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  1. This has to be one of the best years for starting QB's in college football history. Louisville - Lamar Jackson Washington - Jake Browning Ohio St - JT Barrett USC - Sam Darnold Alabama - Jaylen Hurts UCLA - Josh Rosen Penn St - Trace McSorley Oklahoma - Baker Mayfield Wyoming - Josh Allen Florida St - Deondre Francois I just can't remember going into a year with this much star power at QB since the early 2000's..... should be a fun year in college football.
  2. UNLV basketball depth chart

    I think Rafus starts because he's The purist 3 on the team"if he makes grades." probably play around 17 mpg with Clyburn and Beck getting minutes there as well.
  3. UNLV basketball depth chart

    I just don't think Morgan can play the 3. He already thinks he's a jump shooting PF the last thing I want is him playing the 3 and thinking he's a scorer. he's a guy who brings energy I cringe every time he takes a jump shot. I think Shakur could be really good just not ready to give a guy the starting nod who's never played D1 especially over a guy who when knows his roll is a dbl dbl guy. how ever it works out I'm sure for us to be really good Morgan, Shakur, and McCoy need to dominate the minutes.
  4. UNLV basketball depth chart

    Blair is a walk on who averaged 1.8 ppg and 1.6 rpg it was something like that at Idaho lol sorry but he's not getting anything more than blow out minutes. he will be that guy who everyone cheers and yells shoooooooot when we are up 25 with .45 sec left.
  5. UNLV basketball depth chart

    Pg Johnson Sr / Hardy Fr Sg Mooring Sr / Clyburn Jr / Hardy Fr Sf Rafus Fr / Beck Fr / Clyburn Jr Pf Morgan Jr / Shakur Jr / Diong Fr C McCoy Fr / Diong Fr / Shakur Jr Smith will play mop up min, I think we land Rafus, Dembele and Green RS. Just my personal opinion, Morgan has been in the system for a year and almost averaged a dbl dbl while playing hurt. I think he gets the nod to start but wouldn't be surprised if Shakur ends up starting it could go either way.