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  1. SDSU

    Hoke's success was mostly due to Rocky's defense. Offense was already loaded.
  2. Aztecs, You're In! #22, #25

    http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll-voter/parrish-alford Stanford #15 Aztecs unrated I sent him a nice email.
  3. Aztecs, You're In! #22, #25

    #22 in the AP but there is some built-in increase coming since at least one writer didn't bother to wait for the end of the Aztecs late game. He increased Stanford 2 spots and removed the Aztecs.
  4. Rocky postgame presser

    Lights out was a negative for the Aztecs. The Aztecs were rolling before the lights went out and the time out reset everything.
  5. SDSU

    The offense has really played ball control. Stanford only had 4 possessions in the 2nd half. TOP 41:14 Aztecs 18:46 Stanford
  6. Long may they reign

    Since the higher ranked team gets home field, CSU would have to be 2 games better than the Aztecs in conference play to host that potential game. Beating Stanford and CSU losing 2 games OOC effects home field.
  7. As soon as next week's games are complete, all the percentages change.
  8. SDSU

    Aztecs have been wining via defense. That and great special teams is why we win. Defense can be more consistent.
  9. Congrats San Diego St

    My daughter went to Oregon. That would be great if we play them.
  10. Rank Em

    I attribute the first touchdown to the most blatant holding non-call from a wide receiver I've ever seen. The Aztec defensive back was in good position with a wide receiver right in front of him so he could go either way. The wide receiver wrapped his arms around him Spun him around in a circle then let go and pushed him the direction the of the spin opening up a big hole. It's a great play if you can get away with it.
  11. Week 4 Opening Lines....

    The quality of Aztec players has not always been good. They had good players at a few positions but were too small, too weak, or too slow at the majority of positions...that is not the case anymore.
  12. BYU has very little talent.....

    And then won at the Mountain Champions home in the conference title game. How many Mountain teams won at Wyoming?
  13. Is Boise State on the verge of a major meltdown?

    Was BSU trying to RUTS. SDSU had a 10 point lead with 8:34 left. They put together a 6 minute drive to seal the game. In OT, I am a big fan of going for 2 after a tying TD. Too bad BSU didn't try.
  14. And anoth

    I am between trusting the coaches and wondering why they settled so soon.
  15. Get SDSU out!

    This is like settling for the woman you can get and then blaming her for not being a woman you can't get. SAD.