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  1. $700 to throw a hotdog down a hallway?
  2. I'm always excited for Star Wars, I just hope the storyline doesn't evolve in the same manner as Empire Strikes Back since The Force Awakens was a retread of A New Hope.
  3. This bylaw should be changed, and if we had a commish with balls then he would be the one coming to the Presidents with this change to conference strategy. He's a yes man who will likely never lose his job, but we will continue to fall behind the AAC as the top G5 conference. Even if Gonzaga and BYU have no interest, I'd love to see something that he's actively trying to better our conference with key west coast players.
  4. We need a new strategic thinker. His stance on "no football, no way" has got to go. Football and Men's Basketball are 1A and 1B. We need to be actively courting Gonzaga, St. Mary's, and BYU to strengthen our conference in either of these two sports. These sports are leverage for better TV deals, either together or on their own merit.
  5. 1. Return of the Jedi 2. Empire Strikes Back 3. A New Hope 4. Rogue One (barely ahead of my #5) 5. Force Awakens . . . . . . . 6. Revenge of the Sith 7. Attack of the Clones 8. The Phantom Menace George Lucas really screwed the pooch with Episodes I - III with his overdoing of CGI. Plus doing idiotic things like giving R2D2 rocket boosters to fly in Attack of the Clones (I think it was this one), yet there was no hint of this ability in Episodes IV - VI where he could have used them in the Swamps of Dagobah.
  6. I'm sure we can all agree on the #1 stinging loss you guys have ever had That said, the win of OU in the Fiesta was basically scripted out of a movie with a marriage proposal and all.
  7. If our commish is going to be so hard-nosed about a legitimate Men's Basketball school contender being not an option because of no football, then we need a new strategic thinker at the helm. Football may be 1A, but Men's Basketball is 1B and closing ground on 1A in my opinion.
  8. The P5 acceptance letter is signed, sealed, and en route for delivery.
  9. I would attempt to defend Kap with something negative about Carr, but the guy is literally a saint in every way. He talks the talk and walks the walk in his faith, so kudos to California's Sphincter State for recruiting and producing a great guy. As for Kap, SF-SJSU02 calls it out perfectly when he decided to go full retard by wearing pig socks and other suggestive clothing targeting law enforcement across America. And then he even went more retard and said he doesn't vote, instead of voting and supporting candidates who support the cause. No problem about kneeling during the national anthem from me, but he made his own bed all for some BLM pussy with everything else.
  10. Reno has definitely embraced itself as a college town. It has only amplified since our Basketball team is good again. As for the pirate look, the "punk" scene is quite large here. They usually end up working in fast food/convenience stores, tattoo parlors, bars, and warehouse jobs.
  11. ph, do you not have a friend who can wingman you? Also, always keep the Great One's quote close to heart while on the prowl:
  12. This has worked out exactly as the NFL wanted. There are basically 3 SoCal teams now, with one being just across a very blurred state line in SoCal's favorite playground. The LA Rams are happy (as are the NFL who get new offices near the new stadium), the NFL did it's best to somewhat limit the damage of the Chargers moving to LA by blocking any idea of the Raiders moving to San Diego (and I would imagine SD is forever blacklisted from a NFL team going forward), and now granted the Raiders a home that is only a couple hours drive from a huge Raider Nation hotbed. Add on the huge public gift by Las Vegas and the state of Nevada, and now when expansion talks heat up again in a couple of years the Bay Area is at the top of the list for a new billionaire to join the club and fill the void without having to worry about public money (someone like a Larry Ellison). Goodell is an idiot when it comes to commissioning the actual game, but damn is he quite the business man.
  13. raiders to vegas

    This exactly. The initial term agreements were so far fetched, who knows how crazy ass Davis is going to be now that he got the approval from the owners. The Stadium Authority better keep his ass in check.
  14. raiders to vegas

    I think the entire state will embrace the Vegas Raiders. Another great thing is that while the Raiders didn't get the second spot in LA, they were just awarded a new stadium in LA's favorite playground only a couple hours drive away. Same goes for all the events moving from SBS to the new stadium. I still think this is a push for UNLV football. You guys are getting new facilities which are incredibly needed, but you are now further down the totem pole of popularity. It will soon be Raiders > LV Hockey > Strip Clubs > Cirque Shows > Penny Slot Tournaments > UNLV football.