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  1. Capital One Bowl Mania

    People got to get your picks in already, you only got a couple more days
  2. Big News Out of Washington DC

    long live Katree Ribbs
  3. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    Did I miss something, why is Sonny Dykes coaching at SMU for their bowl game?
  4. The MWC has officially left the AAC in the dust

    Yes, only the AAC calls it welfare payments for the poor.
  5. Capital One Bowl Mania

    Use a Capital C in Coastie
  6. Mugtang, CFBinfo.com question

    Ensure you spell Chris Peterson's name right.
  7. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    No excuse, we were 3-9 also.
  8. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Brian Moniz and Nick Rolovich were much better QB's than Chang. If Rolovich had played the 4 years Chang like did, he would have been the all time yardage leader without the interception record. Brian Moniz brought a good running thread with the passing yardage. Plus he had the benefit of having 2 NFL receivers to throw to.
  9. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    He's another Drunkenmiller
  10. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    The 7th best QB in the MWC is a great standard.
  11. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Mini Helmet bet he doesn't?
  12. I forget his real name but it's being reported that the Wyoming QB is declaring for the NFL draft.
  13. Capital One Bowl Mania

    http://games.espn.com/college-bowl-mania/2017/en/group?groupID=1860 password: Coastie