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  1. Tell us about your basketball team

    I think whatever success we have will revolve around offense. Dutcher must implement a motion offense, which has been a challenge for years. We have to get away from heroes shooting 3 pointers, excessively. The defense will be there.
  2. Wyo @ Boise State

    I didn't see the game. Could it be that the staff threw too much at them instead of simplifying it? That's what your explanation sounds like.
  3. The ADs' job is to win, but are restricted by how they do it. That's where the presidents are supposed to be involved.
  4. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    All we care about is having our own 3rd tier rights. If Hair gives that to us he can stay or go as far as we're concerned.
  5. Tell us about your basketball team

    Individually their backgrounds looks pretty good, but how will they perform as a team? That's the key.
  6. No way, man. Rocky looks more like Robert Duvall. That other guy could pass for Mickey Rooney.
  7. SDSU WTF game

    Not having Rosales starting was a serious loss since Penny mostly runs from the interior. The young guy couldn't open holes. I think that's why they had Penny run some sweeps in the 2nd half.
  8. OTOH we can say BC and Nebraska overrated. Have you seen their combined records and opponents? It's embarrassing.
  9. Marvin Menzies Linked to Louisville Job

    Your points are valid. However when MM was asked he had "no comment." You would prefer he'd have given an absolute NO.
  10. They knew something was up, and yet.... Talking out of your horse's ass I see.
  11. You have the perfect handle. A horse's ass. LOL
  12. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    You kiddin' me? The NCAA is the power conferences' lap dog when investigating mid-majors or lower. So yeah, you Rebels better be nervous.
  13. And the owner of the Deseret News is who?
  14. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Well, the NCAA found out Gary Parrish was full of shit after using a fine tooth comb to investigate us. I highly doubt we suddenly got "dirty" after that.
  15. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Instead of being an independent organization I've always felt that the NCAA should be under the DOJ's jurisdiction. They should have caught and reported this instead of the Fed's having to intervene. Very few systems are squeaky clean so I would imagine this shit has been going on for many years. It's just that the amount of money has gotten too big to look the other way.