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  1. Well they are paying his 1.9 million salary till 2019 so I'm sure he's on the Rice 85k salary. So they are subsidizing his salary
  2. I'm not sure the talent of the MWC is decling that much compared to other mid majors I just think a lot of the top teams are getting high level transfers that don't show up in recruiting rankings. That's why you see 1/2 guys making their rankings. It's understandable in this climate too, 700 transfers a year now nearly 2 a team. If you sign a guy a highly rated guy say like Ramsey for Nevada he could just transfer before develops or if he has a great year transfer up. with signing transfers you get to develop him for a year and most likely keep them in the program, sure we see grad transfers but not every guy is going to graduate in 4 years and go somewhere else for their 5th year. At some point you have to wonder if recruiting rankings start considering transfers.
  3. Thought the Mark Fox talk on the Lair board was interesting (he's from Eastern Mexico) he's had such a nice gig at Georgia with no real expectations, been able to have nearly a decade at a power 5 with mediocre results. The expectations at New Mexico would be much higher, not sure they'd be happy with the hire. Although I will say anyone other than noodles is better and Fox is a very intense coach maybe they need that.
  4. The Lobo Lairs tweet makes zero sense to me why I'm the world would Neal remove his buyout???? It makes zero sense for Neal to do that when his seat is scorching hot
  5. UNLV has 2 open scholarships now, as 3 seniors and 3 transfers are departing with 4 current commits incoming. They are obviously after more recruits likes McCoy and Jeter so they needed these transfers anyway.
  6. correct me if I'm wrong but those were all pretty much expected.
  7. The schedule sucks no doubt they still have 5 games to add but I don't expect much. The Illinois st game isn't even great they were senior laden and will be in rebuild mode next year. The Vegas tourney only had 1 NCAA tourney team last year in USC so I don't expect much from that either (Remember Wyoming almost beat them) Unless you're UNLV, SDSU, New Mexico even when they suck, no one wants to schedule a good mid major. I already put my season ticket deposit down but I'm disappointed no doubt, not much to be excited about.
  8. I agree they aren't great at predicting high school seniors which you named two of, Collins is a freshman this year. Caleb Martin was a starter at NC State averaged 12 and 5 as a sophomore. We aren't excited just because he was in a power 5 he was very good in a power 5 unlike whoever gets Jeter this year. I take more stock in draft boards after they've actually played in college. They aren't perfect and terrible at predicting a lot of high school seniors but they aren't horrible once they actually play.
  9. A few things one zero indication he hired an agent. Two they had 4 transfers sitting out and Foster was suspended that's why they really only played 6/7. Three most people did expect him gone after this year been talked about all year so the staff has probably expected it as well. Finally it will be a loss he was great for the Pack, he was the 2nd best player in the conference according to advanced stats Kenpom. Even with the loss they should be very good next year, did anyone besides Pack fans see Caroline and Masrshall having the impact they did this year? Probably not, we should see same impact from Martin twins and Kendall Stephans, 1 of the Martin twins is on draft boards for next year so they are replacing Cam with another Pro. I hope he stays though Nevada would have a chance at being a top 25 team with him next year.
  10. He played for Rice's brother and has already indicated he wants to transfer closer to home (which is Vegas)
  11. Property tax only increases slight too because it's his primary home its capped. He bought a nice 700k home 2 years ago I'm sure he put down at least 300k to get into a conforming loan. Bottomline he doesn't have much a mortgage payment (which his property tax includes) for the income he's about to earn.
  12. Does anyone else think this is a risky hire for Cal? The Hufnagel stuff would blow over but I'm talking about him staying there? He hasn't stayed anywhere since 1994 for more than 2 years. They just lost Martin and honestly if Muss does well in 2 years I could see him eyeing a bigger job again.
  13. Whoops, Washington just did. Nevada dodges one bullet.
  14. Maybe now without the regents but Beards 1 million deal barely passed. You live in a dream world.