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  1. "I actually thought we had something special going" is a phrase most used by strip club patrons and a majority of mid-major college sports fans.
  2. It sucks to lose in the first round, but it has got to be a good thing for keeping Muss around for at least next year.
  3. The one +++++ing school we hoped that wouldn't open up.
  4. As a fan, I'd be extremely bummed if we lost him after this season. As a rational thinker, I completely understand the struggles he faces as a mid-major coach of getting no respect for OOC scheduling and going 28-6 and still having to win the conference tournament to make the big dance. If we can keep Muss for just one more year, I'll be a very happy guy.
  5. Perhaps a temporary sub-forum on all things corn may entice them? It would be nice if they repaid the favor and opened a temporary sub-forum on their site on gambling, hookers, and the mob.
  6. Leave it to the Debbie downer Rebels to see nothing but gray skies and the glass half empty. No where did we state we are back at the pinnacle of the conference existence. Just as cardrater stated, many teams exceeded expectations this year and show promise moving forward. Just because the perennial BB teams struggled doesn't mean the facts are wrong.
  7. I think we'll have Muss through at least next year. He's going to get a restructured contract to make more money, and he knows he'll have the weapons on the roster even with some of the starters graduating/declaring for the draft. I will say this to fellow MWC fans, if we want this conference to be more than a one-bid league then we should all be hoping all the talent in the world sticks around and doesn't leave. We're on the upswing as a conference, the worst thing that can happen is to have turnover and even more rebuilding years again.
  8. When I worked at one of the larger healthcare providers here in Northern Nevada, CMS was paying ~$0.11 for every dollar charged. We only received that money if the patient's mail in survey results of their experience was a 9 or 10 on many different areas (doc and nurse communication, pain management, noise disruptions, etc.), and somehow they didn't get readmitted within 30 days because god forbid they actually have to give a shit about their health and give up their vices that are literally killing them like smoking and drinking.
  9. Great interview. He definitely sounds like he's in a great place in life here at Nevada.
  10. Hopefully a restructured contract to pay Muss more base salary on top of the increasing community support he's seeing is enough to keep him at the helm of the Pack. He is going to have a really good roster next year too. The very big negative of being in a one-bid conference is definitely working against us though. Sometimes the grass isn't greener at the other pasture, but I will know it was a business decision and not a personal one if he were to take off to a P5 school.
  11. My guess is he has some sort of ties to one of the many industries against legalized marijuana (alcohol, tobacco, casino gaming, pharma, etc.).
  12. I know it's hard to say no when big money is on the table, but wasn't Muss on record saying his wife gave him an ultimatum of staying put longer than just a couple of years now in Reno? That he chased his coaching ambitions around the country and now has something that could be great for the long-term. He is definitely in line to get a pay raise this year and will have a seriously legit roster next season. Add on the financial and cost of living benefits of Northern Nevada, he's got a pretty sweet gig going being the area's top sports coach.
  13. Curious as to why not? Academic research requirements?
  14. I hope to see passionate non-sloppy play from our guys. No game is a gimmie after a few of our L's, and I'm sure the Rebels want to avenge the abomination that was their football performance against us.
  15. I definitely see a P5 offer from the PAC in the near future for SDSU. You guys have now become the largest local draw to football for fans in the 5th largest county by population in the country. Not to mention you guys consistently put together a good team as well. You're ripe for picking from a more prestigious conference.