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  1. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    How about this amendment to your proposal: 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Only BYU to the mountain, drop SJSU and move Boise to the west. 4. Yes 5. Pay half in travel subs for all sports with no end date. Price to pay to join as a full member and only being available to host with a long flight. 6. A lot of outside economic influences can impact attendance, so I vote no on this for now seeing we will be dropping our biggest anchor with SJSU. 7. Yes 8. As first act of commish, all AD's and coaches must sign up and participate on the MWCboard. Resistance will be futile.
  2. Is It Time To Resume the Korean War?

    I like the trade angle, but the issue I see is that it doesn't seem like Kim's plan is to make his country thrive. He wants to maintain complete control, and the storyline of "us against the world" is what fuels his country's fear. A strong capitalistic society would chip into his reign. The world needs to take the little fat phuck out and then open the eyes of the populace that working together with the world can be a good thing.
  3. Do I have a right to be angry?

    Dick move for her to stand you up and then lead you on to think it could work out again. But getting mad and not letting go of the anger will accomplish nothing. Just say phuck it and move on to the next one. Nomascows is spot on with his advice. Meeting girls in person rather than relying on an online ice breaker worked wonders for me in college in the late 2000's. Do you have any guy or girl friends to go out to the bars and be your wingman? Not sure if you drink but a nice buzz can help calm the nerves and not make you overthink things.
  4. Combo of a giant asteroid hitting us and setting off a chain of super volcano eruptions world wide.
  5. Aren't hunting rifles usually bolt-action and not semi-auto/full-auto? I think the time it takes to reload could be a starting point for segmenting the "high-powered" grouping.
  6. I do believe the discussion needs to be had. I am a gun owner of one hand gun to simply have should the unfortunate scenario arise that I need to protect my family and home. In my opinion, I see no reason why any normal civilian should own any type of high-powered guns used in the Vegas shooting. These types of weapons were designed for use by the military in a combat situation. I'm not a fan of the reason is because gun enthusiasts want to get their jollies off by going out to the desert or range and firing a high powered AR, AK, etc. It is a slippery slope argument though that could be used to say why should a civilian own a semi-auto handgun.
  7. Week 4 gifs

    The Wolf Pack's current offensive prowess
  8. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    This entire starting QB fiasco is bothering me. When we got all the incredible news of an Alabama QB transferring in, it was headlined all over that it was between Gangi and Cornwell for the starting position. For us to be teased with this news and to have Norvell use an FCS opponent as a glorified scrimmage to test his true freshman QB recruit is worrying. I think it was a disservice to Gangi who kept us somewhat in play against two decent teams. Give him the opportunity to rebuild his confidence against ISU, and if he didn't turn it around by half time then let the fans see Cornwell in action. I think a lot of fans are like me and want to see the proof on the field that Cornwell is a bust or not. Maybe he's a gamer and not a practice day hero. IMO, Cureton should never have seen the field this entire year unless it was absolutely necessary due to injuries. He's young and if Norvell really thinks he's the QB of our future, then he should have given him the entire season to watch and study how this level of football is and how this new offensive scheme works.
  9. San Diego Stadium

    I watched a Charger game there where the Ravens somehow managed to convert a 4th and 30 in the 4th quarter. They went on to win the game and kept themselves in the playoff hunt which resulted in a Super Bowl that year.
  10. SJSU is an Embarrassment

    SJSU would be better off dropping football all together and looking to join a smaller conference like Big West or WAC in other sports that aren't as demanding. If a new coach and facing a top 25 team can't get fans excited, then they are wasting their money. It's a sad reality but it's the truth.
  11. The New Division 1-A

    I agree that it would not be good for the PAC to have another power conference in their territory, but I truly believe the current PAC egos will not let them add another mouth to feed in CA. If expansion is inevitable, then I think they would look to the schools I suggested to get a footprint in new western states.
  12. The New Division 1-A

    When people across the nation think PAC, they think CA. The PAC owns CA. Your location is not a big enough net benefit when they already own the state. I could see the PAC entertaining UNLV, UNM, and Hawaii. New states they don't already have a school in, but still maintaining their west coast footprint. The P5 jump for SDSU is if the Big 12 decides to look west for expansion. The problem is that the the Big 12 needs to decide its identity. Does it want to be the P5 conference that scales the length of the USA, or do they stick with a more regional approach and keep it east of the Rockies to not make viewing difficult on east coast TV viewers.
  13. The New Division 1-A

    So just because a SD university isn't in the PAC, somehow that means SD isn't already under the P5 control? UCLA and USC own the entire Southern CA market, and they will do everything they can to make sure they don't have to feed another mouth in the PAC in their hood. It's either Big 12 or status quo for you guys unfortunately. The wildcard for any west coast expansion in the PAC could possibly be UNLV, but they would have to really elevate both their academics and sports tremendously. And I hold no delusions of grandeur about Nevada, we will never make P5 status.
  14. The New Division 1-A

    It's much easier for the newly formed D1-A conference to kick 1 program to the curb than go through the headache of adding 15 more. The remaining 64 already own a majority of TV households across the nation and are not going to give up their piece of the pie. USC and UCLA already own the entire Southern CA market, they will never vote to graduate SDSU from the kids table to the adults table with them. I'm sorry guys, but the best thing we can all do is be the best of the rest and go wherever the wind takes us unfortunately.
  15. America's nightlife hours are the worst!

    Growing up in NV my entire life and having many many nights where I finally called it a night once the sun came up, this has only been an issue when I partied elsewhere. So really, the 49 other states need to get their sh*t together and give the people what they want.