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  1. UNC 'Punishment'

    Except they punished Florida State for a “music appreciation” class that had an online, open book final. Forfeiture of all games those players participated. It was retroactive so no punishment going forward but it shows up in the record books.
  2. Wyoming QB

    I heard Randy Welniak still has a year of eligibility so I guess we go with him.
  3. ESPN analyst quits: Football isn’t ‘safe for the brain’

    Call me jaded but a lot of this smells like the set-up for one big ass class action lawsuit. Can you imagine the plaintiffs lawyers drooling over the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in the endowments of football playing institutions. The NFL has the capital and resources to survive but individual colleges having to fight off the claims of ex-players as an exploited class would spell the end of "college" football.
  4. Ultimate Warrior vs. Undertaker?

    If wrestling were real the 8 foot tall French guy would have literally killed people. Look at the size of a beer can in this dude's hand.
  5. A few MWC coaches on hottest coach list.

    Croatian Soccer coach.
  6. Goodbye offseason. Hello Football!

  7. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    You would think that with all of the Great minds, Tyrion, Varys, Littlefinger, and military tacticians Jon, Jorah, Davos; Someone would realize that the Wall is to big to defend with limited forces. There is a perfect Tactical choke point at Moat Cailin. They should pull everyone back to the river lands and stregthen the fort at Cailin. Remember a dozen Ironborn held off the whole Bolton army until Reek betrayed them. (That might have only happened in to books). Now with all the Freys dead. They would be protected by the Twins to the South and Cailin to the North. They could hold off the Nightking until next summer. On a side note I keep having an image in my head of Cersei saying "I'm going to build a wall and the wildlings are going to pay for it."
  8. Massey Composite Pre-season Rankings

    I see with brown and gold glasses, but I do not disagree with any part of this statement. Chasing money in the NFL would have been a tragic decision both for him and whatever team drafted him. I hope his decision making catches up with his physical tools, but that remains to be seen.
  9. New statue at CSU stadium.

    Could be worse.....
  10. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Remember Jon is Dany's nephew, but the Targaryen's have a long history of incest. So,.....Jon and Dany might form an alliance through marriage, reforgeing the seven kingdoms. So it was vital that Jon did not "bend the knee" in the last episode otherwise he brings nothing to the union. Just a thought
  11. UCF kicker ruled ineligible by the NCAA

    Dean Smith, MJ, James Worthy, Roy Williams, nothing to see here!!!!
  12. UCF kicker ruled ineligible by the NCAA

    They had a fake department....with a dean and admins and all that crap. A fake f$@king department. Fake major "African studies" and 100% fake department for the sole purpose of keeping atheletes eligible. NCAA "nothing to see here, just move along"
  13. I'm not a sock of RebelRobert

    Mug, are you a hooker at the Bunny Ranch? If so......is there a MWC board discount?
  14. OFFICIAL: Fresno State is Selling Beer

    They should just rename the school CSU-Fresno...first the sheep fu<king and now this. Oh wait.....