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  1. Contracts: CAL's Wyking Jones vs. Nevada's Muss

    If Stanford is really interested, he'll go if offered. OTOH, has he ever dealt with academics in his recruiting?
  2. Cal at SDSU

    We still don't know how to attach a zone. That's been the Achilles heel of our program with Fisher and now Dutcher. Strange.
  3. LaVar Ball - overseas

    When will those boys get the guts to tell the old man to FO?
  4. I wonder if they're go backwards and sue the studios for referring to women in films during the forties and fifties, as broads. I'm all for women's rights, but these things can get out of hand.
  5. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    Forget the spread. Weren't you ranked above them? TT lost to Seton Hall. TCU is undefeated and ranked above you.
  6. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    You lost to the team that you should have beaten. TCU is not the traditional pushover this year.
  7. MWC and Future Bowl Game Contracts

    Totally agree. It would also act as insurance in case the LV Bowl eventually bows out. The Az bowl date doesn't need changing, it's already attractive. That bowl commission should put out bids for a new sponsor. Geezus, I hope they haven't locked their current sponsor in for the long term. If it can become a lucrative bowl we can align it with a Big 12 team for geographic reasons. Win-win.
  8. Final Coaches Poll Ballots

    I agree with him. He knew our oline was going to get beat up against ASU and Stanford whether we won or lost. I think we scheduled an open week after them for that reason. Inserting AFA which should have been our bye instead was horseshit. We barely beat AFA and No Ill after them, which shouldn't have been so close. It's over so that's that. However we're anxious to play Boise and Fresno next year under different circumstances.
  9. MWC and Future Bowl Game Contracts

    The problem the LV Bowl has is it's a pre-Xmas bowl and I doubt they would change it to after Xmas which is their busy tourist season. Besides matching two P5 teams won't work, they're not used to traveling before Xmas. So given that, they might be forced to stick with us.
  10. I read somewhere that 35% of our nation's population is college educated. The media says only about 6% of the total population are sports fans. So if you combine the two then the college educated fan bases must be very low for NCAA sports. Sactowndog has a point.
  11. SDSU vs Army in the Armed Forces Bowl

    And you knew this as an outsider? Even if I give you a maybe from what you said about 10 years, what about after?
  12. SDSU vs Army in the Armed Forces Bowl

    He "rescued" you from the WAC so you will be forever indebted to him. The original members have a different light on him.
  13. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    And that's why we have such shit bowls. When the Raiders stadium is finished the MWC will say good-bye to the LV Bowl. We'll be stuck with nothing.
  14. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    IOW, you're finally playing some teams on the road who have a pulse.
  15. And your conference bowl record is what? LOL