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  1. Congrats to BYU. Must be nice to win at the #1 team.
  2. Lolzzz. Must be a great time to be a rebel!
  3. Lolzzz okay
  4. UNLV scored what, 6 points in the last 8 minutes? We should've played Gorman- would've been more competitive
  5. Let's go for 100!
  6. I don't usually agree with you on much, but I could get behind the NIT expanding to get rid of the other tournaments, as long as the little guys get preference. I have no interest in watching a 15-loss ACC/Big Ten team.
  7. What's the average age of the UNLV band? 37?
  8. And just like that, we're up 31
  9. 45-30 halftime- good guys
  10. Anyone else's feed turn black? Or did my tv just break
  11. Thank Allah for Marshall
  12. I like Muss' tie though
  13. Oh please. Get up faker.
  14. Vegas student section is worse than ours. I just see three guys wearing what appears to be F Reno shirts
  15. Dumb cbs sports.. made us sit through 3 commercials after the other game ended just to get to the media time out and watch more commercials