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  1. Hawaii at Wyoming

  2. Hawaii at Wyoming

    Does this mean Wyoming fans have to root for Hawaii now to make this win even matter? I'd rather root for BYU. Except for the fact they are BYU.
  3. Hawaii at Wyoming

    I expect some talk of a new conference without Wyoming in it from Hawaii fans. Keep talking Warbow. Just start it now.
  4. Please buy tickets and show up and have a good time so we can get more great bands to come to this area.
  5. Hey, man. I am pretty big guy with long legs. It can get complicated when people want to get by me. Best to have the end seat where I can just step to the side and back! When we don't get isle seats, we can hang out in the endzone at War Memorial and still have really good seats. Not many stadiums you can still do that at. We are literally 10 yards away from some of the biggest plays at the games. It's kind of awesome. Not sure what this new High Altitude center will do to that. We usually hang out on the other end. But that new center might affect the crowd hanging out down in that endzone.
  6. All my seats are at the end of the isle. I hate having to push through a wave of people to piss too! Sometime I just want out!!!,
  7. It kills me to say, but I do like that Rams floor in Moby. Don't ever lose that. It's cool. It's just that Moby feel like the local JC arena I go to here. It needs a lot of work. Only other MW arena I went to in the area was Air Force. That's a whole different story. Moby is better than that. For some reason Wyoming has this huge basketball arena that's actually really nice. Once we get fans in it, it will be incredible! For what it's worth, it is a lot of fun still going to Moby and watching UW and CSU.
  8. Well, I inherited the bitching about parking gene from my dad. So, normally I do bitch about parking. But I never had a problem around Moby. Had to walk a few blocks or pay a couple of bucks. Maybe I just got lucky. Just seemed like other basketball arenas I needed a shuttle, or needed to walk . . . a lot!!! Looking forward to the new football stadium. Moby does need an upgrade too.
  9. That being said, is there a worse name for a basketball arena than Wyoming's? The Arena Auditorium? Jesus, can we have a little more creativity?
  10. Moby is like a high school gym or junior high gym. You've got two ends, they have a couple of areas selling food and drinks. There's a couple of entrances on both ends of the court. In high school that's where the guys who would work out in the gym hang out in the doorway and watch the girl play volleyball. It can be really familiar for high school recruits. But man, it's pretty amateur as an outsider. You can find good parking though.
  11. PROOF That Crapperdick Sucks

    I'd bang the one in red. It's been a long week!
  12. New Belgium porch under construction

    As a Wyoming fan, I have always been treated very nice in Fort Collins. Every girl I met there always looked at me dumbfounded. "Wyoming has a college?" they would say!!!
  13. Coming to a Best Buy Parking Lot near you...

    I give McGregor a lot of credit for gaining weight and losing weight to fight. He is a physical specimen. But boxing Floyd Mayweather is a joke. Him boxing anybody from 145 up is a joke.
  14. Coming to a Best Buy Parking Lot near you...

    He had no competition. The guy is amazing in the ring. Connor isn't going to know what hit him. If Mayweather takes it seriously, it can get really ugly, really fast. Connor is just looking for a big payday. He's been saying it for years. He's not hiding it. He wants the money. Floyd doesn't need the money, but man, is he going to be even richer.
  15. Coming to a Best Buy Parking Lot near you...

    I'm definitely not paying money for it. People bitched about paying money for Mayweather's last fight. It wasn't that bad of a fight, really. He's just too good at what he does.