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  1. Contracts: CAL's Wyking Jones vs. Nevada's Muss

    Again it won’t be money the reason he leaves it’ll be for stiffer competition and conference but does show Nevada is trying to be competitive. Also 1 last point it’s not always head coach salary to look at, need to look at assistant pool and other perks. Muss can’t keep assistants, some of that is he didn’t mesh some money reasons.
  2. Contracts: CAL's Wyking Jones vs. Nevada's Muss

    Kudos to finding that home, honestly didn’t think that was possible.
  3. Contracts: CAL's Wyking Jones vs. Nevada's Muss

    I didn’t say Nevada was finished with an at large but a lot of fans have and that can’t be easy on a coach.
  4. Contracts: CAL's Wyking Jones vs. Nevada's Muss

    750k in nice parts of Reno are going to get you 4/5 beds over 3000 sqft you’re not finding that in Bay Area for 1.5 million. While Im sure Muss is happy about the money last week is why Muss would leave Nevada going 0-2 and people saying that’s it have to win tourney again to make the dance, while Nevada sits with an RPI of 12 and Kenpom of 36. No coach wants that
  5. Cal at SDSU

    Yuck, that’s a bad loss
  6. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Illinois hasn’t looked great this year and it’s a home game for UNLV I’d expect another double digit win.
  7. Nevada vs TCU

    Well I said we’d need 15 bench points to win and we got 10 and loss by 4..... Drew got ZERO. Nevada showed it’ll win a lot of games this year but these two losses this week will feel like a let down for awhile as they lost by 4 and in OT. Side note I saw a lot of talk about the offense in here but it was the defense these two games that have disappointed me getting beat possession after possession off the dribble into the lane. I know Muss is a man to man only guy but he really needs to start working on a zone defense if other teams are going to spread them out and do that like the last two games.
  8. Nevada vs TCU

    I had to check and saw nothing. Game is still on.
  9. Nevada vs TCU

    Yes he has, and I don’t mind a short bench of 6 or 7 if those extra guys are contributing. They did nothing in the Tech game. Bench needs at least 15 points tonight for Nevada to win imho. (They got 3 vs tech and starters got tired)
  10. Nevada vs TCU

    It’s the 3rd game of the triple header so it could start even later. Nevada needs some bench production and start hot like they did vs Tech and I think they can win. Nevada is high in RPI/Kenpom/Ranked etc. but they desperately need this win imho
  11. Nevada at Texas Tech

    I hate the prevent the win offense so so much. I did last year and I do this year. It finally caught up to them.
  12. Nevada at Texas Tech

    The state of Nevada in basketball hates OT. (They love it in Hockey at least)
  13. Nevada at Texas Tech

    You can argue the loss was on Muss, went short on bench, TO issues etc but the team was forced early in the 2nd half they extended lead to 10 points. The last minute of regulation and OT were terrible though
  14. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Tough loss, gave it away in the last minute of regulation. Hope they can move on as I think Fridays game could be easier as neutral site, hopefully they can put this loss behind them.
  15. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    When Rhode Island beat Seton Hall they dropped from the 20s to #26 last Monday and after two (albeit great wins) they moved back in this week. If Nevada goes 1-1 I can see still getting decent amount of votes. Let’s just win both though and not worry about it.