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  1. Nevada basketball is too good

    Gauchos should win their conference with their Nevada expats.
  2. Nevada vs UNLV. For UNLVs bowl chances...

    If we have one win, the season is a success if we beat Boise or UNLV
  3. Nevada basketball is too good

    2nd best team in the conference might be our bench.
  4. CBSS/MWC 4 hour games are getting old

    Don't really mind, adds more of the time to socialize aspect baseball games have.
  5. Nevada basketball is too good

    "So this is where the big boys play, huh?"
  6. ... Is how things should be in a perfect world. NIice to see that for 4 hours next Saturday, the world will be perfect as the cannon stays blue and the Rebels stay home. Spoiling what nice things your sibling might have coming is half the fun of having siblings.
  7. Taco Time

    Never understood the facination with tacos
  8. Where will we get our annual trip home for our NorCal kids?
  9. How Boise can make the NY6 bowl

    Boise's only chance of making a new years bowl is bad weather postponing the game.
  10. Age of consent.

    When it all comes down to it, does it really matter? Don't really see the point of it aside to gotcha people they couldn't get otherwise.
  11. Turd of the Week! -Week 10

    Same team every week, Sparta
  12. The Cost of Sandusky

    What kind of money has PSU recouped the last couple years with a football resurgence? Doesn't seem to matter.
  13. Why is Montana not in the MWC??

    Because they should be in the P12 with Idaho!
  14. When the Pac 8 was founded, Idaho and Montana left the preceding conference and left it with the teams that would eventually become the Pac 12. Why was that?
  15. San Jose @ Nevada

    Outscore is nothing, he had more yards receiving than their whole team.