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  1. Datawarehouse is online

    108 years against the lambs of Fart Collins....
  2. The Cavalry is Coming

  3. Incoming freshman take in practice at new stadium.

    Any lifestyle that doesn't include delicious funnel cakes can never be superior.
  4. The Cavalry is Coming

    Meanwhile in Fart Collins.....
  5. The Cavalry is Coming

    ^^Wise words to live by.
  6. The Cavalry is Coming

    Maybe you should stick to talking about jewelry.
  7. The Cavalry is Coming

    T-minus 13 days until continued world domination. Hope you guys pack a lunch this season.
  8. CFB Top 25 Ranks Josh Allen 6th Best Player in CFB

    The only thing I miss about the Christensen era....the players running out onto the field lead by a Special Forces soldier and their flag (they are the TRUE warriors). DC really honed in on that but never understood how to build a winning football program.
  9. CFB Top 25 Ranks Josh Allen 6th Best Player in CFB

    Brett when he discovered Josh was 10x the QB he is
  10. CFB Top 25 Ranks Josh Allen 6th Best Player in CFB

    Nice avatar . Brett Rypien is a Salvation Army quarterback.
  11. CFB Top 25 Ranks Josh Allen 6th Best Player in CFB

    Is it really though?? I love all the comments from armchair quarterbacks...but even Whitfield (who has worked with some pretty outstanding quarterbacks) has stated he has "mythical" talent. Matt Miller says he has the strongest arm he's ever seen while he's been a scout. I'm astonished that type of assurance is completely overlooked!
  12. #CFBTop25: Best QB in the game? See where Allen ranks in countdown https://amp.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000831424/article/cfbtop25-no-6-josh-allen-qb-wyoming?networkId=4595&site=.news&zone=story&zoneUrl=url%3Dstory&zoneKeys=s1%3Dstory&env=&pageKeyValues=prtnr%3Dcollege-football&p.ct=CFB+24%2F7&p.adsm=false&p.tcm=%23ffffff&p.bgc1m=%23000000&sr=amp
  13. We're Sexy & We Know It

    You've been "going away" for almost a week now. @Dr. Dre leaving the MWCBOARD.
  14. Murray puts SDSU in his AP Top 25

    You read everyone's mind.