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  1. Yeah, pretty sure that was tongue in cheek. That being said, Final Four, Baby!!!! Wooooo. It was kind of a kick in the nuts hearing Dave and Kevin say this was the first time in 33 years the Pokes have made it to the third round of any postseason tournament. Yeeesh. They could have kept that little tidbit to themselves.
  2. Tough loss Rams. That first half had to be a little deflating watching Bakersfield drain threes with their eyes closed. They might have actually been a pretty fun team to watch this year.
  3. Nice win for the Pokes! Good thing, too. The Wyoming faithful would have thrown a fit if we lost to the Kangaroos. James had a great game. Amazing how our bench production drastically drops when he finally starts games, though! lol We shot pretty damn well, close to 50 percent overall, but turned the ball over way too much and got outrebounded by the Roos! One guy alone had 9 offensive boards. We had six as a team. Granted, it looked like he was wearing these babies. Hard to believe shoes with pockets didn't explode in popularity! Struggled with that crappy livestream feed from the Mountain West site for about the fourth straight game. Got kicked off about five times and completely lost the feed for about the last five minutes of the first half and first four of the second half. That feed has been a joke the last part of the season.
  4. From Illinois: "Brad Underwood will not coach the Illini during the NIT. Jamall Walker will continue to serve as interim coach for as long as we're playing. He will not be on the bench for our game Monday, he'll be in a box." ESPN Andy Katz
  5. Anyone that's ever played Mormon church ball should get their head shoved in a urinal.
  6. Can't Trump take some real initiative and kick Mormons out of the country?
  7. I just got fouled by a Vandy player for absolutely no reason.
  8. Granted it was a banana, not a gun, but still impressive. Didn't know Roy Nelson was a Mormon.
  9. Cougars are still America's team!!!! If America sucked!
  10. I kind of like the team fouls being reset after the first ten minutes. Not sure how many people are paying attention to the NIT or CBI, but these games seem to be flowing a lot better. I can see this catching on.
  11. Thanks, assface. I spent twenty minutes messing with my cable box and internet trying to figure out why I was left out on this information! Turns out it was just halftime!!!! Either way, BYU loses!
  12. Unfortunately I am about 300 miles away from Laramie. Couldn't make this game. Crowd looked really small. But it is spring break and people might be binge watching 'The Bachelor'! I don't know the specifics on any financials. Just looking for wins. Pretty sure this state has a couple of billion dollars just sitting there if you want to talk money. Hard to get people here to realize just a fraction of that would be well spent on UW academics and athletics. Hopefully more people show up Monday night. This Cowboys team isn't that good, but they have played well enough to get some support.
  13. Pokes win 91-81 I believe. Nice game all around for them. Eastern Washington had a couple of ballers that really came to play. Hard to imagine they could do much damage in the Mountain West, even this Mountain West. Just happy that this team is fresh in my memory as opposed to the team that was down 25-0 to Air Force a few days ago. What the hell was that??? We play again Monday night. Not sure against who yet.
  14. Wyoming up 63-53 with about 10 minutes to play. Eastern Washington may not be the biggest challenged the Pokes have faced all year, but this game might restore some sanity for Wyoming.