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  1. You never had a kidney stone,
  2. Try gettin Kidney stone, you will take anything they give you to relieve the pain, the pain is that bad
  3. teamprivilege

    @LaradiseCowboy FIFY
  4. teamprivilege

    @Jack Bauer on the clock @Jack Bauer on deck @LaradiseCowboy in the hole
  5. I'm the opposite of what you say. I don't think drugs usage should be illegal if it doesn't harm anyone else. Our jails are crowded right now with people who commit crimes against their selves
  6. No you don't. You are talking apples and oranges with your examples. People don't get prescribed food or issued weapons to fix a medical problem
  7. You just don't understand drug addiction. It kills. No one has ever been addicted to driving drunk, diabetes or accidentally shooting themselves
  8. You don't know how powerful this addiction is to some. It takes over your life. I've seen it happen to people who I thought would never use drugs
  9. You wouldn't be saying this if you had someone close to you experience this
  10. More people die of overdoses than car accidents in this country. It's now the #1 in cause of death.
  11. teamprivilege

    Team picks so far: Ohio State, Alabama, USC, Wisconsin. Florida St., Oklahoma, South Florida
  12. teamprivilege

    @trl87 on the clock @LoFasZz on deck @SLCPoke in the hole
  13. teamprivilege

    No worry, wyoming will still be available in the last round
  14. teamprivilege

    @PokeTransplant you're up @UNLVFan90 on deck @trl87 in the hole
  15. Heard thru the Hawaii North Shore connection that BYU will announce a new 9 team all sports conference of: 1. BYU 2. Hawaii 3. San Diego St. 4. Boise St. 5. Colorado St. 6. Fresno St. 7. Air Force 8. UNLV 9. Nevada