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  1. I don't think we are playing them. We have a standing offer to play at their house again as they won't play us at home. I believe they scheduled the Texas Tech game on the road instead. The remaining games we haven't heard about should all be home games do that pretty much rules them out.
  2. Yeah I remember that comment they must be getting really solid airfare rate to come in at that price. As 9 nights at the hotels they are staying at will be pricey
  3. You can see where they are staying on Muss's personal blog post. The two Marriotts look very nice. This trip is had to cost a lot of $$$
  4. Your national championship was built on transfers. Your team next year will depend on a transfer PG and the JC kid which is still transferring schools
  5. Given that was year 2 under Muss that's a pretty solid peak. UNLV just hopes that's their peak this year under Menzies year 2.
  6. IF IF IF. How about winning a MWC title 1st
  7. I nailed it Texas Tech will host Nevada as part of its 2017-18 non-conference schedule, per Jon Rothestien
  8. As a Nevada fan I really want to argue with 1st place being the ceiling but Rice is no longer your head coach. As an example, Tyler Bishoff from runrebs.com had a really interesting article this season, basically the Rebels missed a ton of easy layups that came off set plays. Thus, Menzies offense was working very well but the Rebels last year were a horrible shooting team. I expect that Mooring % will go up dramatically as well as they won't have to rely on him. I'm in a unique position that I'm a Nevada alumn and huge fan but my wife is a double graduate of UNLV (bachelor and doctorate) so I've watched my fair share of UNLV games. Bottomline if Menzie offense was working last year with a terrible team last year it'll work with a much upgraded roster, the question becomes will they buy into defense? That last part was actually a Nevada issue this season they were so good offensively they didn't play defense the way they did in Muss's year 1 with a terrible offensive team. TLDR, as I said in my 1st post in this thread I hope the rebels are good this year, can only help conference RPI and Nevada will be the favorite next year. Given their schedule so far they'll need every decent win as possible.
  9. As a Nevada fan I don't think it's outrageous to say UNLV finishes top 5 and I hope they do because they were god awful last year and hurt everyone's RPI. The jump won't even be necessarily from the freshman but from the 1 year senior transfer PG. Marshall for Nevada was a 1 year wonder for the Pack and I expect a similar great year out of their 1 year senior transfer. True PG that'll average 8 apg for that club
  10. Not always just where you're playing it but also easy for assistant/Muss to go do a home visit before or after game. To the recruit Why stay in Texas when we just beat two Texas teams etc etc
  11. I'm going to guess Texas Tech. We've been recruiting Texas a lot lately and of course show Malik what he missed out on.
  12. Well they are paying his 1.9 million salary till 2019 so I'm sure he's on the Rice 85k salary. So they are subsidizing his salary
  13. I'm not sure the talent of the MWC is decling that much compared to other mid majors I just think a lot of the top teams are getting high level transfers that don't show up in recruiting rankings. That's why you see 1/2 guys making their rankings. It's understandable in this climate too, 700 transfers a year now nearly 2 a team. If you sign a guy a highly rated guy say like Ramsey for Nevada he could just transfer before develops or if he has a great year transfer up. with signing transfers you get to develop him for a year and most likely keep them in the program, sure we see grad transfers but not every guy is going to graduate in 4 years and go somewhere else for their 5th year. At some point you have to wonder if recruiting rankings start considering transfers.
  14. Thought the Mark Fox talk on the Lair board was interesting (he's from Eastern Mexico) he's had such a nice gig at Georgia with no real expectations, been able to have nearly a decade at a power 5 with mediocre results. The expectations at New Mexico would be much higher, not sure they'd be happy with the hire. Although I will say anyone other than noodles is better and Fox is a very intense coach maybe they need that.