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  2. The fact that gay rights issues in this country in a rather short time has gone from sodomy bans in several states, to "fine they can have sex, but we won't recognize their relationships", to "fine we'll recognize their relationships, but we won't call it marriage", to "fine we'll let them get married but we won't bake their wedding cakes" isn't exactly a win for Conservatives. I guess you have to take what you can get though when you're on the side of a movement that's both metaphorically and literally dying off.
  3. They can't. He's in JUCO right now. He'll be at New Mexico his sophomore year.
  4. What a shit hole.
  5. Yeah we get it. It's always someone else's fault.
  6. The more SCOTUS Justices Trump gets to pick, the better.
  7. I would think with the appointment of his former law clerk as a justice he might not be concerned about a nut job being appointed. I know RGB was not a fan of Obama and was hoping for Hillary to replace her, but she may not last much longer either....
  8. Conservatives had a good day. Travel ban, church case in MO and the SC is going to hear the case of a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding.
  9. I get Root Rocky Mountain with Comcast. Am I going to get Golden Knights games in Albuquerque?
  10. teamfog

    Washington was picked as well FYI. Could not believe they were left so I checked. You suck. Lets do BYU
  11. Doesn't look like it.
  12. I am honestly floored that an actual doctor thinks the patient has equal responsibility. Because as a doctor, I am sure you understand addiction has no limits and some people can become addicted with their first 'hit'. Even people not trying to get high or addicted. I think this is why most docs want you to come in every 30 days for refills of narcotics. I also think this is why the whole 'powerless' thing is in the AA 12 step program. Yeah in a perfect world everyone would be 1000% responsible and control their shit. Meanwhile in the real world...
  13. I think Joe just included student tickets in his season ticket total. 24,100 so far!
  14. Fingers crossed, I could see NMSU trying to block it
  15. oh man, you just know that our resident frenchy @AndreAztec @Dr. Dre is just dying to drop some knowledge up in here...c'mon little dude! #Andre #LOL
  16. So it doesn't apply to Green Card and Visa holders anymore right? That was the only issue that I saw the ban having in the SCOTUS
  17. No it doesn't. All it takes is a decent bankroll and the ability to afford a good CPA and BK attorney, which ironically, rich people can afford. You think Donald Trump is a smart businessman instead of a rip-off artist con man who has screwed over hundreds if not thousands of his contractors. LMFAO. What a bunch of rubes you people are. You think Trump is for the 'little guy' meanwhile he's spent his entire career ripping off and getting rich off the little guy. Buy a clue brother.
  18. LJ Figueroa will be joining for 2018 as well.
  19. teamfog

  20. Bomb Fail in three easy steps
  21. The ROE prevents them from shooting anything other than warning shots unless fired upon.
  22. Sorry, but Viejas blows AA and most others in the MWC out of the water.
  23. Senate Republicans’ bill to erase major parts of the Affordable Care Act would cause an estimated 22 million more Americans to be uninsured in the coming decade would reduce federal spending by $321 billion by 2026 — compared with $119 billion for the House’s version. the immediate increase in the ranks of the uninsured would be slightly larger than under the House version, with an estimated 15 million fewer Americans likely to have coverage in 2018, compared to 14 million in the House bill. would replace federal subsidies that help the vast majority of consumers buying coverage through ACA marketplaces, instead creating smaller tax credits that would provide greater assistance to younger adults while making insurance more expensive for people from middle age into their 60s After two years, both also would end subsidies that now help about 7 million lower-income people with ACA health plans afford deductibles and copays. And both would repeal an array of taxes that have helped to pay for the ACA’s benefits, including levies on health insurers and on wealthy Americans’ investment income. the CBO’s estimates of insurance coverage and federal spending are influenced by the fact that its forecast covers a 10-year window and the legislation’s most profound changes for the nation’s health-care system are tilted toward the latter part of that period. The bill would, for instance, leave in place the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid through 2020. After that, it would begin a three-year phaseout of the federal money that under the ACA has paid almost the entire cost of adding 11 million Americans to the program’s rolls in 31 states.
  24. Did you see the hidden Big 12 logos in the video? - TCSUF
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