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  1. He played for Rice's brother and has already indicated he wants to transfer closer to home (which is Vegas)
  2. Property tax only increases slight too because it's his primary home its capped. He bought a nice 700k home 2 years ago I'm sure he put down at least 300k to get into a conforming loan. Bottomline he doesn't have much a mortgage payment (which his property tax includes) for the income he's about to earn.
  3. Does anyone else think this is a risky hire for Cal? The Hufnagel stuff would blow over but I'm talking about him staying there? He hasn't stayed anywhere since 1994 for more than 2 years. They just lost Martin and honestly if Muss does well in 2 years I could see him eyeing a bigger job again.
  4. Whoops, Washington just did. Nevada dodges one bullet.
  5. Maybe now without the regents but Beards 1 million deal barely passed. You live in a dream world.
  6. I figured he moved from the 907(phone #) to the 702 (Vegas starting phone #) was going to say that was pretty clever. I grew up in Eagle River, my cousins still all live in anchorage. I am down in Reno though, would love to come back up to Anchorage area but the wife and I both have great jobs here so doesn't make sense right now.
  7. Good. Then I'm not ashamed of a fellow Alaskan grown
  8. Based on your tag of 90702 you came from Alaska to Nevada. You give us Alaskans a bad name.
  9. Nevada could be better next year if Muss stays, a big IF but I'm excited for the future. One of the Martin twins as PG they've been experimenting with, That should be fun.
  10. Got out rebounded and seniors for Nevada shot 5-20 that was the difference. Give Iowa st credit though they caused Nevada into ISO ball terrible shots. Was still a fun season, who'd thought 2 years ago this was even possible. Hopefully we can keep the band together this offseason
  11. We can agree to disagree on this, I'd think it'd be totally stupid not to simply try to hire the guy you want. The odds he is poached a week later is just small. (Did UNLV expect Tubby to leave after they hired Bears....NO) side topic Im curious about does UNLV fans want Muss to leave? I would think opposing fans should want Nevada to retain Muss, the MW isn't going to regain multiple bid conference status by losing their best coaches. I'd wish New Mexico held on to Alford, UNLV Kruger etc. doesn't help anyone imho if Muss leaves
  12. They hired too quick? UNLV was one of the last to hire because of the regents. It might not have been the main reason but it didn't help. The roster was already falling apart and he couldn't go recruit. The beard situation has happened what once, twice? In college basketball? would be so dumb to think it'd happen again if you found your man.
  13. Two reasons this is completely wrong, one we have a good AD compared to TKM, second no longer need regent approval so can hire right away. We won't see a beard situation.
  14. I've not seen one Nevada fan that thinks or wants Rice as the head coach. That's a media and UNLV fan creation. Hiring Rice is not Knuths MO. I'd be shocked if Rice is hired
  15. Because Missouri offered him a job that doubled his salary (1.4 to 3 million) and he's a Midwest guy.