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  1. Whoa this was the same as mine. Good minds think alike.
  2. Fat shaming NEVER goes on in the gay community, right?
  3. Ha okay Chad. You sure showed me tough guy.
  4. Exactly. If someone from southern miss were saying that they were rivals with Nevada, I wouldn't give a dissertation about why we weren't rivals.
  5. You sure spend a lot of time any energy saying you're not rivals with byu. As a third party observer here, it's obvious you look at them as one but you're trying waaaaay too hard to convince us (or yourself?) that they're not a rival. If they weren't, you'd spend as much time talking about them as you do southern Utah
  6. Maxine is certifiable
  7. Hey Reb gets a man bun
  8. Wasn't there some sort of eclipse in like 91 or 92? I remember there being something like that when I was in elementary school. We made those glasses from cardboard or something that the school found in the dumpsters
  9. Well.. raise it to $20 an hour and see if that helps
  10. In Mexico City today I saw a man walking by the bus station wearing a Utah state hat.
  11. It's pretty fun. The only affordable way is in the GA. $11 a ticket compared to like $60 for a regular seat. The GA is full of families and high school baseball teams and everyone fighting like animals for a home run ball. Good times
  12. I made it to the opening game on Saturday- first time seeing the CWS in person. Fullerton almost pulled off the upset
  13. Signed Nevada bball fans 2010
  14. Seems like they're really trying to make this rivalry with Phoenix happen quickly