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  2. No other regional options. SDSU needs at least one of those two to be a W.
  3. I gotta agree with Dee. I'm not as great as I think I am. I'm even better #PortateBienMorro
  4. well, it should be. top 10 fails of this board.
  5. How many Las Vegas Rebs does it take to change a light bulb.....
  6. Like your wife's looks. Rev up that Idaho-Idaho State rivalry
  7. Can hardly sleep at night, the embarrassment is too overwhelming!
  8. Sounds like you've got a weekend full of feature films in your family history. So interesting. Oh, and sounds like you best be careful in digging too deep on your mom's side. You never know what you're getting yourself into there!
  9. chest puffed out, egg on the face, then backpedaling embarrassing. yes
  10. Weak. C- work at best.
  11. THATS a guarantee
  12. Yes, horribly embarrassing... so do you have an example of a G5 getting a significant bump?
  13. And SDSU has struggled for a quality big recruit for 5 years now. Grats Rebs. SDSU says Hel10 McCoy!
  14. more predeictions from YOU? I figure you'd learn your lesson after your completely embarrassing byu to the Big XII guaranteed laugher.
  15. Well, he did kind of just lib it out there for you.... LOL
  16. Hilarious, the point I'm trying to make is, try not to get into a whoever is the most ruthless wins the game mentality. To the victor the spoils but not everyone loses their humanity in the process, not everyone partakes in rape and murder, just the rapists and the murderers.
  17. Dwayne Benjamin...McCoy's brother (and former Oregon Duck 2 seasons ago....dropped 21 on Rebels in MGM) getting hated on by Oregon for these tweets. Vegas' Troy Brown Jr headed to Oregon took offense to this... LOL...Benjamin throws shade right back at Troy.
  18. We need a scoring guard like Hardy more than Juiston imo. If we could get both that would be unreal.
  19. Relax, saggy chicken neck. You're not as great as you think you are.
  20. Both are too optimistic. Good luck with that. There's no recent precedent to support such large payday increases for G5 conferences.
  21. Interesting times...
  22. Just a 7 Foot McDonald's All American coming at ya in the MWC. If Zimm could give us 11 and 9....McCoy can give us 15 and 10. This dude will have a 20 and 20 game next season.
  23. Where do you find out how many posts you have?
  24. You are so right! Jordan Johnson will come up huge this year with all the young players. He will be the coach on the floor! I want Hardy really BAD!
  25. Jordan Johnson and Brandon McCoy is going to be a nightmare for any team... This so huge for the program. McCoy has all the tools and will likely be a lottery pick next year. He's a post player 1st, but has a money mid range jumper. The flood gates will open. You have to think. If we land Juiston somehow...expectations will be high. That kid would fit perfect next to McCoy. Juiston is a PF that can do it all. 17.3 ppg 61% shooting 12.1 rpb (HCC all time leading rebounder after 2 years) 4 assists per game. One game he had 11pts, 10 reb, 10 asts, 5 steals and 5 blocks. He led his school to win the national championship and then won MVP of the tournament. He led all players in points, assists and rebounds. Very similar to Brandon Clarke at SJSU, but a much better passer. Just a 6'7 athlete with a ridiculous motor and does it all. Then you tell me Hardy too? Don't wanna set expectations too high, but that team could compete with anyone in the MWC.
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