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  2. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    I’m still unconvinced that Nick Patti was tall enough to urinate over the railing unless someone like @tailingpermit was there to give him a boost.
  3. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Yeah, I agree with the difficulty in understanding Southern mentality. There are certainly sub segments of Southern culture and it would be a mistake to claim that it’s uniform because diverse and somewhat progressive cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, and New Orleans can’t be compared to the region’s more rural areas. But this idealism that some old school Southerners maintain where they claim to champion “freedom” while at the same time perceiving others within their communities as inferior or immoral is both bizarre and contradictory.
  4. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    This ain’t a knife fight. @youngrebelfan40 recently recommended me a tome about the southern representatives to Congress that made me feel my connection to classical liberalism hardly ever coincided with their championing of it, I am always forming my thoughts on matters, especially respective to those events I wasn’t aware enough to understand, let alone not born for. The South seems completely weird to me in the confines of a classical liberalism. They used the veneer of “Freedom” to enforce authoritarianism. Our politically elected representatives in Washington let this go on for political game. So I basically know shit about how a person growing up in the south, rural or urban, relates to a hillbilly from rural Nevada.
  5. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Well, you know I respect your opinion and view you as an intellectual so please also know that I’m curious as to your thoughts on the subject. I want to make it clear that my posts above were largely based off assumptions and what could loosely be called anecdotal evidence.
  6. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

  7. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I got some things I disagree with this post, especially regarding the swing rightward of the south in the 90’s, especially concerning the David Duke element. But i’m gonna think on it. The South historically seems a very different place than what I have experienced elsewhere. I don’t think you’re right about that place and that time, but I don’t know anything for a certainty. I’m gonna read what I can and reflect upon it.
  8. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Fair enough re Bush I being a Rockefeller Republican, I agree. I just think he was closer to Goldwater than say a Pence or a Moore. Back in the early to mid 90s, I remember Southern bigotry being far more associated with Democrats and even remember the Clintons pandering to it to a certain degree. Their confederate flag campaign swag lend legitimacy to this claim. David Duke was the first prominent Republican candidate that I can recall who represented the nut job faction, he ran in 1992 against Bush I in the primary and tried to capitalize on traditional Southern Democrats that had become disgruntled with their party. The South didn’t turn into a red safe zone until the mid to late 90s. I think there is a correlation to this. That all said, I don’t believe Bush W to be a bigot at all and he never ran on a platform designed to attract white supremacists. It just happened that folks on the South who wanted to preserve their way of life were no longer voting for the Democratic Party in mass and many of them, whether they had blatant or subtle racial bias, started voting Republican.
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  10. Roy Moore

    The GOP is irreparably split it seems to me. Moore snuck in between a battle between the establishment (Strange) and the more classic liberal (Brooks). Then during the General it became known he was allegedly a pedophile. I don’t think this is the wake up, unless that wake up is needed to not run possible pedophiles.
  11. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Trump is a joke of a person. We could only wish for a W or Romney type. The policies aren’t that different, disagree with them as one may, but Trump is a total failure as the representative of the American people to the world.
  12. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I don’t think Bush 1 is very Goldwaterian other than he tried to somewhat maintain his predecessors policies. HW was an old Rockafeller Republican his whole life. The Reagan effect surely had some affect on he and Dole to be sure, but Bush was a moderate who just didn’t have it against a superstar moderate like Bill. Whatever the Duke faction was at the time, it was minuscule when it comes to the election of W. He won by attracting socially conservative Hispanics, not white supremacists.
  13. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Bush was primarily unpopular due to the war. The breakdown of the economy just added to his unpopularity. That said, Bush was at least presidential on how he conducted himself and was generally well liked as a person, even by both Obama and Clinton.
  14. Do you know your birthday?

    I know my birthday but there have been times when I had to think how old I am.
  15. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I disagree — Reagan and Bush I were the last of the Goldwater faction. One could make the argument that Dole would have fit that bill as well. But in the late 90s, the religious right, which developed out of the Falwell faction, gained control of the party and the Duke faction, made up of fringe weirdos, started to pull in blue dog Democrats in the South around this same time.
  16. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Yeah I forgot how hated Bush was at the end of his term. Iraq was big mess in 2007-2008. I always hated the guy but after reading his book it really changed my perspective of him. Whether I agreed with it or not at the time, I really believe he was 100 percent dedicated in his job unlike our current president.
  17. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Just seems like Bush and Trump were so hated while Romney was generally well liked. I could be wrong, I hardly followed politics back then and am far from an expert. But I guess it’s like blues says, Romney wasn’t the abrasive type.
  18. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    The economy in addition to the war sealed the fate of the 2008 election... and I agree that any Democrat would have won. The country was so soured on Bush at the end of his second term — probably the lowest popularity rating of any president in my lifetime.
  19. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    The GOP lost their minds, in the right way, when they adopted Goldwater. The Falwell platform, combined with the Goldwater platform, is what ushered in Reagan. The Duke platform doesn’t exist, he is unlike even a scumbag like Falwell.
  20. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Yes, but I’d add the financial crisis and economic cratering is what sealed the deal. Any Democrat would’ve won at that time.
  21. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    None. The Bush people like Powell and Rice were tainted with Iraq. The young guns ushered in during the 2010 wave had no national presence. McCain already lost, and the old guard was old. Rick Perry wasn’t half the politician W was. So that left Romney vs Newt, a crazy person who is an impossibly creative but is such a villain that the milquetoast Mitt had to win. As Blues said, Romney was the flag bearer of mainstream conservative thought, but was too cold, too rich, and too uncharismatically normal to make any waves against a star like Obama, even though his administration was a mess that could have been had in 2012.
  22. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I disagree. Obama was elected because of Bush.
  23. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    What? Bush and Romney were/are a lot closer to one another than Bush is/was to Trump. Trump is the outlier of those three.
  24. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Romney was hardly any different from Bush on policy. He was just a more educated and bland guy. Romney would never ever say anything unkind about anyone and i can tell you many republicans i know thought he was too soft. Bush would have beat Obama.
  25. Roy Moore

    ^ lol:ing at a guy with Lenin as his profile pic for trying to be the voice of reason.
  26. Roy Moore

    In a state like Alabama, they probably could have swapped out a candidate in the last few weeks and still had a good chance of winning. But the bright side of all this is that we’ve learned there is thankfully a limit to crazy and Roy Moore was across that line.
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