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  2. Edited for clarity.
  3. I got no beef with it.
  4. Also, the convention center ballot requires 2/3 majority to pass due to taxes being involved. The Soccer City ballot only needs a simple majority because no there is no taxes involved for's all private.
  5. And damn proud of it. 😎
  6. Kaplan V Acee: Jack McGrory Has Blame In The Chargers Leaving Kaplan and Acee discuss the latest in SDSU vs Soccercity and Acee explains why Jack McGrory from San Diego State is partially to blame in the Chargers leaving San Diego.
  7. UNM doesn't schedule byu, and nice try at trolling. You should be their mascot.
  8. Mug, from now on instead of "disapproval" can we refer to this as "percent of people who are tired of winning?"
  9. I went to a friend's daughter's graduation in 1998; just a spectacular sight. A little tidbit: what you can't see in the short video is that all the little brothers and sisters of the cadets are assembled around the goal line. The caps come off, the Blue Angels soar overhead and the children make a mad dash to pick up a hat; the cadets have place money inside the hat band. Better than any Easter egg hunt I've ever seen.
  10. You're more than free to drink bleach as well. You never answered the questions. Does the Bay Area have a huge Asian population? Do you think SJSU would have such a high percentage Asian student body if it weren't located in Silicon Valley?
  11. Guys...he said "race". Get him!
  12. Here is another fact that i bet you soft science morons didn't know. There are different races of cutthroat trout. There are different races of pacific salmon. It is a scientific term used to describe differences in divergent populations that have not got to the point where they are separate species. Now I am going to be told I am sure that I am a trout racist.
  13. Neither is half the conversation in this thread. But they are not as smart as Lincoln,.
  14. Yes, we need the November home games this conference happily provides. The MWC is our November "booty call" that we reach out to when we have a need and otherwise forget and could care less about. Thank you MWC!
  15. It is funny and perfectly shines a light on your total lack of education and inability to discuss this issue coherently, that you think there isn't a fundamental lack of equality. There is a small genetic group in Kenya that has dominated long distance running. I am not at all equal to them and no other race white or black is close to equal to that population in that ability. Only a total moron sociologist would claim that equality. There are so many examples of this that are documented but because of political correctness and the fascist beliefs of people with like ignorance of sociologists, these things have to be studied in secret or ignored for fear of being called a racist. It is the ignorance of smlwrckr that leads to fascist hitler science. Things cannot be discussed in the open because journalists, lawyers, teachers and sociologists among other soft scientists cannot deal with biological facts. Their education has left them without the tools to think clearly or determine what is political correctness babble and what is actual science.
  16. Again, try to refrain from your emotional outbursts, it will add a lot of clarity to your thought process. The city of Berkeley for example has a 19.3% Asian population but UC Berkeley has over 43% asian students (per, a higher asian percentage than sjsu. UCLA and Cal Tech to name a few hovering above 40%. UCSD has over 50% asian student body even though La Jolla San Diego has a 11% asian population. Many elite schools in the east coast have high asian percentage, are they all "epicenters" of asian population? I no longer interested in discussing race since it's a boring subject and mostly not relevant to the thread but you're free to continue with your meltdown.
  17. Dude, donk stadium is just a shade better than having a bleacher stadium...what a dump.
  18. I didn't. But at least it's a football stadium and not a futbol stadium. I haven't been to Wyoming so I can't comment, but I've been to Logan many times and if you really think USU's stadium is nicer than Albertsons stadium I can't help you. No offense to my Aggie friends. The setting is beautiful and the remodel is certainly an improvement.
  19. That's why it's wrong to stereotype any group of people. Those college kids were referring to black people in general. Had they specified black people living in rural areas, then it would make more sense to go interview people living in Alabama.
  20. Don't be obtuse. Of course Nevada gets subsidies, as do nearly all schools (only 23 of 228 Div I schools don't). Those subsidies are not doled out to cover a loss is a formula and there is little to be deviation outside of that formula. Even with subsidies factored in, a large percentage of schools lose money.
  21. I like laughing at uppity liberals as much as the next guy, but are we just going to ignore that the journalist had to go to Manhattan for his "gotcha" moment? NYC has the highest population density in the US and Manhattan has the best public transportation system in the world. Because of that, it is easy for anyone to walk or take a bus/subway to the DMV. (Manhattan is also one of the most liberal areas in the country. Related? I dunno.) Why didn't the journalist interview black people in Mississippi, South Carolina, or Alabama? You know, states with large rural populations where voter ID laws are actually an issue? Did the journalist know that his predominately white audience would just see black people and not know the difference? Newsflash: Black people in Manhattan aren't the same as black people in BFE, North Carolina. I'm not taking a stance either way, but I know bullshit when I see it. I'd be interested to see how his interviews would turn out in some shithole in the south.
  22. I'm not an expert nor do I pretend to be on the subject of race, biology, genetics etc. My understanding is basic at best. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln
  23. Assuming the same season, it will always be easier to get a big bowl being in the MWC, just like you said. Not based on merit, indeed. It's a form of welfare BYU chooses not to partake in. So, in no case would BYU be getting more big bowls as an independent, unless you were somehow one of the four best teams in the country, but you would be that anyway if you were the MWC all else equal. I guess BYU values other things, so that's why they are an independent, or just incredibly butthurt that Utah got in a P-5 and not them.
  24. it'd be better if we sucked you into this fustercluck.
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