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  1. Mountain West Basketball Week 3: 11/20-11/26

    Two bids will be very difficult if the conference wins at 64%. Conference winning percentage is the biggest factor.
  2. Mountain West Basketball Week 3: 11/20-11/26

    Aztecs play Friday against (most likely) Georgia and Sunday against St Mary's (possibly). Wooden Classic.
  3. Freshman Matt Mitchell had quite a game last night. 31 Points (16 Possessions) 2P 3-3 3P 7-11 FT 4-5 6 Rebounds 3 assists 3 steals Dutcher has him starting ahead of Hemsley this season. He finally showed why that is.
  4. Rashaad Penny

    Update: Stanford can not win the PAC12 North division even if they tie Washington, who they beat head-up, because their tie breaker is overall record. I thought Love might get that extra game. Too bad that isn't the MWC tie breaker
  5. Rashaad Penny

    What did Penny touch on Special teams last night? Ball twice Endzone twice Turf nada The Aztecs defense has been pretty good over the years so Penny hasn't had a lot of chances returning kicks. He tied the NCAA record with his 7th career kickoff TD. I bet he did it with far fewer attempts. Penny wining the rushing title will likely be determined by next week's Washington v Washington State game.
  6. 4-star guard commits to UNM

    4 star on ESPN and 3 star everywhere else. Good get.
  7. No more Aztecs?

    I am offended by your post and demand you delete it.
  8. Mountain West Basketball Week 1: 11/10 -11/12

    That's why I included "Tuesday" in my post.
  9. Mountain West Basketball Week 1: 11/10 -11/12

    Tuesday SDSU at Arizona State.
  10. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    Utah State scored 61 points against SJSU but didn't dominate their defense like the Aztecs did while scoring 52 points. The Aztecs had 2 (non-half ending) possessions in which they didn't score a TD (one FG and one fumble). Utah State scored 61 points but had 9 (non-half ending) possessions in which they didn't score a TD. Likewise, Utah scored 54 points but had 9 (non-half ending) possessions in which they didn't score a TD.
  11. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    SDSU ENDS game kneeling to end 9:09 drive. 52-7. Only 7 passes. Really eased up in the second half.

    As stated above 15-34 shooting 3s. Aztecs stayed with their "normal" rotation instead of matching up to their opponents strength, for most of the game. Dutcher stated in a normal game he would have gone to a smaller lineup to defend the 3 better. The Aztecs started with Hemsley on the bench. Max Hoetzel, now official Max Montana, started. That made the front line 7'1", 6'10", 6"9". Not ideal versus an AFA type team.

    Aztecs beat UCSD 98-79. Great shooting night. 2p% 62.8% 3p% 53.8% Ft% 76.7% 1.42 points per possessions Aztecs offense continues to shine. UCSD 15-34 SHOOTING 3S. Dutcher stated in normal game Aztecs would have adjusted to a amaller lineup to defend UCSD's 5 shooter lineup.
  14. SDSU v USC closed scrimage

    Dutcher has been stressing running and taking the first decent shot instead of waiting for a better shot. Too many times the Aztecs never got that better shot and had to settle for a forced shot late in the clock