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  1. Murray puts SDSU in his AP Top 25

    I'm telling you Bohl was in South Carolina .
  2. Nevada fans, think back to the 2010 football season

    No way they beat any of those teams. Hawaii taught the world how to defend the pistol that game.
  3. It's alive!

    It's been so long I can't remember. Before Hawaii's 2007 Sugar Bowl I know for sure.
  4. It's alive!

    I suggest @mugtang add the RANKULATOR as the primary ranking system used...
  5. MWCBoard - Guess the Score Week 0

    Warming up the RANKULATOR
  6. MWC Predictions

    No depth on the defense. Losing 3 DL potential starters hurt us bad. The linebackers are set and good. Safeties have no depth, the corners are young and hardly any game experience. The offense will roll this year. Special teasm will be a disappointment now that Rigo is gone.
  7. MWCboard College Football Pick'um

    I think you get more points for your higher confidence pick.
  8. I'm stepping out

    Kalua's waiting on his a$$ to check in. New meat!
  9. I'm stepping out

    Are you taking your mama with you? This place is not going to be the same without the both of you. @Dr. Dre's [email protected] Dre's Mother
  10. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Who caught that John Snow's father got an annulment and secretly remarried? If I heard right Jon Snow is the rightful aire to the throne not Danny because he's now legitimate and not a bastard. Tarly's wife read that to him.
  11. Hawaii matte green helmets

    I was a little disappointed. Wanted something more like this one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXRI-uDhKvT/?taken-by=osakicreativegroup
  12. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Bring back the tits and ass scenes. I re-watched the 1st show of season 1 again and whoa, so many of those scenes. I guess that's how a show hooks the viewer and then slowly cut those type of scenes down some until they disappear altogether. It's a mean thing to do.
  13. Not this guy, he's the real deal and a freshmen