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  1. Do the voices in your head often argue with each other?
  2. Jamie is gonna choke out his "older sister" Cleganebowl may happen this year. Tyrion finds out he is 1/2 Targaryen. Tormond is killed when he finally has sex with Brianne of Tarth and in a moment of passion she squeezes her thighs together and snaps his spine. His death grin is epic.
  3. Off season.
  4. Is this where two guys push their penis tips together? How do you do this on the internet? JOOC.
  5. This is a bit of a stretch....one Eagle, Don Felder, was from Gainesville. He was not part of the original act....his beef with Frey was why they broke up in 1980 and they kicked him out right after they got back together in 1994. They were an LA band with guys from Detroit, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas, and Nebraska as well as Felder from Florida.
  6. Ok I'm going to change this up a bit....how about bad movies that you love? Can be for nostalgia, or just that they are so bad they become goofy. My nominations. 1) Flash Gordon (1980)- Ming's Daughter was so hot. Football in Space. 2) Dune- Check out Sir Patrick Steward with a mullet. I want to ride a sand worm. 3) The Mummy- the sequels were just bad but the original makes me laugh my ass off. I'm not sure that's what they were going for but it works for me. 4) Death to Smoochie- Robin Williams is soooo dark. And a purple Rhino performing for Nazis wow just wow. Edit: plus if your kids ever watched Barney over and over and over again I'm sure you had a fantasy like me of shooting that purple fu<ker on the head.
  7. Found a use for this.....thanks Stunner!!!
  8. It is a tongue and you must read between the lines for the social commentary. In the late 1970s/early 1980s the Mormon church tried to "discourage" oral sex by its members (pun intended) . This did not go over well with the married women in the flock and the church told the bishops not the delve into the sex lives of the married couples. Plus the inverted Y looks like a woman with her legs spread.
  9. That's an improvement for me, I still laugh at fart noises and dick jokes.
  10. Yes, no, maybe?
  11. For all the Allen hype, next year for Wyoming is going to come down to how well we run the ball and play defense. That is the Bohl formula and it is not changing. Halfman you are right in the sense that what Allen is worst at (decision making/protecting the ball) is what is most valued by his coach's system.
  12. I grew up in Basin and went to high school in Thermop, so Worland was not that much better than Gillette....lol. Funny thing is when I went to UW I ended up hanging out with guys from the basin who I knew from high school sports and we went from being rivals to being friends.
  13. CCCSer.....