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  1. I guess Boise is a better location for the big sky fans than Reno..you got Idaho, isu and Montana not too far away.
  2. Most controversial thing so far in 2017

    If racism goes away..then he'll be out of the job. So he's gotta keep it around just enough to stay relevant.
  3. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    Flatter, more flaccid than ph at the bunny ranch
  4. Whoever does the turd of the week ...

    Serious? This isn't even close this week. We dusted off our trophy case for the title this week at halftime last night.
  5. Idaho State at Nevada

    This sums up the game. Us punting in front of ten fans.
  6. Idaho State at Nevada

    This. UNLV's loss was just another in a list of fcs losses.
  7. Idaho State at Nevada

    How much did this game cost us? Financially, not emotionally.
  8. Idaho State at Nevada

    F... two point failed
  9. Idaho State at Nevada

    Bah. Pathetic. And they're counting my tickets that I bought as a donation..
  10. Idaho State at Nevada

    Nothing to be concerned about. ISU is ranked top 5 in the whole state of Idaho.
  11. New Mexico at Boise State

    Just turned on the tv. It's seriously only 14-7?
  12. I'm sorry mug, but board rules clearly state that any and all threads about trump must be started solely by jack. Please delete this.
  13. North Texas State? What year are we in?
  14. The MWC's Rocky Mountain Challenge

    How much does that gym hold?
  15. BYU has very little talent.....

    This doesn't help your case that you aren't obsessed with byu like they say you are.