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  1. I should have been more precise. I meant top half of the NCAA TOURNAMENT BRACKET. i.e. an 8 seed or better. That is what I was referring to that the Aztecs did 5 years in a row. Nevada wasn't close to that level.
  2. Note: No matter what any contract states a person can retire at any time without any financial penalty. There is a constitutional amendment that covers that.
  3. I believe that was the year the Aztecs beat Oklahoma in the first round and then lost to 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast.
  4. You should be able to get about 40 points along with Davis if you think it's that close again
  5. Stanford
  6. Nevada had a nice season but what made them champion was because the MWC had, not only no at large deserving teams, the MWC had no top half NCAA teams, which they normally do. A top half team would have made that Nevada team 2nd. Nevada needs to improve greatly from last year to maintain 1st place, if the MWC is as good as it has been in any other season in the past 9 seasons.
  7. As if we would have got an at large if we won more tournament games. We aren't being punished, we are getting what we deserve based upon OOC results. If we had ano OOC similar to 2013, we would have had multiple at large teams again.
  8. I hate seeing him go. I hoped for massive improvement from him next season. Physically he has it all. Projecting where a team will be next season, at this point, is a fools game. Graduate transfers can change a team in a hurry. Aztecs have 3 open spots for next season.
  9. The Aztecs have made 2 final 4s in recent history - NIT 2009, NIT 2016. We would have had more but every year in between we were in the NCAA tournament.
  10. 2015-2016 season CSU was: W/I 10 eFG% 21.0% 51.1% (overall eFG% 50.4%) CSU is still part of the bottom 3.
  11. That is not true. He won't be paid anything next season. Dutcher's contract isn't as much as Fisher's was. The Aztecs have money for assistants.
  12. Fresno State %Shots eFG% Type 11.7% 65.4% Defensive Rebound 4.6% 56.6% Opponent Score 7.5% 65.7% Steal Colorado State %Shots eFG% Type 8.0% 44.7% Defensive Rebound 2.8% 37.0% Opponent Score 5.8% 60.8% Steal FSU has more fast breaks in every category and shots significantly better in each of those categories. This is a stark comparison between the best of worst in the conference in transition offense. I am surprised the CSU wasn't better in this area. Boise State (since you mentioned them) %Shots eFG% Type14.1% 57.2% Defensive Rebound4.7% 60.0% Opponent Score5.5% 64.4% Steal
  13. I always was impressed with BYU's fast breaks, but running the numbers, they would belong with the bottom 3 teams in the rankings above. That is because although they have a very high percentage of possessions concluded within 10 seconds(32.6%), their eFG% isn't much better in those possessions than overall (52.0% v 51.1%).
  14. If you take the difference between a team's overall eFG% and their fast break eFG% and multiply by % of possessions they have a fast break, you can rate MWC teams on how valuable fast breaks are to each team. Below are those rankings with spaces to indicate a big gap in rankings: 1 FSU 2 Nev 3 UNLV 4 BSU 5 USU 6 SDSU 7 UNM 8 AFA 9 SJSU 10 CSU 11 Wyo
  15. Below shows the overall eFG% and fast break eFG% Overall Team FBeFG% 51.7% Wyo 51.3% 50.6% AFA 54.9% 52.0% BSU 59.4% 48.7% CSU 49.0% 51.1% FSU 63.8% 52.5% Nev 61.1% 45.1% UNLV 52.7% 47.8% SDSU 53.6% 49.8% SJSU 50.6% 50.2% UNM 55.1% 53.4% USU 60.0% Every team except Wyoming had a better eFG% on fast breaks.