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  1. Utah State has Lost to TWO Big Sky Teams

    Shit too slow...
  2. Utah State has Lost to TWO Big Sky Teams

    Your gonna keep whacking off? That’s OK most of us do......
  3. Utah State has Lost to TWO Big Sky Teams

  4. Mountain West Basketball Week 3: 11/20-11/26

    Well we will need JJ and the Red Baron tomorrow. You think Edwards was intentionally resting guys? Or that’s just how the game developed?
  5. Mountain West Basketball Week 3: 11/20-11/26

    I love the D, but we cannot have Lou Adams playing extended minutes. He is so quick, very athletic and he can shoot, yet his brain switches off at times and he can’t seem to play under control. He hurts us more than he helps, bad fouls and turnovers are just killers especially at the end of games.
  6. Where's the Rank 'em Thread?

    Ils est Monsieur de Villefort
  7. How F*cking Dumb Can You Be

    I was hoping they would be subjected to Chinese weasel torture, but alas The Donald stepped in.....
  8. Can I brag?

  9. Can I brag?

    In order to get certain seats a donation to CJC is required....
  10. Can I brag?

    Same deal at UW but you still have to donate (not a ticket purchase) to the club to be a member.
  11. Can I brag?

    Penthouse, I wish. At our cabin in the Big Horns it is a stack of National Geographics from the 70s and 80s. There’s only so many times you can read about Jane Goodall and whack off to those African ladies with the really long metal ringed necks.
  12. Nevada at Santa Clara

    Is Karl Hungus your Uncle?
  13. Question for Air Force

    Sure you are Broncomare or should we call you Broncocougar?
  14. MW Championship Game Scenarios

    If Wyo and AF both win this weekend, it sets up a winner takes all matchup between Boise and Fresno where a single game would decide the fate of four teams. It’s not going to happen but it would be a fun outcome.
  15. Boise vs CSU

    This game was the perfect representation of CSU this season. “Look how great we are!!!!! We are beating the crap out of Boise!!! In our shiny new stadium!!!” “Oh hell we have to play defense too?” “It’s ok we’ll just out score them. Championship here we come!!” “What the hell is happening?” “Fire everyone!!!” “I quit, football takes to long.” Good night lambs, you can win the recruiting championship again this spring. Too bad they don’t have a trophy for that.