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  1. Lol! Can they convert Estadio Caliente into an American football field? Maybe that would be a good venue for the Aztecs. I don't know if all the MWC players have passports though.
  2. Dre...just let it happen. It's okay bud, you're going to be okay.
  3. And maybe a full time job.
  4. Dude, the Stunner thing is getting old. Get over it.
  5. It was said here folks, Dr. Dre (who secretly loves Wyoming) predicts Wyoming to go 6-6 in 2017. Somebody pin this post so we don't forget.
  6. I'll hold you to that prediction Dre. I'll think of something good in the next 9 months for you to do when you eat that crow.
  7. 12 points away from a 12 win season...just saying. Only 6 starters not returning in 2017...with Josh Allen coming back who is looking to be one of the Top draft prospects in the nation if not THE top.
  8. Who said that? I said if WYO beats Iowa they will be undefeated going into conference play (i.e. They will beat Oregon at home).
  9. You know you secretly love us. Why else would you have a picture of us on your profile?
  10. 2017 is the year of the Cowboy Dre...just let it happen.
  11. I agree, IF WYO beats Iowa and Oregon they will break into the Top 25. Heck, if WYO can beat Iowa on the road they could be T25. I know a lot can change in the offseason but if Oregon fields a team that resembles anything close to what they were in 2016 a win should be very doable at home in the War. Look for WYO to be undefeated going into conference play if they pull the upset in Iowa City. That is a BIG if though haha.
  12. Didn't you know? The Cowboys are always overlooked even when things are going well. So by your analysis we definitely have that going for us. Finding a productive running back will not be an issue with the improvements on the O line. We just need a back who can run the ball somewhat decent and I think we already have 2 of them. We do need some younger guys to step up at the receiver positions though. Overall, this will be a much more seasoned team than 2016. I'm not too worried about 2017.
  13. And another website ranking Wyoming in the top 25.
  14. Meh, I like PFF's early ranking that has Wyoming at No. 25 with Josh Allen coming back. Granted they don't have a chance at starting in the Top 25 but with a few critical early season wins they could break into it rather quickly. Go Pokes!
  15. I knew it!! Thank you for confirming what I already knew.