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  2. Nevada Convert- All-American Idiot

    Not a bad idea! I know your wife likes Eminem- oh wait, that's S&M
  3. I'm stepping out

    Every bit of this post is an untruth. But some can CERTAINLY be applied to you. Say hello to your brother-in-law Steve. Maybe the Zodiac Killer had something to do with his demise! Adios!
  4. We're Sexy & We Know It

    never gets old. there's always a pigeon. thanks for the going away present walnut
  5. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    I DO think SDSU is PAC16 bound Id say SDSU, UNLV, Hawaii, & one of: Fresno State Boise St New Mexico
  6. We're Sexy & We Know It

    You were to go away asshole. What happened? The parole officer let you out on forum release? Now, go put the lotions on the skins, you freak.
  7. I'm stepping out

    AztecAndre has always been a bad represesenation of San Diego State University. He has even attacked the AztecWarriorFoundation- a group dedicated to tradition and honor at SDSU. Now hes leaving because he cant handle being attacked?! Oh myyyy!!!!
  8. Lenin Statue to be removed

    That's what I thought
  9. Nevada fans, think back to the 2010 football season

    AS others have said, 12-0 wouldn't have been enough to leapfrog TCU that year. For a half as Boise found out, that team would have been competitive with anyone in the country. That was a great Boise team. Weird that Nevada has had 2 games in recent history (UNM basketball game) that would make someone believe in fate. Nevada beat a one dimensional BC team in it's Bowl, with a great defense led by Luke Kuechly and a lackluster offense. Number 11 ranking is about right that year. That team was too inconsistent and really didn't have any experience to handle that kind of success.
  10. Nevada Convert- All-American Idiot

    Will there be a new poster name Eminem that clearly has more talent than You? The posts will be sharper in lyric, more complex in rythme and ryhme, allowing Dre to fade away into over priced headphones... chronic... And memories of relevance.
  11. Have "Shipping Scam" Scammer on hook - Advice?

    There might be a local tv news station that would be interested in reporting the scam. I've seen some report stuff like this.
  12. Have "Shipping Scam" Scammer on hook - Advice?

    I dealt with so many of these when selling furniture before our move from Hawaii. You can spot them a mile a way. I just told them to F off...
  13. Have "Shipping Scam" Scammer on hook - Advice?

    Would tell him you'll personally deliver the car to the Best Buy nearest his location. Then knee cap him with his "new" tire iron.
  14. Lenin Statue to be removed

    They should take care of Lenin the Vegas way: Chopped his head off and put the head in ice. They even painted bird poop on the statue. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/12551
  15. Today
  16. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Let's get a few things straight here. First, any post that undermines you is a great post. Second, it wasn't really aimed at you. Third, my second point is not true.
  17. Nevada fans, think back to the 2010 football season

    I can't wait for the ESPN 30 for 30 on this event
  18. White supremacist rally thread.
  19. We're Sexy & We Know It

    Fantastic. Now tell your wife to do likewise
  20. Offensive Statues

    Doesn't SJSU have a racist black power statue on campus?
  21. Lenin Statue to be removed

    This. Private property is significantly different than public property. I'd be fine with the owners of said property removing the statue the way that Duke just got rid of their Robert E. Lee statue on their own, but not forced removal by the state.
  22. Thompson at 19 years - Stability and Success

    Was this quote referring to you? "On Carla Thompson’s phone is a message sent to her husband several years ago from a fan of a MW school. She saved it because it is the vilest thing she’s ever read. (Carla wouldn’t reveal which fan base the email came from other than to say the school is no longer in the MW)."
  23. We're Sexy & We Know It

    Brilliant. My mouth is shut.
  24. Was roswellcoug banned? Where?
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