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  1. Is it any shock that so many of these prominent Christian conservatives tend to be closeted gays? Rather than accept who they are, they tend to throw themselves into the most conservative institutions in America (evangelical churches, the Marines, far right politics, QB for the Florida Gators) thinking that will somehow cleanse the impurity. Instead it just makes them very +++++ed up gay guys. I've always felt that if I were gay, I'd be open about it because it's a much healthier way to go through life............and as an added bonus it would tend to piss off all the right people.
  2. It's Over. Wormer Dropped The Big One At Ohio State

    There's a little known codicil in The Ohio State University charter which gives the Dean unlimited power in times of national emergency.
  3. Kustra just quit

    Just for comparison's sake, here are the middle 50% SAT range & percent of freshmen who graduated in the top tenth of their HS class for all the MWC schools +Idaho/-AFA. CSU 1010-1250 21% SDSU 1000-1220 31% Hawaii 990-1190 27% USU 980-1220 19% Nevada 970-1190 24% Wyoming 960-1210 22% New Mexico 950-1210 DOES NOT REPORT CLASS RANK Idaho 930-1170 19% SJSU 920-1150 DOES NOT REPORT CLASS RANK Boise 920-1140 15% UNLV 900-1130 20% FSU 800-1010 15% The reality is that most MWC students could have gotten into any other MWC school. In particular, at least half the Boise students would be accepted by the most selective MWC schools, CSU & SDSU.
  4. Ohio State suspends all 37 fraternities. 11 of the 37 were under investigation, so the Ohio State President just dropped the big one.
  5. Kustra just quit

    This I disagree with. First off, a lot of very prestigious firms (Wall Street banks, Silicon Valley VC firms, blue chip consulting and so forth) don't recruit business majors from MWC colleges but they'll fall all over themselves to hire that philosophy or history major from Yale or Stanford. And even among publics, if you think that the depth and breadth of firms recruiting is the same at Washington or Wisconsin as it is at Wyoming or Nevada, you're mistaken. Would I major in history or philosophy at Idaho (or Nevada)? Probably not, but I'd feel very comfortable with doing so at Washington or Wisconsin. Then throw in grad schools are heavily influenced by their views on the quality of an applicant's undergraduate college. Add that if you're surrounded by higher quality students, the education is just going to be better. Do you think an introductory physics class is taught the same way at Idaho as it is to a room full of freshmen at Chicago or MIT who scored 1500 on their SAT?
  6. Kustra just quit

    I like some good Boise academic smack as much as the next person, but to be brutally honest, there' s not that much of an academic gap between them and the rest of the MWC. It's not as though the other schools have faculties full of National Academy members, hundreds of millions of research dollars flowing in and average freshman SAT scores in the 1300s......or even 1200s. The AAU isn't knocking on anyone's door around here. Faculty aren't leaving UC campuses or Big Ten schools to take jobs at MWC schools. Boise might be the smallest fish in the MWC, but the reality is that we're all swimming in the shallow end of the pond. That's just a fact. I think Kustra did a good job improving the school. I think he put too much stock in football as a catalyst for improving the university overall and probably racked up too much debt in the process, but that remains to be seen.
  7. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Pack should smack the shit out of Safety College U.
  8. I love how the one Domer is clearly in his element: head on a swivel, uses the wall as a shield from blind shots. This wasn't his first brawl. Reminds me of a guy I grew up with in Reno. He lived for that kind of shit. Unfortunately, it didn't serve him too well for actually being a successful, functioning adult. https://twitter.com/RIFAYAYO/status/929547443326382083
  9. How F*cking Dumb Can You Be

    You underestimate Chinese culture. They'd go straight for the adrenal glands. Grow Chinese penis better than Rhino horn!
  10. How F*cking Dumb Can You Be

    Was just going to post something similar. UC's Chinese liasions will apologize profusely for the morons' actions while subtly implying that imprisoning them could have dire consequences (they'll blame public opinion and the Cali referendum system) for the ability of mainland Chinese to attend UC schools. And you're right. If those kids went to a school that wasn't highly sought after by the Chinese elite, they'd be proper +++++ed.
  11. OOC Games - Week 9

    Buckeyes Beat Boylovers
  12. Yep. He was coaching her campaign on how to smear Sanders and make him unpalatable to black voters. And Yep2.0. Hillary is fair game because she won't go away. The toxic wench is busy on her blame tour promoting her blame book while spinning her webs to ensure that she is the Dems kingmaker in 2020, unless she's delusional enough to actually run again.
  13. It's time to come home BYU

    +++++ them. Let BYU wander in the desert of irrelevance for 40 years like a real religion. Chance Kretschmer says, Hi.