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  1. Steve Bannon is out

    Watch, Fox is going to begin attacking Bannon. If Trump continues to consult with Bannon behind the scenes then I think Fox will also attack Trump. For some reason Murdoch hated Bannon and might warn Trump about this. Get out the popcorn.
  2. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    Yeah, if there's any money left over.
  3. I guarantee you'll see a bear if you go to a zoo. Geezus.
  4. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    These fringe groups are dumb, reckless and they hate the legal system. That's why they get sued for their violence and results with draining their finances. Over time they get new financing and the cycle repeats. For now, I hope Heather Heyer's parents find a way to sue the hell out of them.
  5. 7'1" C Kameron Rooks to SDSU

    Dutcher told his staff to look into offensive systems. He knows that was Fisher's shortcoming. All D with little O limited how far we could have gone.
  6. The tears of a clown

    Crocodile tears. He has my vote for best actor. LOL
  7. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Other than the military then who else? We're talking organizations here, not individuals.
  8. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Totally disagree. If they weren't challenged they would put on as many rallies as they could to gain more followers. They become dangerous whenever they outnumber those against them. I think that's why they carry weapons or firearms to try to neutralize the numbers against them at these rallies. They won't confront anyone one on one because they're basically cowards.
  9. Have you noticed that he uses the word, considering, a lot? The media falls for it every time. That's his way of tossing a bone to a pack of dogs and watch them fight over it..
  10. Rethinking the War on Salt

    Doesn't eating so much seafood offset the salt intake? For example fish in itself is healthy for you, but they serve it with soy sauce.
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    So Trump says on Friday they carried torches and were peaceful demonstrators and they weren't all racists. He said he knows since he watched it on TV, just like rest of us. Uh Trump, there was an absence of audio you dumb ass.
  12. Is it time to lop three heads

    Have you ever seen pictures from the 1920's about the thousands of KKK marching down Broadway in New York? They almost got into the political system because of their numbers. That's what happens when there is an absence of protesters. They become even more embolden.
  13. Republicans are tired of Trump's shit

    One thing is for sure, both political parties fcuked up big time. Before the election did you ever ask yourself, are these the 2 best candidates that this great country can offer? I sure as hell did and many of my friends asked the same.
  14. KUDO's Baltimore...

    I took a tour in the Confederate White House in Richmond. It even had a flush toilet and the slaves had to carry away the flushings in a bucket below. I wonder what they'll do with that building now.
  15. You have to win your bowls. That's why that P6 is a sticker on your helmets, not painted on. lol