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    If the B12 was seriously considering Memphis or Houston, then UNLV's academics are not going to matter. Don't, however, put any stock into the Carnegie Classifications. Those are so broad and so overly inclusive as to be utterly meaningless. Vegas could be a plus. First, however, UNLV should really try and do something about the number one team in the metro area being Ohio State. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/03/upshot/ncaa-football-map.html
  2. US News 2018 Best Colleges Rankings Released

    There's a lot wrong with their methodology, and it's rigged to favor private universities. That being said, they're not meaningless because they're often going to be the first point of reference for a prospective student or their parents. You might not like them, but you do need to take them seriously.
  3. LOLing at Rush Limbaugh ...

    Is that the anal cyst he used to get a 4F draft classification after losing his student deferment by flunking out of community college?
  4. Actually, yes they could provided they didn't take any federal funds for student aid, research etc. See Bob Jones University, which didn't admit blacks until the early 70s and then only married blacks after that (so they wouldn't have the urges to go after the white wimmins, I guess) and long after admitting blacks they barred interracial dating. Should Bob Jones or Ave Maria University be forced to admit avowed atheists? And what's with the personal insults? You seem obsessed with insulting the intelligence of anyone who disagrees with you in the crassest and most personal way? Grow up. I hate to break this to you, but I am smarter than you. I went to better colleges than you. And.....well....I"m smarter than you, Potatard."
  5. Or maybe the freedom of association as upheld numerous times by the SCOTUS as being covered by the First Amendment, allows a conference of like-minded academic institutions the legal right to choose to not associate with an institution they find objectionable. The First Amendment allows Liberty to be as Christian-Taliban as it wants. It doesn't protect Liberty from any and all possible ramifications of that choice.
  6. TCU, like SMU, is religious pretty much in name only. The Jesuits who run Boston College and Georgetown manage to reconcile their religion with academic freedom. They have little use for Notre Dame much less wanting anything to do with Baylor, Liberty or BYU.
  7. About the same as it does in a Pakistani madrasa, just in nicer building.
  8. Liberty has academic issues that make BYU seem like Chicago by comparison. #### them, and everything they stand for.
  9. Pictures Of Where You Live

    City Neighborhood (20 minute walk to the North end of Michigan Avenue)
  10. RIP Oscar Goldman

  11. P5 Teams

    P5 (B1G looks skrong too) loss on the road versus losing to a bad FCS team at home. These things are not the same; these things are not like each other.
  12. Guarantee games

    This. If Nevada was up right now, it could very well be a winnable game. As it is, they'll probably lose but even then it won't be the plunger raping that UNLV is going to get at Ohio State.
  13. Guarantee games

    How uppity can they get when they're only the second best university in their city?
  14. Not to mention that BYU's long history of stifling academic freedom guarantee that the PAC's academic block will immediately blackball it.