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  2. This one's for Tapeworm

    So Bush created ISIS not obama. Date certain for withdrawl from iraq was set by bush not obama. Glad we agree 😄
  3. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    The fact that you have decided to die at the stake for barney cotton is priceless. Keep going Confucius
  4. WTH didn't Davie challenge that call? The center clearly tackled the NT 3yrds deep in the EZ
  5. Safety because the holding penalty clearly happened in the end zone.
  6. This one's for Tapeworm

    Using con methodology about economics, Presidents shouldn't be given credit for things they stepped into office to gain. Weirdly that doesn't apply to their guys, but that's why Cons are cons. http://thehill.com/policy/defense/291179-general-isis-fighters-becoming-easier-to-kill In the years during the dreaded, hated, black-as-the-ace-of-spades-they-were! Obama administration Isis lost 45,000 fighters in two years. Then in the dawn of the Cheeto (orange savior of everything con to some!), this was reported - "Gen. Tony Thomas, speaking of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, said at the Aspen Security Forum. “I mean everyone who worked for him initially is dead or gone. Everybody who stepped to the plate the next time [is] dead or gone. Down through a network where we have killed, in a conservative estimate, 60,000 to 70,000 of his followers, his army.” - http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/21/isis-broken-but-leader-slipped-away-due-to-leak-says-key-general.html Is that 60-70k figure in addition to first 45k? No. So... Obama 8===========================================D Cheeto 8=======D That will be especially difficult for white nationals like dipshit to digest or accept.
  7. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    I hate to break it to him, but your opinion means nothing when you quit. You just look like a bitter little bitch.
  8. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    I'd trade Tulsa for BYU in a heartbeat Come to your new home cougars!
  9. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    People need to accept it.
  10. Fast food burgers

    I used to go to the one in Tracy all the time. The whole lobby being open 24 hours bit was a huge plus. I can remember feeling particularly violent one night, and I drove off from Oakdale with a head full of drugs, headed nowhere in particular, and ending up there, having to talk my way out of driving over the median while popping a U-Turn to some CHP and also trying to explain why there was a baseball bat on my front seat. It worked, somehow, and we ended up talking about how he had seen Metallica in Japan in the late 80s. Good times. Great food though. The one on Jack London Square is like the Mos Eisley Cantina.
  11. Is it possible for a team to get demoted to D3?

    SJSU says hold my beer.
  12. Fast food burgers

    I forgot about Nations, we used to go there when we visited my relatives in Tracy. It was even better because they have that veggie burger, so my mom could have one since she's a vegetarian.
  13. Rank em

    Fresno Boise CSU SDSU Wyoming New Mexico USU Air Force Nevada Hawai'i UNLV SJSU
  14. Today
  15. Is it possible for a team to get demoted to D3?

    SDSU is fine, they’ll finish in the top 3 of the conference and I expect their team next year to be exponentially better than this one.
  16. Rank em

    Boise State Fresno State Colorado State Wyoming San Diego State New Mexico Air Force Utah State Nevada UNLV Hawaii BYU San Jose State
  17. Rank em

    I'd flip flop Boise and Fresno. Goose is dead. Meg Ryan is sad.
  18. Fast food burgers

    I like Red Robin's Blue Ribbon burger. I like a lot of their burgers, actually. Don't think it counts as fast food though. If I eat a fast food chain burger, I like Burger King's whopper. No cheese or mayo cuts fat and calories by half. Small greasy spoons still make the best imo.
  19. Instead of replacing them, I think we'd boot Hawaii and drop to 10. BYU is the only expansion candidate worth adding.
  20. Everybody needs a loss leader to get people in the door for the real business, such as enrollment.
  21. The irony is Tool's idea of capitalism would collapse under the weight of its own corruption. He's too stupid to realize (and many libertarians follow this line of thought) people cannot have unregulated "free markets" because the first thing those at the top would do is game the markets. He probably doesn't even realize that's precisely what's happening in America. Choice is dying in this country. Without the social programs and regulatory controls he hates so much America would be a 21st century feudal style society. Yeah that would be peachy. The GOP and Tools agree though, that's why they are trying so hard to destroy everything that keeps America "great" and make it into a banana republic. I swear cons have no grasp of history. They only care about personal gain. Talk about short term thinking.
  22. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    Do the networks really care about wins/losses? I thought they only care about eyeballs and storylines.
  23. Fast food burgers

    And Jack's burgers are pretty good. The milkshakes there are awesome, but they have decent burgers too. I usually get the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger meal whenever I go. Burgerville is good too...I haven't been there in ages.
  24. Fast food burgers

    Nation's in the East Bay.
  25. Nope to SJSU having more potential than anyone. However, I can't argue with the 2nd point. I think SJSU could have Boise like success and still no one in the Bay Area would care.
  26. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    The wheels are coming off the bus... Antonio Zepeda, a seldom used TE/DE who left the team a couple weeks ago:
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