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  1. My anus is prepared... take me GoT.
  2. Yes, let's put our eggs in a basket that does everything in their power to NOT pay for services rendered. Literally $0.11 for every $1 charged when I worked for one of the top 3 healthcare providers in Northern Nevada, and chances are it has gotten worse. You think Hospital charges are expensive now, watch them jump triple-fold when they have to recoup it from private insurance who will pass it onto customers.
  3. I'm a fan of renewable energy, especially in Nevada since we have a lot of empty land. But what's funny is that this design attracts a lot of bugs to the light which in turn attracts birds to eat the bugs. The bird flies in between the silo and a shit ton of mirrors pointing light at it gets vaporized. Wind turbine blades are also taking out their fair share of birds too. Not to mention the poor desert tortoises whose path is getting blocked these projects.
  4. Brand new first time head coach and supporting staff, new scheme on both sides of the ball, and we still have better odds than the Rebs. #flagship
  5. I studied abroad in Bilbao for 6 weeks back in college, and also had a one-night trip to San Sebastián during it. I'd go with your thought of flying to Bilbao and driving back through San Sebastián because that's a lot of driving for two days if you did it both ways. Visit the Guggenheim, it's really cool. San Sebastián is a beautiful town with an huge beach so hopefully it's warm when you are going there to take advantage of it. As mentioned the old town part of the town is filled with a ton of cool bars and nightlife. A couple tips (some may have been mentioned already): - Watch your drinks because another guy studying abroad with me got roofied when we went to San Sebastián. - On Sunday's a majority of everything closes for the day except for bars and restaurants. Even their version of Walmart closes on Sundays (at least it did in Bilbao). - You can get pulled over if you get caught driving in the left lane for too long. That lane is meant only for passing. - Spaniards love to party hard into the night and watch the sunrise. - I'm not sure if this will be as frequent up north as it was in the center of the country, but be on the look out for old castles in the country sides. We also did a trip down south to Salamanca, then to Seville, then to Madrid, and then back to Bilbao.
  6. I'm a retard, I just remembered Amazon secured the TNF deal for the upcoming season.
  7. How long will it be before we hear Netflix and/or Amazon will start streaming live sports?
  8. UNLV has no where to go than up when we are considering SBS as the base point. I've been to the stadium many times for Nevada/UNLV games and Supercross races and everything about these events will be better in a state-of-the-art stadium closer to the strip.
  9. Quite a few former Rebel players on Tour doing really well too.
  10. $700 to throw a hotdog down a hallway?
  11. I'm always excited for Star Wars, I just hope the storyline doesn't evolve in the same manner as Empire Strikes Back since The Force Awakens was a retread of A New Hope.
  12. This bylaw should be changed, and if we had a commish with balls then he would be the one coming to the Presidents with this change to conference strategy. He's a yes man who will likely never lose his job, but we will continue to fall behind the AAC as the top G5 conference. Even if Gonzaga and BYU have no interest, I'd love to see something that he's actively trying to better our conference with key west coast players.
  13. We need a new strategic thinker. His stance on "no football, no way" has got to go. Football and Men's Basketball are 1A and 1B. We need to be actively courting Gonzaga, St. Mary's, and BYU to strengthen our conference in either of these two sports. These sports are leverage for better TV deals, either together or on their own merit.
  14. 1. Return of the Jedi 2. Empire Strikes Back 3. A New Hope 4. Rogue One (barely ahead of my #5) 5. Force Awakens . . . . . . . 6. Revenge of the Sith 7. Attack of the Clones 8. The Phantom Menace George Lucas really screwed the pooch with Episodes I - III with his overdoing of CGI. Plus doing idiotic things like giving R2D2 rocket boosters to fly in Attack of the Clones (I think it was this one), yet there was no hint of this ability in Episodes IV - VI where he could have used them in the Swamps of Dagobah.