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  1. We want Clemson!!!
  2. You would have to be one sick SOB to post as much as I have in the last 6 months as a Wyoming sock puppet. Not to mention all the threads and Cowboy news you would have to follow to stay informed. Somebody thinks you're a real creep! PS - 24-27 is a humiliation? You got lucky. Be thankful.
  3. What would I know that a BYU fan wouldn't know? about the pep rally prior the New Mexico Bowl was at the Dirty Bourbon in Albuquerque, NM? The entire saloon was packed with Cowboy fans and the staff mentioned that it was the best party they had ever hosted. BINGO!! No BYU fan would have been caught dead there. Anything else?
  4. Like this? I mean, because you are pretty triggered. Stunner really did a number on you didn't he?
  5. You're delusional and paranoid CJ. Quit being so freakin' defensive dude...seriously.
  6. Yeah...definitely not Stunner. In fact, I'm probably part of the reason he's been on a Wyoming hate-binge as of late because I threw the BYwho honor code in his face and he couldn't respond with an intelligent counterargument. That and I'm not even in the same country as Stunner, but think what you want lol. @#1Stunner - of all the people in the world, why would anyone think that I'm you??
  7. Couldn't that be a sign to a lack of depth offensively? Injuries should be expected in any given season and if we're relying on a handful of guys we could be in for some trouble. I have faith that this coaching staff can clean up some areas of concern, but we definitely have to focus on maintaining a well-balanced offense or we might be looking at another 2015 season. Not too concerned with our ability to run (given the improved o-line and very capable rushers), but 10 for 26 isn't very good. Sounds like a lot of the receivers were dropping catchable balls as well. A lot of work to do offensively in order to defend the division title. Especially considering the key road games we have coming up in 2017.
  8. You're never going to put that flag down are you Dre?
  9. Hey, someone has to show evidence of the impending year of the Cowboy and 2017 MWC champs. It's not like I'm giving away secrets here. Were you at the spring game CJ? What were your thoughts? PS - that's not a link to "our" threads. It's a link to the spring game report by the official athletics page.
  10. As of right now it seems that we will have a running back by committee. According to what I've seen so far though, Milo Hall may have distinguished himself as the no. 1 runner. Austin Conway, CJ Johnson, and James Price look to be the potential leading receivers. Milo Hall highlights:
  11. The Cowboys completed their final spring practice on Saturday. The story of the game was defense, defense, and more defense. The Gold Team (no. 1 defense and no. 2 offense) beat the Brown Team (no. 2 defense and no. 1 offense) with a score of 3-0. The only score in the 100-play scrimmage came by way of a converted 30 yard field goal. I have a feeling that the young defense we saw in the first half of 2016, the same one that forced the most turnovers in the MWC, is going to play lights out in 2017. This team is starting to look more and more like a certain Green and Yellow team. Source:
  12. @Warbow
  13. @Dr. Dre Even hillbillies in Wyoming know Dre was/is a chump. C'mon man!! (Warning: explicit language)
  14. Map Benders (didn't invent the phrase but it suits them well) = BYwho. Annex Hawaii = their growing influence on the Witch Doctors (Hawaii) of the Pacific Ocean.
  15. @Wyovanian good point! It's 4 to 1 now....kind of like our record against them since 1990 to present.