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  1. Chocolate milk comes from Brown Swiss cows. White milk from Holsteins Cream comes from Jersey cows Strawberry Milk comes from Guernsey cows
  2. MLB Playoff Schedule

    A smart watch can get txt messages and other messages similar to a cell phone. So someone in the stands could steal a sign text the next pitch, then he sees it and gives a sign to the batter.
  3. National Anthem at Sporting events?

    A google search after my topic post ... http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/6957582/the-history-national-anthem-sports-espn-magazine http://www.npr.org/2016/09/04/492599463/how-did-the-national-anthem-get-to-be-a-mainstay-of-sports-in-the-first-place http://mentalfloss.com/article/18997/why-do-we-sing-national-anthem-sporting-events
  4. Recent events have had me thinking - When did the tradition of playing the national Anthem at sporting event start? On another related topic is it really needed?
  5. Baseball fans

    Cubs swept the three game series in the end... Cards now 6 games back. Milwaukee 4 games back. Cubs Magic # is 10
  6. Baseball fans

    It will be Arizona and Colorado for the wildcard spots. The cubs will win their Division they are about 1 game ahead of Colorado record wise now, and 3 up on the cards and brewers - Cubs have 11 games against the brewers and Cardinals, and the brewers and cards play each other 3 or 4 times, so those teams will all beat up on each other. As long as Colorado wins a few they won't be caught for wild card. Arizona has a large enough lead they would have to collapse to not make it. They are 7.5 games up on cards and brewers with 15 to play. Cubs Cardinals starts in about an hour... Go Cubs!
  7. The Orville

    I watched it, and thought i was boring with poor writing. Oh well - to each their own.
  8. Password Management

    I use Keepass with a Yubikey device. I find it works pretty well.
  9. Best college football environments in country

    I had a good time at Florida Gators when they played Wyoming. I imagine that for a bigger game that atmosphere would just get even better. I've been to a few Nebraska games, and they are OK, but not nearly as good as the Florida atmosphere. I plan to go to Clemson in the next few years - I hear that is a good time.
  10. The future of broadband internet in America

    I need to them to get fiber run in Laramie. they have fiber just north of town, but not in town yet.
  11. Brady Popinga dings Wyoming on radio

    I was friends with him in College at UW before he went on his mission. The reason he transferred was because Wyoming had a coaching change (Tiller left) and was eliminating the tight end position, which is what Casey played.
  12. How Many of The United States Have You Visited?

    Missing a few in the Northeast. I'll have to visit my sister in Boston sometime and get them knocked out. Alaska would be a fun fishing trip. Not sure when I'll ever get to North Dakota or Arkansas.
  13. NIT Selection Show Coming Up On ESPNU

    Well Wyoming accepted the CBI Invite and play Eastern Washington on Wednesday (In Laramie)