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  1. I'm not too sure about the other Pac schools, but Cal and UCLA are the primary dissidents when it comes to changes in the Pac 12. Voting is unanimous in the Pac12. Stanford and USC have gobs of money to do their own thing so I don't think they really care one way or the other.
  2. In these last two games the officials suddenly started calling fouls against the Spurs after the Grizzlies justifiably bitched about the FT imbalance. It makes one wonder about conspiracy theories.
  3. Exactly. That is a typical example of why public G5 teams are hamstrung from competing against P5 schools.
  4. So we should work with the Chancellor's office? How naive do they think we are? The CSU system is comical and run by a bunch of weaklings.
  5. I dunno. If your school improves SBS and you start winning then it would be worth it. When John Robinson started winning didn't you guys get an uptick in attendance, even with it being the distant hellhole that it was? Having parking and concession revenues are nothing to sneeze at. You should only play in the new stadium when you schedule a big time opponent.
  6. I read she's also a Latina.
  7. And it won't be replicated.
  8. I believe using Esquire depends on the type of law being practiced. My Patent and Trademark lawyer used it too.
  9. The key is will it be played concurrently against a bigger bowl or during an open window, meaning before or after such a bowl?
  10. Hey, that's P6 money. How dare they think otherwise.
  11. Then where is the money coming from if Dutcher wants to hire a coach?
  12. I'm not jealous. In fact I'll be glad if she works out for UNLV.
  13. Her publicist couldn't have said it any better. lol
  14. Is that what she told ya? OK
  15. She wasn't the AD back there. The AD deals with the boosters.