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  1. CSU is about a 4.5 point favorite tonight when they host CSB Kenpom ranks CSB to have a better defense than any MWC team. Kenpom ranks CSB to have a worse offense than any MWC team, except UNLV. Should be an interesting game. I would give pthe 4.5 and bet on CSU. Clavell is the type of player that can be effective against good defensive teams. Or at least good enough to overcome a bad offensive CSB. CSU has had some great NIT luck. The #1,#2,and #3 seeds in their quarter of the bracket have all lost. That not only means they get to face lesser seeds, but they get to play host to those teams. They should be favored to take a little trip to New York City.
  2. Brown averaged 7.1 FTA per game this season. Devin Watson, first team all WCC PG who will play for the Aztecs next season, averaged 7.2 FTA per game for San Francisco last season. I don't know how floppy he is but it looks like you might find your new prima donna to hate
  3. A lot of people say a lot of things.
  4. The Aztecs still have two spots open. I expect a graduate transfer or two. The Aztecs have a first team all WCC PG transfer, a redshirt 4-star big, and an incoming 4-star 6-6 SF recruit who was offered by USC, Cal, and Boisie State. Hopefully, next year we have better luck with injuries and games decided late.
  5. The odds came out and the Aztecs have better odds than every team except Nevada. I would not bet on them, because they are playing about as badly as they have this season.
  6. When you show up on Thursday, there will only be 8 teams playing.
  7. The Aztecs have been very good against the option. We swept Army and haven't lost to AFA. The Aztecs did split with Navy in the Poinsettia Bowls, but Navy only scored 17 points in their win. The Aztecs have been very good against the option. The 3-3-5 is ideal against the option. New Mexico will be a challenge. They run the option a little different than the service academies.
  8. After having the toughest schedule in the Mountain last season, Utah State has the easiest. Half of their road games are two Western division patsies - UNLV and SJSU. They get Hawaii at home, avoiding that tough road trip. They get BSU, Wyoming, and CSU at home. They don't have to play SDSU. When SDSU went undefeated against the Mountain and those who didn't play SDSU went 3-0 against the other division, a couple of years ago, USU would have won the thing by switching schedules with any of the 3 that SDSU played - assuming...
  9. A few years ago BSU missed a wide open 3 pointer at the buzzer to lose in San Diego and lost in Boise via a buzzer beater 3 by Polee. The same thing happened this year versus CSU but the Aztecs were on the opposite side losing twice at the buzzer. If both the shots this year were reversed, the Aztecs would be tied with CSU. 12-4 is so much better than 8-8, but the records describe what happened and due to things described above often don't accurately reflect the reality of how good the teams are. That is why the Aztecs may actually have better odds in Vegas and be favored if the two play.
  10. The worst recent drought in California was in the late 70s and blamed on global cooling.
  11. It goes into the water system. Half the water they take in is returned to the ocean with double the non-water parts. There is a holding area where it is allowed to cool some first. The NOAA will probably be moving water thermometers close to the outlets and adjust other nearby thermometers to reflect Carlsbad readings.
  12. The secret is to buy your house a long time ago.
  13. When he doesn't play, it means the Aztecs have a full roster. He and Williams each played 3 minutes last night. Both average 13 minutes. That is an indication of our injury problems. Other than Hoetzel and Cheatham playing hurt, the Aztecs are at full strength for the first time in a long while.
  14. The Aztecs strength this season is 2 point shooting and 2 point defense. They are #1 in the MWC in 2 point % (50.6%) and #1 in the MWC in 2 point % defense (43.3%).The Aztecs improved both those stats today. SDSU was 26-44 on 2 point tries in the game (59.1%). Nevada was 15-44 on 2 point tries in the game (34.1%).Both teams had 44 attempts at a 2 point basket, but the Aztecs scored 22 more points in their attempts.
  15. Viejas was built at 4 times the then current crowd sizes. 12+K is a great size for NCAA basketball. None of that is true of 30K for NCAA football. We need 42k - 41k is too small and 43k is too big.