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  1. Tell us about your basketball team

    Agreed with this, Murray has indicated multiple times now Williams is the starting Center. Which makes sense to me if he’s better defensively then Foster (which supposedly he is) they need someone similar to Drew not looking to score but just be solid all round and defensive stalwart. Foster can be a solid scoring punch off the bench and even more so against a bench PF/Center
  2. Chris Murray has said multiple times now Williams is the starting center
  3. Caleb isn’t playing I think the starters will be Drew Hall Stephens Caroline Darien Williams Williams does a lot of dirty work and will be the defensive presence that Foster isn’t. Foster will be a nice scoring punch off the bench though.
  4. UNLV Scarlet/Gray Showcase

    Notice I mentioned missed layups nothing about coaching or playbook. Great insight though
  5. UNLV Scarlet/Gray Showcase

    Short sample in 6 minutes but same old rebs from last year, missed like 6 layups. Early though
  6. 2017-18 MWC writers hoops predictions

    While 6 is a bit low, hard to take waddilove seriously too, he’s a huge homer. I’ll take Grimalas analysis over Mark Anderson though (who probably is who voted rebels #1)
  7. Rothstein tweeted it out too. I’m surprised now that multiple National guys tweeted it out we haven’t heard more about. They need to get the word out for people to buy tickets.
  8. Yeah after I read a bit more (lots of info/tweets right now) read the same thing. Times tweeted they had the emails. A few minutes later he tweeted them himself.
  9. Lawyer: I think our best defense is to admit there was collusion and provide proof. Junior: Done and done.
  10. The odd thing is DTJ willingly posted the email chain this morning. He recently hired his own personal attorney why would you potentially give out damaging information like he did?
  11. Jared Kushner looks like Tom Riddle.
  12. The government is extremely bloated no way around it, I don't mind healthcare with some more tweaks but we spend so much on crap that's not necessary. Our military spending is ridiculous imho, mug pretty much indicated how I feel.
  13. Nevada RB James Butler Leaving for Iowa

    Iowa runs a two back system the other back graduated, he will get plenty of reps in their system. He has a chance to significantly enhance his draft stock. I have nothing but respect for him, graduated in 3 years and was great for Nevada. He will always be an alumn now
  14. Nevada 2017-2018 OOC Schedule so Far....

    Chris Murray answered a question about the Vegas tourney in his Monday mailbag which is great btw. "Yes, the Wolf Pack will play in the Continental Tire Las Vegas Classic in December and I've been told the team's two opponents are Southern Illinois and San Francisco. The Salukis went 17-16 last season. The Dons were 20-13. Both are solid opponents but shouldn't be huge RPI boosters (but you never know until the season plays out). The Continental Tire Las Vegas Classic is the only regular-season tournament the Wolf Pack will play in during the 2017-18 season."
  15. Nevada 2017-2018 OOC Schedule so Far....

    Nevada opens season at home vs Idaho. They were 19-14 last year tied for 3rd in Big Sky. Obviously a meh opponent but nice warm up I guess