MVP's with. Olajuwon played in the toughest era in basketball history.. Bird prime, Magic prime, Jordan prime, Malone prime, Barkley prime, Ewing prime, David Robinson Prime, etc.. The majority of the top 50 players ever played during his years. Olajuwon had ZERO supporting cast.. He didn't play with 2 of the top 5 point guards to ever play. His best teammates were- An over the hill Clyde Drexler at 33. Otis Thorpe- 1 time All star. Ralph Sampson for 1 season before he broke his back. Not to mention Olajuwon is the greatest defensive player to ever play the game. Only NBA player in the top 10 all time in blocks(#1) and steals (#8). And before you say he only won titles because Jordan retired, take a look at the Rockets record against the Bulls around those years. They won more than they lost.
  11. Olajuwon > Kareem
  12. Lulz at mentioning Allen in the same sentence as those others.. He hasn't done ANYTHING close to what those QB's have done. He's a safety away from being nobody. Hes got all the physical tools for sure. But lol at all this legend shit posted.
  13. Party over country politics has taken over. It's more about giving the finger to the other side over what's in the best interest.
  14. The small hand comment really got to him lol. He's such a god damned joke I can't imagine the future train wrecks he'll provide.
  15. Did Reagan know this was going on when his wife was pushing just say no? I guess I could look it up. Just saw ads for a new tv show about the subject and it looks pretty good