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  1. Davidson @ Nevada

    Said it was a flagrant foul. The Davidson guy flopped like an automated flopping machine
  2. Davidson @ Nevada

    I think youre getting your Jane Austen books mixed now up with real life
  3. Davidson @ Nevada

    The loser from LV who went to school in Reno and hated on the school he went to. And the starter of the beat down thread
  4. Davidson @ Nevada

    That’ll be a quality win at the end of the year. How often can you say you held a team to almost half of their average total points?
  5. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing..
  6. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Do you feel better now?
  7. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Are you posting this from your beautifully landscaped manor in north las vegas?
  8. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    It’s all they got, so we can’t take it away from them.
  9. Fresno vs. Purple Asses

    You already hitting the eggnog?
  10. Nevada at Santa Clara

    My feed is freezing up. It froze with us up 21-16 and then next thing I saw we were up 42-21. Dang!
  11. Rhode island @ Nevada ESPN u gameday

    Crowd doesn’t look as big as I was hoping for, but it sounds good on tv.
  12. Was this guy his sugar daddy or something? I haven’t really been following this story
  13. No more Aztecs?

    We won’t rest until every mascot is a white guy!
  14. Not sure if it’s a board problem or my problem..

    Battery at 2%? Living dangerously!
  15. Cord Cutters Guide to Watching MWC Sports

    I want to drop century link in December but as far as I know, only they and Comcast offer internet here and they both charge a crapload to just have internet and no tv. I’d like to just stream but I think I’m stuck with one of those two for internet options.