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  1. You suppose to brush your teeth first, it probably picked up some DNA from what you ate last
  2. I'm convinced you think I should replace UNLV with Nevada. Except the only place Nevada would be going is with Wyoming to the Big Sky.
  3. Don't where you getting your information but Hawaii exceeds Pac-12 academic standards.
  4. We got better quality marijuana and UNLV has more experienced hookers. Consider it an upgrade to what they already have.
  5. New Mexico and CSU brings nothing but another mouth to feed to the Pac-12. Brings nothing to your TV contract. Who the hell would watch on New Mexico-Washington St game on TV? UNLV brings a lot. After their stadium is build, they are almost a lock into the Pac-12. Boise - Like you said, decades away academically. Hawaii - Geography a very good fit for the Pac-12. Can help bring in the Asian Market that the Pac-12 has been after for years. Distant is the only stumbling block but really not. Shorter flights than West Coast-East coast trips. Brings in a power house women's volleyball and softball programs where there's already rivalries with Pac-12 schools. All the rest you mentioned once again brings nothing that the Pac-12 doesn't already have and would be just another mouth to feed.
  6. Hawaii and UNLV are the only logical choices left for the PAC-12 to expand to. It's the only schools left that actually brings something to that conference that they don't already have. Unless they have plans to try and concur the state of Texas, Hawaii and UNLV are pretty their only choices to expand with. North 1. Washington 2. Washington St. 3. Oregon 4. Oregon St. 5. Cal 6. Stanford 7. Colorado South 1. USC 2. UCLA 3. Arizona 4. Arizona St. 5. Utah 6. Hawaii 7. UNLV
  7. I don't know, you tell me, how much of it were you able to get in your mouth?
  8. Ancestry put me 2 Genetic Communities: Puerto Ricans in Northwest Puerto Rico & Germans in the Midwest. The first one is very likely but the second is not true, my ancestors migrated from Europe to the East Coast not the Midwest.
  9. You suppose to spit in the tube not shit in it
  10. I can trace relatives back to the early 1700's in the Netherlands i got scared for a second, I thought Hitler was going to show up at one point
  11. One question comes to mind, how do you know what Dre's underwear smells like?
  12. I assumed it to be Spain since I got some in my family tree that came from Puerto Rico via Spain
  13. Well that explains my Native American middle name. One hung low
  14. Instead of the Big Sky, Wyoming needs to look at making the move to an NAIA conference instead.
  15. I have no worries, 3/4 of the North Korean Army will defect to the South in event of war. The other 1/4 will overthrown the idiot running the country. win win situation here...