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  1. Is Boise for sure starting up baseball? I kind of liked how each team had a bye for a weekend series and could get a series with another conference with odd number of teams, like us and Clemson this year.
  2. I'm glad we cut the bottom three out. I never liked how some of our teams had to burn so many pitchers in such few days.. championship games and semi final games with scores of 17-10? No thanks.
  3. Where's the article?
  4. How's this calculated anyway?
  5. You lost by 35 to a Polian-coached team in your last game. Somehow I don't see the leap to a bowl this year.
  6. I've now learned that Arizona is the pinnacle of college basketball and them scheduling you means you've made the big time
  7. That john Denver's full of shit, man
  8. It's like they only want any mascot or logo that's left to be a white guy or some animal. But no person who isn't white
  9. Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin.
  10. I've been to all 50
  11. Moving it up three days? I don't see the big deal
  12. Now he's replying to his own posts?
  13. Does the RJ not do comments sections anymore? This would've been a good read.
  14. There's just no consistency in what they're calling. It seems they go a couple of minutes of calling everything and then won't call anything for a few plays, when it looks like there's more contact than before. Then they just do their stupid arms up in the air sign and run off.