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  1. Non-MWC game thread week 8

    By the way, @Jack Bauer, this is totally random, but I was thinking back in the summer that BYU ought to try to get Miami on its yearly schedule. I mean Miami does not currently have a regular "year end rival" and BYU could become that team which would make an interesting cross-sectional rivalry if you could get it. Sure you guys are down now, but if you get back up in the near future, that series could be great for TV. I realize you have no control over scheduling, but I had to throw it out there.
  2. Non-MWC game thread week 8

    Are you talking about the remarkable Gus Johnson?
  3. Non-MWC game thread week 8

    It certainly is possible, but there is a long way to go still and that Arizona game is looming large at the end of the regular season. Not to mention other teams in the PAC that will now suddenly get up to play ASU.
  4. Non-MWC game thread week 8

    Both of ASU's non conference losses are starting to look bad Texas Tech got shut down at home by a mediocre Iowa State San Diego State lost to a Boise State team that got drilled at home by a mediocre Virginia team that has been drilled at home by Indiana and Boston College
  5. College Football Rankings

    Georgia's defense is garbage, but because the SEC is trash this year, they wont be exposed too much.
  6. 2017-2018 NCAA Football coaching carousel

    Nebraska hires Washington State's Bill Moos as it's new Athletic Director, which could affect Mike Leach's stance on how soon he wants to get out of Pullman.
  7. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Dont you Aztec fans have a term for this kind of game? Something like "Rocky Long's WTF?! games"?
  8. Non-MWC game thread week 7

    Georgia 14 Missouri 14 End of Quarter #1
  9. Non-MWC game thread week 7

    Texas vs Oklahoma has turned into an interesting game
  10. Wazzu Blowin it

    Looks like Mike Leach will have to lay into his team like he did here back at Tech:
  11. Non-MWC game thread week 7

    Washington State is probably the most overrated team in college football right now, based on the fact that they beat an overrated USC by 3 points and benefited from a 4th quarter meltdown by Boise State. We know Clemson is a strong program right now, but Washington State is simply riding a high after beating USC.
  12. Wazzu Blowin it

    Live by Falk...............
  13. CHANCE

    That is actually a decent mascot, unlike; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Steelers Mascot; Steely McBeam
  14. Clemson on the ropes against the Cuse

    Syracuse is going to win this
  15. Clemson on the ropes against the Cuse

    Uh oh