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  2. Week 8 GIF Thread

    Me trying to figure out how to post a gif be like:
  3. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    Nobody has to re-create football at Tennessee they just need to know how to coach. They've made 3 bad hires since Fullmer. Kiffen bailed after one season. Dooley was just an awful head coach and a bad hire. His record at LA Tech was nothing special. Butch Jones has had very good recruiting classes but can't seem to produce a consistently winning team. there is nothing fundamentally wrong at Tennessee other than the coaching hires. I think you downplay the Tennessee program far too much. It is still an elite coaching destination. There is plenty of in-state talent, a new AD as of this spring, excellent facilities and a rabid fanbase. Yes expectations are high in Knoxville as Fullmer won over 3/4 of his games during his tenure but I don't think the pressure is any greater at UT than any other top tier SEC school. As far as Bobo needing to do a little better thats a dangerous approach. CSU is in the midst of a very good season. We'll know in a few more weeks if it is a great season. There are no guarantees CSU will be better next season or thereafter. In the world of coaching you got to strike while the iron is hot. I've no idea if Bobo has any interest in Tennessee but to so quickly dismiss it is a mistake in my book.
  4. Actually no, it's a little more than that. UNLV used to beat us by a hundred in basketball, and we had some good teams. SDSU has dominated State and the MWC in recent years in football , but I still root for them OOC and against the mountain division. and I never resented UNLV for their throttlings in hoops. But it feels like Boise stole something from us. Swear to god, I'd root for Ohio state or Bama against Boise, and I never root for those schools. It's a me problem, but I don't think I'm the only one. I RESENT Boise in a way I dont with other schools or teams.
  5. If the American truly wanted to create the best of the rest they would have to do a complete overhaul of the conference through reorganization: EAST: Memphis, Navy, *Army, USF, UCF, Cincinnati, ECU/Temple/Connecticut WEST: Boise State, Colorado State, Air Force, Houston, SMU, SDSU, Tulsa/BYU Would give the conference the Commanders and Chief trophy and the Army vs Navy game along with programs who over the years have put good products on the field and some good Tv markets.
  6. Turd of the Week! -week 7

    part of the problem is your fans stopped taking nearly as much shit after 2012. the spark of animosity was there, it just kinda guttered out.
  7. Best QB in the MW?

    And the Dogs are a buzzsaw right now.
  8. Best QB in the MW?

    A. This is correct B. SDSU has still not recruited or developed QB well enough for a school that recruits excellently elsewhere
  9. Ask most sdsu fans if they would rather play in The Murph or in their own stadium. SDSU is has succeeded in spite of where they played, not because of it. And, their success has been off and on......just like all teams. If you think anyone in Vegas will care about UNLV when the Raiders come to town when they barely do now, then.....okay.
  10. I love me some Fresno, but use guys gonna be all like:
  11. Credit Freeze

    I read that a while back. They seem to be on top of things as far as I can tell. I've got more than one layer of protection, the theory being more=better. Don't ask me to prove it though.
  12. G5 guys get run for Heisman. They don't win it often because the best players usually go to the better schools. You know this. Kellen Moore finished third or fourth despite some pretty great numbers. He lost out to a guy named Cam Newton, who also led Auburn to an unbeaten season and NC that year.
  13. Best QB in the MW?

    Agreed. And I don’t think the Dogs will catch the Aztecs napping again. But Fresno will be better in 2018. next year in Fresno will be fun.
  14. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    I think Tennessee might try to poach someone ike Dan Mullen from MS State. A proven winner in the SEC at a 'have not' school.
  15. Sdsu is one of the top g5s in the last ten years, it hasn't hurt that much Unlv will be playing in the nicest CFB stadium in the country. Different situation. Nev, sjsu, and WYO are dead cfb weight. The 7 western schools I listed(8 if n.m. gets in)need to look at forming a best of the rest, its their only hope.
  16. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    Lol. Go to bed.
  17. Not really. Who was the last g5 heisman winner? Detmer? You need lots of exposure for top awards. G5 players barely get any pub, you know this. If Purdue and Indiana are good, they'll get way more pub than any g5. They don't much get pub cause they always blow.
  18. TRIVIA (don't look it up)

    Basketball in a week and half!
  19. Too bad Stunner isn’t here anymore.
  20. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    Who the f wants to recruit Spokane? Chaminade gets the best teams in America to visit its DII venue. Hawaii gets great OOC games in football? Ya see a pattern? 25 years ago I’d agree. I’d bet you can’t remember Tark coaching a single game at Vegas.
  21. Maybe they just do what BYU Idaho did, and focus more on intramural sports.
  22. Turd of the Week! -week 7

    Well, this was a blowout. Kinda of like what we did to our conceited brothers from down south on Saturday.
  23. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    UNLV got Puke to come to Las Vegas to play a game. Gonzaga couldn’t get a neutral site game in Washington against Puke.
  24. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    Crazy how time has passed. 25 years ago?
  25. Honestly, I've come to appreciate Boise fans after joining the MW. While there were a few TBSUFs, they were nowhere near as douchey as SDSU fans when they experienced (much more limited) success. I definitely miss playing Boise every year, and would love to have them back in the west division. In some ways I honestly miss the old WAC. We were typically a 2-bid league, always had a ranked team, and it seems like we even had better bowl games at times (I guess mostly when Boise made the BCS). I hope Nevada can do it's part and return to our old selves along with Boise, Fresno, and Hawaii.
  26. Independence Seems to be a good fit for the Borg

    If BYU loses to SJSU, Cougar fans will be like...
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