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  1. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    Senate, likely...but not the House, as long as gerrymandering takes place.
  2. Roy Moore

    By throwdown, I meant "poorly cobbled together trivia contest"...winner gets pudding.
  3. Big Ballers on the move...

    I hope the Ballbags get traded around Eastern Europe for a cache of poorly made Soviet weapons.
  4. Big Ballers on the move...

    LaVar Ball is like a deranged Don King high on roofies, Red Bull, and bad acid. They already do, on Facebook TV or some shit.
  5. Roy Moore

    You live in Florida? Next time I'm down there, I'm going to drive past you, flip you the bird, and challenge you to a throwdown at McDonald's...right after I get an early-bird special at Waffle House.
  6. Roy Moore

    It is a law, after all. lol
  7. Roy Moore

    I've dabbled in Catholicism before, even became a confirmed Catholic...they're the only ones that I can jive with, if only because of their continuation of Ancient Roman principles... I also see them as the "sane" ones of the Jesus cults. They have "legitimacy" in my eyes, having been around for nearly 2000 years, and having so many beautiful houses of worship to match. I don't attend mass much anymore, but if I ever get the feeling to go to one of these, I go there. The older I get, I find myself trailing on the side of "agnostic", rather than ardent atheist or believer. My own experiences have led me to believe that there is more to things than merely worshipping a man on a cross, hoping for eternal salvation when I inevitably croak the big one.
  8. Roy Moore

    Stick to crude blurry black and whites with leather pants...it's all you're good at.
  9. Roy Moore

    If heaven were eternal and great, how could it be heaven? Sooner or later, it would lose its meaning...same for hell. It's like loving a Big Mac so much that you get it every day with fries and a coke. For the first few days, it's probably going to be awesome...after that, it loses its luster. I feel that it's something that people give meaning to because they're afraid of uncertainty...so they go about their days, praising the sky god (doesn't need to be Christian, but any), hoping for an eternal end in some sort of paradise. Even if something is paradise, sooner or later its cracks will begin to show, and it will lose that idea of paradise. I think that you'll wind up seeing your loved ones again, and it's entirely possible that those who play the biggest role in your life are people that you'll interact with constantly through the life and death of the universe....it just won't happen in an eternal sky kingdom. For the same reason heaven doesn't exist in my mind, hell doesn't exist either. Again, sooner or later, you'd become so used to whatever it was down there, and used to all of the terrible things that it would lose its meaning. Think of this example of going to Taco Bell every day just to get a poorly-made Mexican Pizza. Sure, it may be shit at first, but eventually, you'd get so used to it that it's poor nature would lose any semblance of meaning. The collapsing universe is the way to go. It provides variety, twists and turns, and basically something new to captivate one's attention. While it may involve a hell of a lot of waiting, we don't remember the universe before we were dead, and we won't remember it afterwards until we show back up. Of course, it's entirely possible that we may live different lifetimes during the cycle of the universe, before finally coming back and doing them all over again.
  10. Brian Bowen - UNLV a possible landing spot

    Probably goes to Kentucky or Kansas.
  11. Marshall Faulk Suspended

    Barry Sanders was better than them both.
  12. Roy Moore

    Wyoming/Nevada on the East Coast, if memory serves me correctly.
  13. Roy Moore

    I've always found the idea of a "heaven" for the people who are "good Christian folk" to be inherently flawed...and if such a thing existed, I wouldn't want to be there anyway. By their definition, Hitler is probably painting pictures in the illuminated, illustrious, sky kingdom, while all of the Jews he had killed in concentration camps are burning somewhere below, and so on. The idea that one can claim to accept a sky hero and be taken away upon their death just makes absolutely no sense. In any case.... What if the universe functions as a living being, and actually does have an end? We've seen instances where quantum physicists and others have claimed that the universe has finished expanding...and ultimately, gravity pulls it allllllllll the way back, ultimately collapsing on itself. Once this has happened, it "re-expands", blowing up in sort of a "Big Bang", with everything repeating itself over and over in some sort of twisted motion that goes on seemingly forever. This could explain deja-vu, and other sorts of phenomena. The whole idea that the universe is infinite, that time is infinite, has always made me think that death is definitely not a big deal. You don't know what/where you were before you died, and you probably won't until you re-awaken somewhere else, or possibly in the same body pod again once this trip around the roller coaster is over.
  14. Ok. Time to give Trump a thank you. We going back to the moon!

  15. Pacific at Wyoming

    UOP used to have a decent team year-in and year-out...they've really fallen badly.