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  1. Depending on the politics and specifics of why the B12 might be expanding, I'd still put my money on Houston over Cincy. And Houston has certainly been the football flagship of the AAC.
  2. In all fairness, it was dudes from New York and Chicago who created the Vegas economy.
  3. I think the Department of Truck Driving Studies uses it for practice during the week.
  4. OK, now I'm pretty certain that you're just a troll posing as a SJSU alum/fan with this over the top nonsense. And no, success stories like Kordestani are not common there. You have a (single) billionaire alumnus. Great. I hope he does big things for your university, but his existence is hardly unique. The 10 top universities by number of billionaires[edit] [4][5][6][7] University of Pennsylvania – 25 Harvard University – 22 Yale University – 20 University of Southern California – 16 Princeton University – 14 Stanford University – 14 Cornell University – 14 University of California, Berkeley – 12 University of Mumbai – 12 London School of Economics and Political Science – 11 The 10 top universities by number of billionaires in Forbes 400 List (Net worth above USD$1.7 Billion as of 2016)[edit] [8][9][10] University of Pennsylvania – 21 Harvard University – 14 Yale University – 14 Stanford University – 14 University of Southern California – 11 Cornell University – 9 Princeton University – 7 Columbia University – 6 Dartmouth College – 6 University of Michigan – 6 And even with his donations, SJSU still has a rather meager $124M endowment which is smaller than either SLO or SDSU and nowhere close to the top endowments for public universities. University of Texas System — $25.4 billion The Texas A&M University System — $11.1 billion University of Michigan — $9.7 billion University of California — $7.4 billion University of Virginia — $5.9 billion The Ohio State University — $3.5 billion University of Pittsburgh — $3.5 billion The Pennsylvania State University — $3.4 billion University of Minnesota — $3.2 billion University of Washington — $2.8 billion I'll state this again and feel free to read it several times as slowly as necessary for it to sink in. Nobody here is saying that SJSU is a bad college. We are, however, putting it into a realistic place in the higher education pecking order. You, on the other hand, seem to have a massive chip-on-the-shoulder, insecurity driven obsession with trying to convince the world that SJSU is a peer of (if not a superior to) elite, highly selective public universities with billions in endowment resources, hundred of millions of dollars in annual research funding, dozens of National Academy members and other nationally and internationally known faculty along with vast nationwide networks of accomplished alumni. It's not at that level and quite frankly it never will be. Be comfortable and proud of it for what it is, its success in fulfilling its Master Plan deisgnated mission and the actual strengths it does possess. Do that, and you'll come off as much less of a ridiculous douchebag.
  5. I used the composite ACT score for simplicity since the common data sets only show stats on individual SAT tests. That being said, I think one could go down the line of either the highly selective shools I listed or the MWC schools listed by Aztec and see a pretty universal correlation between schools' percentage of 30+ ACT freshman and percentage of 700+ SAT freshmen. I don't think the hierarchy of Berkeley>UCLA>Davis or Michigan>Ohio State>Purdue or SLO>SDSU>SJSU would be altered in the least. Also, I believe that the CU thing predates any need for Colorado to differentiate itself from the UC system. It's a vestige of the old Big 8 culture: KU, OU, NU, CU.
  6. Congratulations, but that is not a ranking of the university's overall quality or reputation. It is a very narrowly defined metric. A metric that sees what are essentially narrowly focused trade schools like the maritime academies and mining schools being ranked equal to Berkeley and UVA. Do you really think you get the same education at the Maine Maritime Academy as you do at the University of Virginia? But congratulations, now do you want to see the 8 or 10 more comprehensive national and international rankings that rank SJSU as utterly irrelevant? Nobody here is saying that SJSU is a bad university. It's just that you are grasping at straws in some vain attempt to convince everyone that it is at a higher level than ANYONE believes it to be. It's in the top quarter of the CSU system. That's good and something to be proud of. It, however, is not close to being a peer of a UC or Big Ten university. And I'll finish with one thought. If SJSU were such a stellar university, why aren't top students flocking to it? It only has 5.5% of it's students scoring 30+ on the ACT (36% at SLO and 12% at SDSU) versus 12.5% scoring less 17 or under. The middle 50% range for the SAT is 920-1150. Not horrible but hardly elite. If SJSU is so superior, why aren't top students flocking to it. If a SJSU student is more likely to make the big time in Silicon Valley, why are all those kids with 4.0 gpa's and 1400 SAT's going to Berkeley instead? Also, why doesn't that stellar engineering college have a single member of the National Academy of Engineering on faculty?
  7. If a school gets subsidies, it's not operating in the black. I don't care if they're budgeted for in advance or not. An athletic department that is in the black has revenues (excluding any subsidies) that exceed expenses. Period. And yes, the vast majority of schools--even P5--lose money and need subsidies. That doesn't make it right considering at some schools the subsidy is equal to 10% of a student's tuition. Virginia has already enacted a legal cap on the percentage of a state school's AD that can be subsidized, and it's being discussed in several other state legislatures. In my mind, that's a good thing.
  8. Nevada doesn't operate in the black. It takes millions in subsidies and fees to break even. Athletic departments that truly operate in the black do so with zero subsidies and often kick back millions to the school's general fund. And that's a very small club of the Michigans and Ohio States of the world.
  9. Exactly. Lotta ins and outs. What's the total number of engineering grads put out by SJSU versus Berkeley or Stanford. And as global universities, the latter two aren't placing all their grads locally. How many SJSU grads are being recruited by defense contractors in Socal or tech firms in Boston or the research triangle? Grads from Stanford and Berkeley have recruiters and opportunities all over the country. Also, does the market allow firms to pay SJSU grads significantly less for similar positions? I'd like to see some data on median starting salaries for engineering grads from the three schools. You can make some viable arguments that SJSU deserves to be mentioned alongside FSU and SDSU, but to somehow argue that it's superior to two of the top universities in the world undercuts any credibility.
  10. What's interesting about truly elite colleges is that a student has the luxury of majoring in Ancient Mediterranean Studies in the knowledge that he can still get a job on Wall Street or with a blue chip consulting and VC firms if that's what he wants. Goldman-Sachs or McKinsey are going to walk over a thousand business majors from Nevada, Wyoming or SDSU to hire that Philosophy grad from Chicago.
  11. Dude, TCU was never similar to Rice in enrollment. Rice has always been an infinitely more prestigious and harder to get into college than either TCU or SMU and will remain so for our lifetimes and the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. Now your comparison of the latter two is apt, and it'll be interesting to see if TCU can separate itself based on being in a more prestigious athletic conference.
  12. Read the fine print. That's #3 among engineering colleges that offer only up to a Master's Degree. In other words, you're sitting near the front of the short bus. If you think SJSU is considered anywhere near the level of the top public doctoral granting schools like the UC campuses, UW, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Purdue, Ohio State, Georgia Tech and a dozen others, you're delusional. It's like comparing a major league team with its Double-A affiliate. As for the number of SJSU grads employed in Silicon Valley goes, do you think that might have something to do with proximity? Don't confuse a bunch of "locals" hired to scrub off dick pics or be "blood boys" as the same thing as the talent that comes into SV from top tier universities.
  13. Well wake me when you build a miniature Ohio Stadium until then you have nothing. Hell, right about now, you'd be lucky to have the actual miniature Ohio Stadium that they built in Sacramento.
  14. Nope; not at all like that completely paid for, 30K, on-campus stadium in Reno. About now, I'm thinking SDSU would offer to gargle cock like that crack-ho at the beginning of Boyz In The Hood to have Nevada's set up right now.
  15. Impressive. Most impressive. However, what remains to be seen is how well you do in your new soccer stadium.....or sandlot.....or cul de sac with the yards marked off with drywall snagged from the house being built on the corner while the fat kid has to stand at the corner to stop any cars from running the players over.