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  1. Including dropping 114 on BYU...
  2. Football a push? I would guess that NMSU probably has the longest bowl drought in FBS without looking up any stats. SJSU football has some bowls and a top 25 finish recently.
  3. Didn't it used to be an automatic intentional if you fouled before the ball was thrown in? I swear I remember that rule growing up
  4. Geez. Air Force scored faster than ___________ ?
  5. We're pulling a Nevada
  6. Our FT shooting this game so far makes me nervous
  7. Thanks for doing our work for us
  8. Has Fresno won a road game yet?
  9. Let's go four corners and stall till selection Sunday
  10. Yeah- but then they raised some pretty crappy kids.
  11. Obvious smear campaign against the mwc in attempts to give them leverage before the next tv contract negotiations.
  12. College games are getting long too. I wish they'd take out one of the media timeouts and just do them at under 15, 10 and 5. It also sucks when a team takes a time out at 7:50, then they come back out to the floor and then a quick whistle and back to the benches at 7:48.
  13. Who would've thought SDSU would be alone in the basement after the first two weeks of conference play
  14. Holy F!!!! I can't believe what I just watched!!!!!
  15. Wow- no reaction by anybody on the floor. I thought someone would at least show some emotion.