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  1. How much is our rent at the Q vs the maintenance cost of a dinky stadium?
  2. We also wouldn't get the concession revenues. So it would be just a miniature version of the Q.
  3. Our program actually started to slip a couple of years ago. Dutcher told his staff to find another offensive system. He knew that was a weakness under Fisher and it got worse as he aged. There's enough incoming and leftover talent on this team that's capable of pulling it off, but can they do it in one year? Fisher also hated zone defense so I hope Hutson will be free to set a defense of his choosing. If Dutcher and Hutson reverse the trend that will entice different types of recruits to come here. Being the new guy, I think Dutcher gets a bye if he doesn't sign any studs this year, but he better show progress with what he has. Yes, this is a very big year for our program for those reasons.
  4. What is the students section capacity at the Q? Is it filled more often than not every game?
  5. I've read the national average of sports fans is only about 6-7% of the population. So generously using 7% of 30+K students that's still only a fraction above 2K. Our attendance increase must come from non-students. BTW, I think that 2K shows up in the MBB games.
  6. They were bitching about the T&M long before Nevada was invited. Why do you think they moved it to Denver, which was a disaster?
  7. You're reaching. Nice try.
  8. Conferences traditionally do not have their tourney hosted in one of their member's arena. The MWC coaches have bitched about it for good reason. Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Club.
  9. What really pissed me off was that Fisher couldn't parlay what Leonard did for us in his last year at SDSU, with recruiting. We signed a bunch of nobodies in 2011.
  10. I agree, Las Vegas is the best location. The problem is that Hair sat on his ass when other venues were available there. He never had any intent of abandoning the T&M. It makes me wonder if he lined his pockets in doing so.
  11. They can label themselves any which way they want. Its primary purpose is for their next TV contract. What they'll end up settling for will end Aresco's P6 nonsense. I'll give him credit for trying though.
  12. He has a $1million arm, but a $0.10 brain. Those long bailout passes work in the MWC, but won't in the NFL. He's young so maybe he'll figure it out.
  13. The college game is mostly about the spread while the NFL is pro set. A lot of spread QBs take a few years to learn how use progressions and some guys just can't make the transition. A strong arm is meaningless if they can't read defenses.
  14. Unless the Rebels make some noise in the NCAA this upcoming season I think it's still too early.
  15. Sounds like Muss is molding a ready made staff for whenever and wherever he goes.