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  1. A group of us go to Flaming Gorge every year for monster lake trout. Been trying to convince them to try Fort Peck at least once. So far they don't want go. I'd like to try it at least once. Have other friends that go up there for a few days and bring back a freezer full of fat perch fillets. An they don't even know how to fish!
  2. You fish Fort Peck Res?
  3. Huh?? You listen to NPR and the BBC and don't trust journalists? That's all they have is the best journalists!!! Do you eat retard sandwiches? You have to trust good journalism. Maybe that's why you get your news from those sources. They don't brainwash people. And they are considered VERY liberal. Maybe they are slowly getting through to potato heads.
  4. So, in your world, journalists lawyers and elementary school teachers are incompetent? I'm trying to understand. You're covering a pretty broad spectrum of society here. And maybe it's just impossible to get a good education and talk to a LOT of people, and not have a little liberal bias. Common sense comes in handy, too.
  5. A lot of people these days seem to think journalists just can away with making up news. These journalists have gone to the best universities in the Untied States, done internships where they got paid nothing and were treated like shit, have had even their least important work dissected by editors and fact checkers, and questioned by everyone who doesn't agree with them, yet they still go to work every day, and I mean every day. If there is a day off for a journalist they are banging their heads against the wall thinking they are falling behind if they aren't working Yet there is a large segment of the population that considers what they do, what they stand for, what to bleed for . . . fake. There is nothing fake about working as hard as a journalist. It's as real as it gets.
  6. What the hell is taking so long? Oh, wait. Our government. As soon as Wyoming is the very last state to legalize weed, we're going to grow the best! We'll just need to hire people from Colorado to help us.
  7. I'm cool with Colorado folk coming up here and treating our state like a cheap hooker. I understand. Just don't litter. I don't think that's asking too much. And . . . leave weed!
  8. This is why good fences make good neighbors.
  9. Wyoming becomes Colorado during holiday weekends. Every camping spot, every fishing spot, every highway will be full of Colorado people. There is a holiday coming up. The closer you live to the Colorado border, the less likely you are to enjoy yourself. The police set up mobile jails to handle all the assholes that squirm across the border. Good times!!!
  10. You know how hard it is to keep Mormons out???? Ask Idaho.
  11. Her hot friends said she has a great personality.
  12. When he breaks his arm against Gardner-Webb he'll say, "I'll be back."
  13. I heard Josh Allen is actually the Terminator. And as Kyle Reese explained to Sarah Connor: "Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead!" But, that's just what I heard.
  14. God, I forgot Ken Starr was Baylor's president during all of this. Yeesh. Talk about a scumbag name from the past.