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  1. Found a use for this.....thanks Stunner!!!
  2. It is a tongue and you must read between the lines for the social commentary. In the late 1970s/early 1980s the Mormon church tried to "discourage" oral sex by its members (pun intended) . This did not go over well with the married women in the flock and the church told the bishops not the delve into the sex lives of the married couples. Plus the inverted Y looks like a woman with her legs spread.
  3. That's an improvement for me, I still laugh at fart noises and dick jokes.
  4. Yes, no, maybe?
  5. For all the Allen hype, next year for Wyoming is going to come down to how well we run the ball and play defense. That is the Bohl formula and it is not changing. Halfman you are right in the sense that what Allen is worst at (decision making/protecting the ball) is what is most valued by his coach's system.
  6. I grew up in Basin and went to high school in Thermop, so Worland was not that much better than Gillette....lol. Funny thing is when I went to UW I ended up hanging out with guys from the basin who I knew from high school sports and we went from being rivals to being friends.
  7. CCCSer.....
  8. WY- home State CO- @ AF, @ CSU, @ CU TX- @ TAM (X2) CA- Rosebowl NV- Vagasbowl, WAC Champ. Game. OH- @ OHIO MS- @ OLE MISS FL- FSU @ UF (X2), UF @ FSU (X3) VA-@ UVA TN- UT v BAMA, UT v LSU, UT v UF, UT v WYO.....5 or 6 others Troy and UAB in there somewhere. They all run together....could be the pregame moonshine that makes it fuzzy. NE- CU @ NEB LA- Sugarbowl (X2)
  9. My pop was an FSU grad and then went to Med School at Florida. I did my PhD work at UT so I follow the ACC and SEC closely after UWYO. It has been a nice decade to watch those two conferences.....
  10. It's spring break man.....just got back from a two week vacation. Give us a bit of a break.
  11. I'm thinking about going to the FSU/Bama game to start the season. I haven't booked yet but I'm shopping for flights and hotels.
  12. Please God be true. please God be true. please, please, please.
  13. Wyoming will have to replace pretty much all of our skill positions on offense and our center. Wr- CJ Johnson started emerging as a playmaker last year. Austin Conway will get more use downfield instead of all the LOS stuff. James Price/John Okwoli need to step up to replace Maulhardt. TE- Harshman looks like the next guy but there are 3/4 other developing guys that will push him RB- Nico Evan got a bit of play last year, Overstreet is highly touted, we could rotate 3/4 backs with Green/Hall. Need someone to step up and take the job. OL- We get 4 back, 2OT and 2OG plus a young OT who played well when asked. Need to find a center all these guys will be pushed by a strong redshirt class. Defense will be fun to watch. DT- Ghaifan should build on a solid first year, Cain will have Malauulu/Baker pushing him. Should have 4/5 guys play at the two spots. DE-Granderson/Prosser at WDE now and we'll see who else steps up. SDE Hall maybe Lolohea or one of the young guys comes in not sure here. LB- Wilson will remain in one spot but 2 are open....maybe Wingard moves down from S. Coaches like Watson and Maluia. We need an OLB who can cover to replace DJ May. Secondary could remain intact if Wingard stays at S.
  14. There are no USU fans....there are only Cougars and Utes whose five favorite shirts are in the laundry.