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  1. Forget the money. Stevenson is a small private university established in 1947 with a little over 4,000 students. Did he really go back because he was from that area? Academically, it's a downgrade position. If he was after money he would have never left to head SDSU. We're a public institution that doesn't pay that much.
  2. Our president skipped town. Not a good omen.
  3. Seriously?
  4. Stanford doesn't screw around. With their money, expectations and powerful boosters, no coach is ever comfortable there. If Haase fails to make a post season tourney again, watch what happens.
  5. Wow, that's a lot of dough for a public mid-major institution. They must have some big boosters there.
  6. If Muss hangs around for another year and makes it to the Dance again, I think Stanford may grab him. With their recruiting budget he'd thrive there.
  7. I think yesterday's loss lowered his status as a hot commodity. Had they won he would have remained medium-hot. Unfortunately his players were too wide eyed from the national exposure. If they make it again next year it'll probably be a different story because of the experience. Anyway by getting to the Dance in consecutive years that's when Muss will be targeted by the biggies. There will always be openings, maybe not to his preference though. OTOH, I still can't figure out why Wichita State's and Dayton's coaches haven't been poached yet. Muss comes cheaper so he'd be a bargain.
  8. It just proves there aren't that many sports fans, nationwide. I remember when I was in college I ran across many students that didn't follow or cared very little about sporting events, so it makes sense. I guess that's why jocks became a divisive word on campus. lol
  9. He shot a lot of FTs. If he does transfer there goes the Lobo's high FT % stat.
  10. I think NV will dominate as long as Muss is there. He knows how to get the missing pieces that he needs via transfers. I don't know about his recruiting though. He's also a good game manager.
  11. Well according to those crazies on Aztec Mesa it was the players that should be held accountable after they recovered from those injuries. So are they saying the inmates ran the asylum? If true, not a good sign for Fisher. He used to be a firm taskmaster, but I think he lost this team. Will the returning players transfer or will Fisher retire? If both stay I see trouble on the horizon.
  12. That's what I've said. Shots don't drop if they don't have legs.
  13. The Rams are at a real disadvantage. They had to play catch up all game late last night and that will have taken its toll. Plus they don't have a deep bench.
  14. The way I see it, if we make a half dozen or more of our 3 point shots then we'll win. If not, we'll lose. Live by the 3, die by the 3. We shoot too many of them.