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  1. Here's the middle 50% SAT ranges for the four Ohio schools. OSU: 1170-1390 Miami of Ohio: 1140-1340 Cincinnati: 1040-1290 Ohio U: 1000-1210 Surprised that they're better than OU, but in any case, it's a distant third behind OSU and Miami. And to get back to my original point, is there more potential in a flagship in a Mountain West state or in a school that's considered an afterthought in a heavily populated state in the Midwest?
  2. I know everyone uses subsidies, but I think that, in the near future, that is going to be limited. Virginia just put percentage caps on how much of an AD's budget can come from subsidies, and Ohio just gave the System Chancellor the right to veto any student fees that he doesn't see as in the best interests of students and taxpayers. So my point is that if those AAC budgets are being driven by a higher percentage of subsidies than MW budgets then you might see them come back to earth and that advantage disappear.
  3. Athletically, it's a cut above for now. But for football that's a pretty recent development and came about when they were invited into the Big East. As for the school's overall reputation, It has more of a research presence along with law and med schools, but on an undergraduate level though, it's absolutely considered to be a fourth choice school behind Miami of Ohio and Ohio U. MoO and OU are also statewide schools that pull students from all over Ohio. Cincinnati is definitely a regional school that pulls its students primarily from the Ciny metro area. My point being that a lot of those AAC schools and their claim to being the P6 choice over the MWC don't hold up to much scrutiny.
  4. I think you'd need to compare subsidies along with budgets. Is it just a matter of AAC schools sinking more subsidy money into their ADs or is there a real base of revenue being mined. I don't know, but I think it would complete the picture. Cincinnati is a perfect example of a school that's hyped for expansion but whose argument breaks down when you dig into the situation, as I'm sure the B12 did. UC is the clear fourth choice college in its state system : OSU-->Miami of Ohio-->Ohio U-->Cincy. Outside of the Cincinnati metro area, it has no fanbase in the rest of the state. And even within the metro market, it splits the area and viewership with OSU, Notre Dame (Cincy is heavily Catholic) and Kentucky. When UC football is on top, it might squeak out a small plurality of tv viewers but usually is well behind OSU and ND. Does that sound like a P6 school?
  5. One thing that hasn't been brought up in the discussion is that, outside of UCONN, no schools in the AAC are its state's flagship or even secondary public school. How many television sets they have nearby or how big their states are quickly becomes pretty meaningless when the school in question is third, fourth or fifth choice in that market. And the one flagship they do have is in a region noted for its lack of interest in college football.
  6. I'm not sure that $2M is enough to get a blueblood to give up a home game to play in Vegas.
  7. Erect statues? Who the @#$% is UNLV going to erect statues of? The old Chicago Outfit guys who used to run the city? Because UNLV sure as shit ain't erecting statues of football players anytime soon.
  8. I'm just picturing goofy ass looking Mark Davis holding a toy dog and screaming, "UNLV puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose!"
  9. Wasn't the old joke's punchline, "Lady, you knew I was a snake when you picked me up." I have no sympathy whatsoever for any city or institution that crawls into bed with the Raiders. They should know what to expect because the Raider have literally been screwing over everyone they've come into contact with for four decades. They're not going to be any different with their next mark......errrr, I mean partner.
  10. Here. This may not be pure science, but at least it tries to put some rigor into the process.
  11. That's like saying stay in Nevada if you want to be a blackjack dealer. Good Internet smack, but utterly intellectually empty. How many Fortune 500 companies, big law firms, advertising agencies and so on are located in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin? Get out more. Travel. Because right now, you suck at life. And I'm pretty sure that an Iowa degree opens more doors in LA, Phoenix, SF and SLC more than a UNLV degree. Hell, it probably opens more doors in Vegas than a UNLV degree for anything more intellectually taxing than making sure every blueberry muffin has the exact same number of blueberries. Oh wait, it took somebody from Big Ten country to figure that out for Vegas.
  12. Does he have a lot of nfl potential? Don't know, but he's clearly a smart guy with some good priorities. Even if he rides the pine, he gets started on a grad degree at a Big Ten school which will serve him well in that part of the country if he plans to settle there and really anywhere else too if he doesn't.
  13. Yep. If they still needed to add, they would have taken some combination of Houston, Memphis and Cincy. If they need someone in the future and BYU was clearly their best option, they would find a way to stifle the student activists and make BYU happen. Now the academic freedom issues will keep BYU out of the PAC until our sun goes supernova.
  14. Given that there's no in-state hatred or historical rivalry, for CU and Utah to gain some real meaning, there's going to need to be years where they're competing for the division title. That's what sparked CU's rivalry with the Corn. They rose up and started challenging NU in the Big 8.