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  1. False. You would have lost to NIU and EMU and you would have had the worst schedule in FBS football considering the other teams you faced in 2016. Since when did people start bragging about games they lost? I never had any issues with UH but if all their fans are like you count me in on the Hawaii hate train.
  2. What kind of junk are you smoking?! Kalua pig wasn't kidding when he said you all have some good weed over there. Not sure if you're tracking, but UH lost to Cal, Michigan, and Arizona.
  3. My previous statement still stands. The only win that I deem semi-respectable was Air Force, the rest of your games might as well have been played against JV high school football teams. If UH had played the same schedule WYO played you would have went 4-8. So keep your little bowl win, we'll see how great Rolo and UH are come next season.
  4. Like when Hawaii lost 55-0 against SDSU? Or was it when you lost to BSU 15-53?? I didn't realize Hawaii won their division title! The ONLY semi respectable win you had this season was against Air Force. Your 7-7 record is a 4-9 record with a mountain division curve if that!
  5. If @Warbow's recruiting philosophy were accurate football programs like Nebraska wouldn't have 5 national titles. Kids don't join football programs to chill out on the beaches of California or Hawaii, they join to be mentored and coached into better football players and human beings. The smart ones will pick the programs they think will give them a better chance for success regardless of where it is.
  6. Ssshhh....we like it that way Dre. Just let it happen.
  7. I found that interesting to be honest. There wasn't a lot of talk about Alonzo compared to other recruits even among the Cowboy community. Looking forward to see if Trieu's high praise pans out.
  8. A sports analyst for who has been featured on the MW ranking recruits for the past several years.
  9. A dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.
  10. Allen Trieu, "Wyoming has one of the sleeper classes in the entire country this year." I could agree with that assessment. This year's recruiting class went above and beyond the needs of the team. Next year can't get here soon enough!
  11. Looks like a full stadium too!
  12. It's like talking about your ex-wife who still lives in the same town. Let the past live in the past.
  13. Side note: I still don't understand why BYU is a topic of discussion on the MWC board.
  14. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any dumber, you go and say something like this.......and totally redeem yourself!!! You are allowed 10 "yer mom" jokes until you lose all credibility once again.
  15. Lol! Can they convert Estadio Caliente into an American football field? Maybe that would be a good venue for the Aztecs. I don't know if all the MWC players have passports though.