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  2. I was fine with this decision. He/She was in prison for 7 years which is longer than anyone else convicted of a similar offense. Also, is she a threat to society? What purpose, other than vengeance, does it serve for us to pay for her continued incarceration? Please don't say it acts as a deterrent; I wish it did but unfortunately, that's bullshit. The next "Manning" will never give it thought.
  3. I agree. With Guzman out of the picture dudes will be coming out from under rocks to take his place. The war on drugs is nothing more than an elaborate game of whack-a-mole. What we should be doing is helping the people of Mexico root out the corruption that permeates the system from top to bottom. Until the people have the means to rise up and take the corrupt officials down things will remain the same. Mexico has the means to be like Canada and the US. They have the natural resources, an able and willing workforce and the education system required to get there. There is no excuse for Mexico being a third world shithole.
  4. I'm sorry to hear this
  5. As the original school, why doesn't SJSU call themselves Cal State?
  6. 1 - disagree 2 - I believe this report analyzed the protections given drug companies for new drugs introduced into the market to the R&D costs of that specific drug. Perhaps I read a different report than the one you are referencing. The price protections, which basically allow for high costs during I think the first 10 yrs a new drug is on the market allows for recovery of R&D costs overall (on many other drugs being developed). 3. No, but R&D is very important no matter 4. Congress attempts to create rewards and penalties in almost everything we do, every day, with a goal of influencing behaviors. An absolute statement like you're making here is intellectually dishonest in this discussion.
  7. Well yeah! Unemployment at 4.7%; thanks Obama!
  8. That's fantasy land of the highest order. They aren't moving back.
  9. You guys have more commits. Once our class is signed Boise's will be significantly better than CSU's. Hell the amount of P5 offers our guys have dwarfs your class.
  10. The Yahoo article was based on this article. David Grant Garrick Verified account ‏@UTDavidGarrick #SanDiego may shut 'Q' down in 2018 with @Chargers gone See below. Not joking. Same day, same section, same paper. Unreal. This is the epitome of 'fake news.' Furthermore, the SDSU President was a part of the press conference with the County Supervisor, Mayor and head of the Chamber of Commerce, all who said their main goal now, is improving the game day experience for SDSU, and ensuing they have an "appropriate" place to play for years to come (see new stadium). Wicker said the school is negotiating with the city to extend the current lease at Qualcomm Stadium by two years, through the 2020 football season. Included in those negotiations, Wicker said, are discussions about how SDSU can enhance the game experience in a venue in which nearly everything is long outdated. Wicker reiterated that in SDSU’s long-term view, “Mission Valley is where we need to be.” He said he is “eager” to have a stadium partner, such as a Major League Soccer team, that would share construction and use of a stadium. “I don’t want to build a stadium that we use seven times a year; to me, that’s a waste of resources,” Wicker said. “I want a stadium that’s lit up 100 to 150 times a year, that generates excitement for the community.” One possible point of contention between SDSU and MLS could be stadium capacity. While SDSU has indicated a venue in the 40,000-seat range would be ideal, the new MLS stadiums accommodate crowds closer to 30,000. “That’s a discussion as we sit down with whomever that group is, if they’re bringing an MLS team with them,” Wicker said. “We’ll figure out what the number is that works for both the MLS side and San Diego State side and arrive at a good partnership.”
  11. After eight years of it, the "Obama hates America" crowd can blow it out their collective asses. I'm ambivalent to Manning.
  12. We'd shut down football ending our reign of four straight MWC championships.
  13. Lower drug prices and innovation of new drugs do conflict. Which do we want? I'm not arguing for one or the other. I think it's important to understand this, however. Edit=> I see others already responded, so ignore
  14. Families are out of bounds in my opinion.
  15. If polio vaccine was priced via the current bastardized system, the disease would be rampant and we would have many invalid amongst us. Drug companies get many regulatory and tax breaks for R&D. The should only be able to deduct / amortize those cost on US tax return in proportion to US sales consumption of that drug.
  16. I don't see a single person rooting for y'all to lose your stadium. I was genuinely curious about where y'all would play if a disaster did occur.
  17. Watched an episode on BBCA last night where Kirk swapped bodies, Freaky Friday style, with a jealous ex. One of the most unintentionally funny TV shows I've ever seen.
  18. Yeah that was my thought. When you actually read it it doesn't say much at aIl. I understand the appeal though.
  19. This thread is funny. MW fans rooting for some sort of disastrous scenario that has no chance of happening. I mean, there are no guarantees that will wake up tomorrow, but all logic, reason, evidence, and precedent says that I will. interview with Scott Lewis about the situation. Around 12:30 he explains why SDSU is in the driver's seat and in a unique position to be able to acquire the site.
  20. I don't think they have to be the lowest, but we shouldn't be footing the entire bill for R&D.
  21. Obama actually was harder on the press than previous presidents. He came down on Fox pretty hard quite a few times, so much so that liberal media came to Fox's defense. Trump is going to come down on the press even harder, in worse ways.
  22. Because the market will automatically set the best risk-adjusted rate without the need for government intervention or subsidy.
  23. I feel a thrill going down mine.
  24. Pretty much all we have in the rural areas of Wyo. There are a handful of parochial schools and I think a few charter schools. Charters are required to fall under our public school districts. I'm not sure of your point, but the handful of parochial schools are in the larger cities and all seem to do better than the public schools.
  25. And those are public schools, correct? Sorry if I was unclear. What I meant was the private or charter school model is difficult to implement in rural areas.
  26. no Tyler Johnson for the Dogs anymore! (Miami heat). He was a pain in the ass. Semi- interestingly ex Pack shooter Luke Babbitt is his teammate now.
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