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  1. Pretty sure BYU could beat Golden State in a seven game series. Especially if they have home court.
  2. I guess I mean hush puppy. Goddamit!
  3. I'm gonna kick a puppy.
  4. Great game. Good job Rams!
  5. Then again?
  6. Can the Aztecs score? I don't think so.
  7. Love watching Clavell play.
  8. Fun game. Good crowd. SUDS struggles to score too much. CSU should go on a run here.
  9. Pokes are going to take a lot of threes. Fortunately we made a lot this game. Lobos looked like they were playing in quicksand. And they didn't seem to care.
  10. Not the greatest game ever. Lobos obviously miss Williams. Pokes made some shots when they needed to keep and extend leads. I missed the first few minutes trying to get the feed. Did Wyoming actually start their leading scorer in this game? James seemed to play a lot and started the second half I know. He needs to play as much as possible. New Mexico needs to play a LOT harder. They looked soft as hell.
  11. Pretty sure it's on the Mountain West site if you don't have ROOT. and go to live and recent events
  12. Wyoming beat Utah State's ass in the first half. The second half turned into more of an ugly scrimmage. Pokes still hold on. Good game. No Jeremy Lieberman for the Pokes? Is he hurt or what? Cody Kelly should probably start next game either way. I trust him with the ball more than Lieberman at this point.
  13. Pokes started a new point guard tonight. Wyoming kid.
  14. It's supposed to be on ROOT right now. It's not. Pitt and Louisville has gone long apparently. Pokes are winning 21-19 halfway through the first half.
  15. Oh, you're definitely onto some good shit here.