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  2. Didn't watch so I can't QUITE give it an honest opinion, but it has EVERYTHING to do with this SDSU team. Closing out games is what we do- or DID.
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  4. I will be shocked if the MWC gets 2 teams. Who ever wins the MWC in Vegas goes in my opinion.
  5. The biggest snowflake of them all, President Snowflake.
  6. Yeah, an engineer makes more money than a liberal arts major. This sucks for an engineer, but is dream come true for a liberal arts major. Heck even a business major.
  7. Lack of notable wins is the difference. It sucks the way the schedule turned out, but it is what it is. Let's win the MW tournament and not leave it in the hands of the committee
  8. You're a fvckin little asshole dwarf penis. I'm not a vegetarian, I just limit my meat intake and try to buy meat that's been treated with something that resembles dignity. And when you buy your fvckin factory steak, do you know how many acres of land have been plowed to feed that meat? I can't fvckin eat as much veggies as your factory cow needs to gain the weight required by today's standards. And not everyone has the luxury to rely on hunted meat. If everyone did, the plains and woods would be empty in a year. I hope you enjoy your privilege. So, what's the answer if libertarianism is supposed to become a viable political construct someday rather than a feelgood story you tell yourself while fishing?
  9. We are 39 in RPI an just jumped to 62 in kenpom I did some research an Boise state received an at large 2 seasons ago an lost in the tournament semi finals there record was 25-9 an RPI 33 our record will be way better than they finished that season an our RPI an Kenpom ratings are similar 2014–15 record 25–9 (14–4 MW
  10. I think they are going to the E8 this year.
  11. Congratulations Colorado State.
  12. I have absolutely loved these series. My kids love them too
  13. Makes sense to me. RPI should matter and did here.
  14. Here's the BBC America link for Planet Earth II.
  15. Speaking of BYU, the Spartans swept you in baseball (3-2 and 4-2) in our only games this season.
  16. No matter what happens the next game for both Nevada an CSU our matchup will be for the basketball championship next weekend
  17. I wouldn't call you big brother. Maybe older brother. We're the younger bigger better looking brother that just caught up into too much partying and drugs. We're basically in rehab right now. We'll be back tho little big bro.
  18. 5 years ago UNLV and SDSU were carrying this conference both in top 15. We've sold out a few since, but this was one of the better atmospheres in recent years. Along with the 2013 SDSU game: Then the win against #3 Arizona was sold out a little more than 2 years ago.
  19. I think they win maybe one game. Who ever they play out of the 8-9 game will be better than them unless it is another mid major. The first P5 team they play will beat them, usually the case with them. They are never athletic enough to compete for final 4s
  20. I am probably not your intended audience, as I am a little r republican with regards to the government but a little l libertarian with regards to how I view the world. And I struggle with regard to natural rights regarding animals. I believe some mammals are more advanced with regards to emotions than we would like to realize. While we treat these animals as subhuman, probably correctly, it seems like they have emotions approaching humanity. This bothers me. I believe the idea of natural rights is there waiting for any species that can attain the consciousness necessary to proclaim that they have those rights. Many species, specifically of those of high apes don't seem far off from this benchmark. With regard to poultry, beef, eggs; these are species cultivated for a certain purpose. They could not exist in a natural world without humans. Now, I don't know that this absolves you of your own moral convictions about consuming these animals. It is a quandary with how you frame it. But make no mistake, there is no amount of prohibition you force upon yourself that will alleviate any suffering incurred by these animals. Fear and death will come to them regardless of how you live your life. But in nature, fear and death is the rule, as is want and suffering. At the least want is removed from their experience. In the future perhaps technology will allow us to communicate or at least understand these domesticated animals. But at this point, the possibility for healthy and happy human life is the best hope for their existence in the aggregate. They don't live in a natural evolutionary earth environment. Man is the reality of their existence. And for now at least, I'd rather that good, smart, principled, men be fed with things they enjoy eating, so that there might exist a future where we can someday be fed without animal suffering at all.
  21. You're an idiot. Your existence no matter what you eat harms other living things and causes suffering. When they plowed under that field to provide you vegetables they killed everything in that area. It all starved to death and unlike if it was hunted it is gone forever because there is no more habitat. There is nothing more damaging to the environment then a vegetarian bunny hugger. I just hope there is a special place in hell for people who kick dogs and cats and other mammals unnecessarily. It is not a libertarian thing it is just a moral thing.
  22. Lol a little early there bud
  23. wait, was sarah there? again? look for black walls at the upcoming WCC tournament.
  24. Well no one is going to loan anyone anything when 12.5% of the expected income won't service the loan anymore. So it is basically a cap on the amount a student can borrow. I am not saying that's a bad thing, just pointing out the obvious.
  25. Yeah, but not on purpose. You can see your way out of the outrage conversation...
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