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  1. I'm surprised those pirates are still at it after the events in that movie, Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks). Although they didn't show it on film, in real life those pirates literally got their heads blown off by those Navy Seal snipers.
  2. They can also cook tortillas on those solar panels. Trump's a genius.
  3. I don't care which political party's health bill gets signed. I just want the politicians to be forced to be on the same coverage they're signing for us instead of that gravy health care they've always had. We'd have one hell of a health care plan if that was the case.
  4. I agree with what SJSUMFA2013 wrote (3 hours ago). One either becomes addicted or not.
  5. Call it like it is, addiction.
  6. When they're no longer needed for pain then why would they continue?
  7. It seems amazing to me that nobody mentions Rebekah Mercer. Trump lacks the brains to formulate a policy, that's why he's her stooge. She's very rich and intelligent, but lacks street cred. She's a nationalist and anti establishment. Very damaging to our democracy.
  8. All the more reason he should lie and call it fake news. It works for Trump.
  9. From what I've read, years ago doctors prescribed opiates for patients with pain and disregarded the consequences. Opiates are a derivative of opium and over time their bodies get used to the dosages. Then the patients double down on their dosages to curb the pain. Over time that doesn't work then their doctors prescribe a stronger drug and it becomes an endless cycle like any drug addict. Even with co-pay those drugs are expensive. That's when the black market eventually comes into play. Many respectable people have fallen into this trap. Tiger Woods is a prime example. He got hooked.
  10. Which makes more money? Attendance increase or TV revenue? Other than very few exceptions we can't have it both ways. I would defer to TV revenue to compensate for "down" years that everyone goes through.
  11. I question how seriously Fox and NBC view college sports.
  12. The Rockets don't play defense. They're all about 3 point shots. If he can defend and defer to their shooters, then he may have a chance to stick.
  13. As usual, dumb dumb Hair is going to sell out to ESPN even with their shaky financially situation. He's always been an easy mark for them. A smart negotiator would have ESPN and CBSSN as equals. Don't let one have priority rights over the other. We're the other live West Coast content that they both need to fill.
  14. If I'm not mistaken those on the selection committee cannot vote for their team or teams in their conference. Since we know what he's about, that's not to say Hair won't stink up the joint by selecting MVC teams as a favor to them.
  15. That's all the more reason Aresco will refuse to accept the challenge. He wants to claim P6 status, unimpeded. What a farce.