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  2. live view of today's inauguration...
  3. ... Nintendo started sh/it... Many of us actual grown men have been playing great Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, and Metroid franchises since you just began sucking your Grandma's teets... I'd love to see a Metroid game from this console as well-done as Metroid Prime. Would also be sweet to get some nice Resident Evil games. Obviously, it's all about Zelda, and that preview looks pretty intriguing. Just hope there's not some stupid controller gimmick like the Wii that caused me to skip it. To this day, I've never spent more than 10 minutes using any Wii mote...
  4. I was convinced, President Obama was going to declare martial law and retain the presidency. LOL
  5. Hipster.
  6. I would tend to agree with this. I'm feeling CSU is going to drop. Too few legs and maybe more of an influence, the coach. I don't think Wyo drops, but I'm not sure they'll move up. Tier 3 might only have the one team. Wyo has only played two of the teams ahead of us, Nevada and Fresno in Fresno (they haven't lost a home game and haven't won a road game). Nevada is clearly better than Wyo. I look forward to seeing how the Pokes do against Fresno in Laramie in a couple of weeks. Too early to tell how Wyo might stack up against NM, BSU and SDSU. I guarantee you that Wyoming's gonna sweep the sheep again this year...maybe I shouldn't have just done this
  7. You are as good as the info you had before you stepped in. That would include the wars and Gitmo. You have to walk back something if you get better intel. He listened to his staff, and you have issue with that? The wheels of Arab Spring were set in motion long before SOFA and before Obama so that region was fricked already. You want someone to barrel through a campaign promise when he finds out its a bad idea? That's silly. He never promised harmony and the end of racial tension so you can remove that as well. It's left to healthcare, which I don't believe we are disagreeing on. But, he got the major forces out of Iraq (it was going to go to hell no matter when we left anyways). Promise kept. Major forces out of Afghanistan. Way longer than expected. Promise not really kept. Reformation of healthcare. Promise kept. Environmental policy. Promise kept. Whether you choose to like them, there you go. I don't agree with them all, but you can't say he didn't keep at least one.
  8. Being racist is the new black.
  9. I don't even know what that means.
  10. I'll quote Jon Wilner, from this article published a year before San Jose State accepted the eventual invitation to join the MWC; Why would the Mountain West even consider the Spartans, who went 1-12 this season and have been to one bowl game in the past 20 years? Because of the Bay Area’s television market, the sixth largest in the country. The Mountain West’s television partner is Comcast, the dominant pay-TV provider in the region.“There is value in the number of TV sets in your geographic area,” a source said. “From that standpoint, (San Jose State) makes more sense than Utah State.” Case closed.
  11. The immigration curbed because of the shifting economies and the economic development in Mexico. O doesn't deserve much of any credit for that. He didn't change much of anything, really.
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  13. Clean up your language or I will never shop at Orange Julius again.
  14. Bullshit. I see no reason why the Ds should ever do anything to try and work with the Rs. That's EXACTLY how they did it. And it was successful. They cleaned house with that strategy. And now the Ds are somehow supposed to be the bigger people and take the high road? F that. The favor needs to be returned in kind. And revenge is a dish best served cold. The American public proved that they don't care about politicians who are gracious and magnanimous. Trump and the teabaggers proved it's all about hyperbole and throwing the biggest punches.
  15. I think you have me confused with a bow at the alter of Trump guy. The only man I bow to is YRF for attempting to achieve what no man has done before....a PHD in who gives a fuq. The thing is those were the staples and foundation of his presidency. If you say vote for me and I'll bring health care cost down, end all wars, close Guantanamo and unite the country...and literally accomplish zero of those things, you're a complete failure. That's like Trump after 8 years not draining the swamp, appointing conservative justices, building a wall, defunding planned parenthood or bringing jobs back. Seems like he can get at least one right.....unlike his boy Barry.....who is a really swell guy with great kids 🙄
  16. I mean, he could have had Putin's belly button bouncing between his eyes like our current man does.
  17. NMSU over Idaho? Really? Y'all can suck a dick. PS. Go on, Dre. Say what you are internally compelled to say...
  18. Must be the pills
  19. They didn't want to be included. They had a meeting on this day 8 years ago in which the Rs all agreed in lockstep to obstruct anything Obama does. Screw the country. Screw Americans. As long as it destroys Obama that's all that mattered. It really doesn't help that Rs are no playing like this never happened and blame Obama for somehow not reaching out to mend fences with people who agreed in whole that their job was to destroy him. Some people do need to grow up. And it's not the Ds.
  20. Seriously curbed illegal immigration by using Mexico as a partner (and strengthened ties with an economically surging nation), had the vision to lay a long-term foundation for a massive pacific alliance in TPP, was about the only president I can think of that didn't have a single personal life or character scandal to his name. Also has detractors like Coog.
  21. He got bullied around by Putin and Bashhar.
  22. Was he supposed to magically make everyone friends, and end wars in regions that have essentially always been in conflict? I say he failed at what I believe to be a good idea in getting healthcare to the masses, and found him to actually be smart and listen to the experts which resulted in keeping troops on the ground over there for as long as reasonably possible (especially after the boondoggled SOFA in Iraq) and keep Gitmo open. You essentially had expectations of him not listening to staff, and doing a social paradigm shift never even coming close to have been achieved. Your hopes in Trump need to be exponentially lower. The big policy failure is ACA, and even that is being accepted in parts for the exact tenets he campaigned on.
  23. Racist
  24. What? That's a big Accomplishment
  25. Obama was one of the great orators in the history of man. No hyperbole. Very charismatic. Great family.
  26. Completely agree.....all measuring sticks for manager of your local Dairy Queen.
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