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  1. Alright then if I wanted to grope someone, I just need to take a picture because no one is really going to grope somone and take a picture. People can be deluded, arrogant, dumb, or just don't think. If your argument is no one would do x, stop, because people do all sorts of dumb stuff. I mean who uses a shotgun to try and fake hail damage to a roof? Who rips up their building cladding while their neighbors are outside watching and then claim wind damage? It happens. I have no doubt Franken in his mind thought he was simply being funny. Thing is, Tweeden is not simply an object for Franken to use as a comedic prop. Please, next time you are on a professional trip try doing this to your sleeping coworker. See what happens. Try saying I was just being funny, I wasn't touching, or it was over her suit coat. See where that gets you. Your sleeping coworker, who you have no romantic relationship with, yeah good luck with that. You didn't answer my question, do you have a daughter? If that was Stephen Crowder, Tim Allen, or some other righty comedian I highly doubt you would be making this argument. This is what gets me is people's political leanings shaping how they see the Moore or Franken situations. Finally, so not wanting a 30 year old AG fooling around with and preying on high schoolers and not wanting a woman being forcefully kissed or groped puts me on a high horse? What is everybody riding these days, these guys?
  2. See my question above. Contrived, no, there is a photo for pete's sake. Moore would be toast if there were photos of him with those teens. There are some holes in some of the stories involving Moore, I am not going to go into those though because there is enough smoke in this situation that dissuades me from even attempting to defend him. One thing that gets me about Moore is how he tried justifying the girls he dated by saying he got the permission of their mothers first. Really, no warning bells for him on this? Also you can take a long hike off a short pier about the bold part. You have a daughter, a wife? If so imagine them in that photo and see if you use the same body armor excuse. As far as this last election, it was a crummy choice between Trump and Hillary, both of whom have some nasty skeletons in their closet. No way would I want a thirty something AG having anything to do with my daughter when she is in high school. Same way no way would I want some comedian groping my daughter. What is so hard about this?
  3. Mildly inappropriate? What if you were on a professional trip, you fall asleep on a flight, when you wake up you are shown a photo of your professional coworker fondling you while you were sleeping? This isn't even considering the forcing his tongue down her throat.
  4. The good thing about Reps (Moore) and Dems being named in this, is that hey maybe just maybe we will realize there are cretins in both parties. When those cretins show up, send them packing. Ohh, who am I kidding I already see righties and lefties circling the wagon. Although I will say these allegations and what Pence does brings to mind the scene from My Fellow Americans. Whose the idiot now
  5. Kustra just quit

    Seeing the rage and vitriol in this thread, I have to ask, is there any possible way we can get Idaho the resources it needs to replace San Jose in the Conference? Mug, think of the revenue having a viable Idaho program would bring. This conference could use some additional bitter rivals. I mean what do we need to do? Perhaps kidnap and brainwash convince Urban Meyer to become their coach? Dig up some dirt on Nike? Sell third world dictators shoddy bomb cases full of used pinball machine parts? We need to find a way to make this happen. Come on @mugtang use some accounting magic to make it happen.
  6. Where's the Rank 'em Thread?

    Wyoming is what Colorado used to be. A state running off mineral extraction, some agriculture and some tourism. Now you have the Front Range corridor from Fort Collins to Denver and the Ski Corridor of Denver to Aspen bringing in yuppies, people who can't drive in snow, and turning the place into a zoo. I am not surprised you love almost everything about the 307. Now look at the Rams, dancing with their WWE belt, then look at the Pokes there is the fullback laying it all out to make the play. You know you want to root for the school with a strong blue collar culture. Devaney, Wyatt, Roach, Tiller, Bohl. While you ponder this, remember what you have with CSU http://archive.ramnation.com/audio/raminJingle.mp3 As for the Interstate, yeah everyone hates I80 Snow Chi Minh Trail can go jump in a lake, but it helps keep the yuppies out.
  7. Boise vs CSU

    Haven't gone through the thread, so this may have already been mentioned. I have to give Bobo an A for trolling. Having the team only show up for the first half than start exiting through the 2nd. The man is a genius.
  8. Eight Party System?

    Yep as everyone else is at 88% plus against them. No matter how many parties you have, whoever gets the most votes is going to be in the driver seat, they will get what they really want. Will they make concessions to build their coalition, yeah, but they won't compromise on what is most important to them. This is why it is important to have a form of election in which you need to win a majority of something. In our case the electoral college. Even going to three evenly divided parties you are opening up the chance to let a crazy guy get elected with little more the 33% of the vote. I mean that has never happened, right?
  9. Pebble Mine vs. Salmon

    Gold has industrial uses too. Also the real wealth in the proposed mine is copper. Both of these metals are used in computers, smart phones. Granted the amount in each phone is small, but when 1.5 billion smartphones are being produced and sold in a year that adds up. Assuming 3/5ths of a lb of Gold per 10,000 phones and 1.5 billion smart phones manufactured and sold per year, that is 90,000 lbs of gold used in smart phones globally per year. I am indifferent toward the mine. My opinion is as I stated above the permitting process as defined by the law needs to be followed. I don't want bureaucrats subverting or short circuiting that process one way or the other.
  10. Pebble Mine vs. Salmon

    You are forgetting the courts. This mine has so much scrutiny that even if there was a conservative (as in over protective) EIS there is going to be a lawsuit. The Environmental Impact Assessment and planning would have to be strong enough to survive court challenges not just pass through the administration. The process as defined by the law needs to play out and be followed. If you have bureaucrats subverting or short circuiting the lawful permitting process either way that puts us on a course for becoming like the Soviets.
  11. No more Aztecs?

    Not even thing, it is THINGS! Alright how about this. Not only do we sue them for the emotional distress the tree things causes, but also red is a bad bad color. So much stress I like totally can't even...
  12. No more Aztecs?

    Dammit Happy, the tree look at that tree. I don't care what the mascot/nickname/unofficial person in costume is, somebody needs to pay for that abomination. Stanford should be relegated to Div 3 football until they abolish that thing and erase all evidence that it ever existed. Edit - I posted the earlier one from my phone. I didn't realize til just now looking at a larger image that there are two of those things. Are those things reproducing?
  13. No more Aztecs?

    Hey, I don't need you poking any holes in my get rich quick schemes crusade for social justice. That said, their team name is cardinal after the color not bird I guess. The tree is the unofficial band mascot. In the end try and find a mascot more offensive to all of humanity than this: I would suggest a class action suit, but dividing the suit among all 7 billion people won't get me very far. Thanks Happy for wrecking my day....
  14. No more Aztecs?

    This horribly offends me as a Catholic. First equating our leadership with a songbird (honestly more insulting to the songbird), and then using a tree as a mascot. If you are going to use Cardinal at least use the bird as a mascot, the use of an asinine mascot for Cardinal is really insulting. Do I have grounds to sue Stanford? Probably need to get a *insert ethnic minority* Catholic as a front for it.
  15. Eight Party System?

    While the two party system has its problems, an 8 party system would allow someone to take power with theoretically as little as 13% of the vote.