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  1. Wyoming beat Utah State's ass in the first half. The second half turned into more of an ugly scrimmage. Pokes still hold on. Good game. No Jeremy Lieberman for the Pokes? Is he hurt or what? Cody Kelly should probably start next game either way. I trust him with the ball more than Lieberman at this point.
  2. Pokes started a new point guard tonight. Wyoming kid.
  3. It's supposed to be on ROOT right now. It's not. Pitt and Louisville has gone long apparently. Pokes are winning 21-19 halfway through the first half.
  4. Oh, you're definitely onto some good shit here.
  5. Las Vegas and the Raiders are a match made in heaven. It should happen. It will happen. But, don't quote me. I just lost six months rent on that Alabama game. Best coach ever my ass.
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh.
  7. The people love a winner. But imagine if his nickname was Noodles. You think he would have any respect?
  8. Kin Yah, Kind of got a whole new respect for West Virginia after watching that. The only other thing that comes to mind when I think of West Virginia was when I lived near Gainesville and the students there made up tee shirts before the Gators played the Mountaineers that said, "West Virginia, no lifeguard in the gene pool." Funny, but they all got in trouble. And somebody once mentioned Wyoming and West Virginia should play football every year and call it the "Coal Bowl." Kind of ridiculous, but still might be kind of fun until coal is obsolete!
  9. Ouch. I watched a documentary on that Winston situation. I needed a shower afterwards. What a scumbag.
  10. West Virginia looked pretty damn good against Baylor last night. Anyone catch that, "No means, no!" chant from the crowd as Baylor was shooting free throws? It was LOUD and hilarious. And Baylor shot horribly from the free throw line. But, then again, so did the Mountaineers. Either way, that was brutal and something Baylor is going to have to face for a while. The announcers didn't mention it at all.
  11. I always understood this was a game of runs. Nevada made a run that ran the Lobos right of the Pit. That was a crazy ending.
  12. I was having a pretty good day. Watching a game like this made it way better! Fun game to watch.
  13. I thought college was supposed to call those continuation plays more like the NBA this year. I thought I read that somewhere.
  14. Awesome game.
  15. Not one body shaming comment on Nick Duncan on this thread. Maybe 2017 will be a little better for everyone!