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  1. Moving it up three days? I don't see the big deal
  2. Now he's replying to his own posts?
  3. Does the RJ not do comments sections anymore? This would've been a good read.
  4. There's just no consistency in what they're calling. It seems they go a couple of minutes of calling everything and then won't call anything for a few plays, when it looks like there's more contact than before. Then they just do their stupid arms up in the air sign and run off.
  5. I don't know about you, but I tuned in to watch the refs.
  6. I heard that Mines owns the Denver market. Would be a good add
  7. Loved watching them during that usu brawl.
  8. Lolzzzz at that dunk fail on the utes
  9. Ah good. Thanks
  10. I keep seeing this mentioned..what's the back story?
  11. I like your optimism
  12. That "leaked" bracket had this game right for us against ISU
  13. I wonder if they made a fake bracket to leak to throw people off the trail
  14. Looks like it's wrong