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  1. Spanish Speakers

    Poor dude must have gotten the HIV.
  2. The Nazis are coming to UF

    Just goes to show that Joe should have gone to a real school, like the University of Miami, where they don't have these types of issues.
  3. Trump CA wildfires

    Maybe he can build a new Trump Tower on the site of the old Santa Rosa Hilton. Or..."Cardinal Newman Schools...Brought to You by Trump International".
  4. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    Clearly, misdirection is a key cornerstone and column of the administration. It's a constant "Yeah, but....look at that!" Kind of reminds me of Bill and Ted when they yell "Hey look, it's the Goodyear blimp!" to those guys at the castle in France.
  5. ouch ... Celtics Hayward snaps ankle

    There goes Boston's season.
  6. Marvin Menzies

    I think Theus was the NMSU guy they should have gone with, not Menzies. I'll never understand that non-hire.
  7. I can't wait ....

    I've always felt that his inclusion of Chad on the ban gets a lot of undue grief. It's probably one of the most dangerous countries in the world that people haven't heard of and is a complete haven for terrorists. It's like Somalia-not-by-the-sea. I don't personally see a problem with not allowing people from places like Somalia, Chad, etc., just so long as it's consistent and not a religious issue. As a religious-ban, such as the "Muslim ban" he originally proposed, it's likely unconstitutional, but as a blanket "ban" for everyone from those countries coming to the United States, I don't necessarily see an issue with it.
  8. You guys just need to get better as a league and be where you were at. Like football, the commitment needs to be there. New Mexico, UNLV, and SDSU were all solid, and have faltered in recent years. New Mexico and UNLV had some questionable hires (I still think Theus would have been great there), and SDSU couldn't keep up their level of play forever, I suppose. Those three were your bread-winners, and with them taking a step back, so to does the conference. Utah State was solid for awhile (do they still have the fat guy as a pseudo-mascot?) and Fresno has all of the potential in the world, unfortunately, they haven't played up to it in recent years. If the teams showed some commitment and can get back to that level of sustained excellence that we know they can have, then the at-large bids will follow. Step up the play, and don't worry about at-large bids. I'd be more worried if I were a fan of a Belmont, Dunk City, even the Big West or Big Sky.
  9. The vegas shooting gets weirder..

    There's another key person from that whole thing missing too, some girl that reported something, and she's now disappeared. Probably a botched gun running episode from Area 51 using the old man as a patsy. It may sound crazy, but it is Vegas, after all. If Tony Spilotro were still running things down there, we might not have these issues today.
  10. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    I didn't elaborate more than my two word reply...and I agree with your post...I was merely busting your balls by calling you an asshat... I'm a fan of anyone advocating their opinion, regardless of if it jives with mine or not. I think we should encourage more dialog from both sides to come to a common solution rather than allowing ourselves to be divided and conquered by the puppet masters that pull the strings in Washington. The Internet has killed civility by allowing people to be placed into their own little "boxes" and fire away from there. I'm a fan of civil dialog, and simply debating the issues. I think this forum (more than many I've been to) does a good job of trying to keep it civil. We all bust each other's balls on occasion and fire back and forth, but at the same time, it's not really that destructive. Open forums should be a place for ideas and should be a place to let things get a little heated. I'm not a fan of using moderators in forums, unless someone is posting threats to kill someone or something, but if it's name calling or something...it's all fair game. I respect your opinions, just like I respect others'. If you aren't in my face about them and don't try to force them down your throat, I probably won't be an asshole. I might try to point out where I think you've erred, but more or less, I think the dialog that goes on in a forum like this that represents such a diverse section of the world (American West, basically) is a good thing and sometimes reminds me that there is still a little sliver of sanity left in the world.
  11. Coaching Chamges Announced for UNLV Football

    I applaud this move. It makes about as much sense as ph's love life, but I applaud the move by UNLV regardless.
  12. Is It Time To Resume the Korean War?

    I wouldn't mind putting nukes on Guam. It's a critical junction in the Pacific; you could put them on Anderson AFB or that Naval Base at the south end of the island whose name escapes me at the moment, or in the valley there by Mt. Lam Lam. At the very least, it might deter even the Chinese from some sort of rash move (which I don't think they'd ever do, but still...). I'd even re-arm the Japanese. What's the worst that could happen? They won't attack us again; we're too good of trade partners, but they should be able to defend themselves. Why not?
  13. The Nazis are coming to UF

    Just carry a tiki torch, raise a fist and yell "Damn you Obama" and keep walking. You should be able to sneak right through without disruptions. Now, if you're driving a clod-mobile like a Ford Fiesta, (which is something I could see someone like you driving) and you're approached by one of these Nazi-types on the road, then give him the keys and then use a credit card to zap off on a jet to some place like Miami and rent another huge fireapple-red convertible for a drug-addled, top-speed run across the water all the way out to the last stop in Key West...and then trade the car off for a boat. Keep moving.
  14. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    I miss the days of sitting in the old Elephant and Castle in San Francisco's Financial District, listening to a bunch of day-traders lose their shit on some unwitting bastard on the other line after a bad day on the markets. Annoying? Somewhat. Entertaining? Absolutely. I miss those days. No one even goes to the bar to watch a game anymore. If you go somewhere to watch a game, chances are that people are going to be sitting somewhere, taking up space, but are just texting or doing something inane on the phone. Like a bunch of zombies hooked on their zombie cocaine of a cellular telephone.
  15. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    We're cool.