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  1. Bitcoin

    Does anyone use an Offline wallet? Ant preferences or experience with them? I am looking at buying a Ledger Nano S to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, etherum, and ripple (if I buy some ripple)
  2. Bitcoin

    Ran into similar issue with coinbase. If you chose to .. you could create a coinbase account and just pick another state and it would work.
  3. The Orville

    I watched some of it again - keeping in mind it isn't supposed to be a comedy - and it is much better without that expectation.
  4. US moving Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

    Interesting video clip I saw today from Twitter...
  5. US moving Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

    They'll just put a new sign on the US Consulate building in Jerusalem that says Embassy.
  6. He'll go pro. He is scheduled to graduate early too.
  7. Josh Allen - "If i'm 100% I'm playing in this game"
  8. According to Bohl - If Josh is 100% he will play.
  9. Josh Allen will be at press conference in about 15 minutes. Maybe we'll find out more about if he will play or not. Would really help Wyoming ticket sales if he is going to play...
  10. Music Thread

  11. Music Thread

  12. Death of a partner

    There are no words to say... My prayers are with you and your loved ones.
  13. Mountain West Basketball Week 3: 11/20-11/26

    Not enough scoring for the pokes in the 2nd half. We had 1 point in about 8 minutes before the double technical free throws.