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  2. My wife said her kidney stone was more painful than her two labors.
  3. He's sired at least enough for a baseball team already...maybe an orchestra. Also, everyone knows that Allen spawn mature early. Josh himself is only 12.
  4. What the +++++ are you even talking about? I want nothing to do with your personal decisions so no worries there. Pretty rich you call other people "weak" when the only reason you started this thread was to bully anyone who dared disagree with you.
  5. To be fair, it'll be more than just a few years. Perhaps though, they can lower the age of admission to a university if a kid is a Josh Allen offspring and can cipher? It's worth consideration.
  6. Here's who's gone so far. I'm keeping a spreadsheet of who's picked who, but prefer to let Mug post the good one. @SharkTanked, where are you????
  7. Abortion is a fading issue. It's becoming a minor talking point on the national stage.
  8. Welfare? +++++ you man. You don't have a clue.
  9. My polls are legendary.
  10. Hello, are you new here? This here is a classic @BSUTOP25 poll; it's his thing.
  11. We know Jack.
  12. Did you even read the op? My dick, your mouth. Make it happen.
  13. yeah Jesus Christ talked about that all the time. right now I am really not sure who is the biggest attention starved asshole in here. You, BlueRules0000nothing, or RoswellDouchbag.
  14. The last thing I need is some weak person with an MFA from a worthless school making my decisions for me. Only a weak person would want someone making their personal choices for them.
  15. You're a weak, worthless welfare whore. I don't take anything you say seriously. You're weak.
  16. Read my second f*cking sentence you worthless troll
  17. Why should my ability to choose suffer because of weak people? You love the nanny state because you live off of welfare. We get it.
  18. You misunderstand me. I support our right to get high. I just also think we should help those who need it. If you've done opiates and never gotten hooked, you know what that's called? Luck. I've tried probably every drug there is (except meth, crack, and heroin) and the only reason I didn't become a "weak" addict is that my sober life was pretty good. I wasn't escaping abuse or dealing with severe mental health issues. I just had my fun and then continued on with my life. Other people aren't so lucky. They live with the constant stress of mental illness or abuse or poverty or maybe all 3 and they try drugs - the same way you or I did - and they get transported to a place where none of those problems exist. They sober up and the thought of going back there consumes them. I'm not saying that they bear no personal responsibility in their addictions, but I am not about to judge a person who, with a little luck, could have been me (and vice-versa).
  19. let's get this ball rolling.
  20. It's always funny to watch the welfare whores start to squirm when the free cheese looks like it's about to end.
  21. Exactly right. It was well known that the insurance companies and co-ops were to be subsidized for 3 years after implementation and the subsidies were to be withdrawn. Medicaid expansion subsidies also as well were to be withdrawn which is why some Republican governors decided not to do the expansion knowing the hole it would put them in after 3 years. Democratic talking point like 23 million kicked off insurance or 17 intelligence agencies investigated Russia.
  22. Captain hyperbole. Figures a communist leech such as yourself would push for laws to restrict people's personal freedoms though. Actually, it makes sense you'd suggest something like this given that you are a communist and that's what you people do.
  23. I have an idea. Let's take all of the junkies and put them in camps. We'll take the ones who are still healthy enough to work and force them to make things responsible people need like bongs, kegerators, and syringes. The others, we'll just kill before we take the fillings out of their teeth. That shit has street value. Then, we'll grind the bodies into compost we can use to fertilize poppy fields. That might sound harsh, but these people are weak. They only have value if they can serve me (and others who are exactly like me) in some way, so this is probably the best, most final solution.
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  25. The world would be a better place.
  26. No it isn't. Responsible people shouldn't suffer because of the weak.
  27. Way to embarrass, Nevada.
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