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  1. We'll probably never know.
  2. What if Casey Anthony was the next Mountain West commissioner? She has some connections down south, and has slept with at least one person from every conference team, except Hawaii, of course. She can't afford to travel to Hawaii. She is very persuasive, is willing to keep a secret and has plenty of free time on her hands. Just a thought. Don't mean to bother you guys!
  3. I was always just joking about Hawaii being nothing but an island in the south Pacific. Apparently, Jeff Sessions agrees. Not very good company I'm in if it's Sessions agreeing with me. Do we consider Hawaii a state?
  4. Sinead O'Conner always freaked me out. Everyone I grew up with told me she was pretty. I thought she was ugly. Then I got older and looked at her from a different perspective and thought, yeah, she is kind of pretty I get it. If you put long hair on her and some make up, she might be hot. Then I see this post from you, you scum bag. I was right she's ugly. And you're ugly. I was right all along!
  5. For the baby's sake, hopefully Wyoming wins!
  6. Yes. And here's the trophy we play for.
  7. If you're giving the assist to Warbow, he's gonna miss the easy layup. If I knew you two were working as a team it would have been a lot easier. You go, boys!
  8. My mom died in Vietnam! And my gorilla! It's on, bitch!
  9. I was kind of proud of myself for getting you to say something other than mother or wife jokes. That was short lived! Do your thing, I guess! Go Pokes
  10. What was Dre's excuse for Wyoming beating SUDS again? I forgot.
  11. I expected better from you. It's almost like I'm trolling you on accident! Nice to see you post something other than mother jokes, though! Keep it up. Or not. You kind of suck.
  12. happy to make your day, douche. And if I made your day . . . your day must suck!!!!! Hopefully your evening is better.
  13. Just trying to be honest! Which is way more than you can say. Oh wait, your mother is trying to say something . . . Ahhhh. Never mind. She's gonna be busy for a while.
  14. Wyoming 38-17 over Hawaii
  15. Hey, Dr. Dre. I have a condition where I can't think of an original name. Can you think of a name of a rapper or something that sounds cool that I can steal and pretend I'm them and make them look like an asshole? Is there a prescription for that? That would be awesome! Thanks!