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    Cricket, rowing, scotch, classic cars, cigars, rugby, art, cuisine, golf, and traveling the world. Wyoming Cowboys. Denver Broncos. Los Angeles Lakers. #LarryNanceJr. #JerryBuss #BrianHill #JoshAllen #MitchUnrein #TannerGentry #JoeTiller #CraigBohl #KennySailors #ChrisLedoux

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  1. teamprivilege

    LSU. @SLCPoke you're on the clock.
  2. PS - This is for you André. Circa 1325 A.D.
  3. I think it's pretty apparent that @Dr. Dre is flamboyantly gay. Nothing wrong with it...but ol' André is fighting the truth like it's the plague!
  4. *Ram U....Twitter warrior....complete retard.
  5. teamprivilege

    I'm in my own hole? At least you admit I have the measurables. Sick bastard.
  6. teamprivilege

    That's what she said.
  7. 3,203 yards. We're Fiesta Bowl bound baby.
  8. I like this team...dumb picks all around but great conversation! @slappy - You're good for 14 wins with WYO.
  9. teamprivilege

    Team picks so far: Ohio State, Alabama, USC, Wisconsin. Florida St., Oklahoma, South Florida, Michigan, Washington, Oklahoma St., Clemson
  10. teamprivilege

    Clemson. @Jack Bauer you're on the clock.
  11. That's a side of pokebball I haven't seen yet...I like it!
  12. teamprivilege

    Bet you Wyoming goes before Hawaii.
  13. teamprivilege

    Okay @PokeTransplant let's get this thing rolling. I'm ready to pick.
  14. This is THE smartest thing I've seen you say all year.