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  2. Good job, Rebs. The only golf program in the MWC worth a crap these days...
  3. well, UNLV football is irrelevant now, so what have we got to lose?
  4. EastSPN is catching on. He will be a four star player by the end of the summer.
  5. Like this? I mean, because you are pretty triggered. Stunner really did a number on you didn't he?
  6. To spite you and 8588?
  7. Trey Woodbury was offered by UNLV today. I would be surprised if he commits elsewhere. His parents went there, and it's truly his dream school.
  8. Trump will sign whatever congress sends him and he will like it. He will then declare victory because that is his only choice.
  9. ...who thinks that Frank Caliebdo is a genius? He had a TV show ten years ago, and he did a skit with Bill Clinton and Bill O'Reilly. In the skit, Clinton was teaching O'Reilly how to pick up chicks. O'Reilly was an absolute creep, so there was some foresight there. Does anybody know where I could find that clip?
  10. Nice message board use of the word delusional. You get bonus points if you can throw in a "triggered" and a "he mad". You BYU douchebags are pathetic. You left already. Go ahead and leave already.
  11. The Clippers will choke in the playoffs...yet again.
  12. Actually it's back-to-back MWC Golf Championships for BOTH men's and women's teams. Damn talking about owning a sport.
  13. The RAMS ended spring camp with an athletics festival on Saturday. There was a womens softball game against UNLV, a womens soccer match against CSU Pueblo, The RAM Invitational track meet against multiple schools, and finally the Spring Green and Gold game. Lacking a stadium, the FB game was played on the soccer field which is actually just a patch of grass near the lagoon with some hills next to it. Poke fans will love that there wasn't enough room for a full field, so the scrimmage was held on a 90 yd FB field. I'll attach the article for anybody who might be interested. Some highlights though...We're freaking thin and undersized on the D-Line, and most of our O-Line depth sat out due to injury. We have a new reciever who won't be eligible till next year (transfer from Tennessee) but makes Gallup look like a HS player, and that's not a Junkyesque evaluation. He really is that good. We knew that this was going to be a tough spring for the defense going in, so I was pleasantly surprised that they held the offense below their 2016 yards per play average. We return pretty much the whole offense from 2016. It wasn't a game, it was a scrimmage. Coach said we didn't have enough bodies to make it a real game. Besides, 90 yard field. I will say this, it was cool to walk all over campus with my son to check out each of the sporting events, and then to just sit in the grass on a hill to watch the scrimmage. These things should be played in the stadium, but for one year it was really cool. New stadium was only a couple blocks away, so we wandered down there. DAMN!! The pictures do not do it justice.
  14. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 1969 Chevy Camaro SS/RS 2012 Lexus LFA Ferrari 250 GT California 1962 Chevy Corvette
  15. You're delusional and paranoid CJ. Quit being so freakin' defensive dude...seriously.
  16. 1978 AMC Gremlin X with the Levi's interior package...of course.
  17. All of that was sarcasm. That is about as useful of a stat as those gender gap graphs.
  18. I don't know, because Stunner has about 86 sock puppets, he loves nothing more than f'ing with Wyoming fans, and Laradise Cowboy registered on the MWCboard and Wyonation in the middle of November 2016, when it was pretty obvious there was a great chance Wyoming was going to play BYU in a bowl game.
  19. Nice comeback by the Rebels on the final day to overcome CSU by a shot. Boise finished another shot back and had the top 2 individuals.
  20. Yeah...definitely not Stunner. In fact, I'm probably part of the reason he's been on a Wyoming hate-binge as of late because I threw the BYwho honor code in his face and he couldn't respond with an intelligent counterargument. That and I'm not even in the same country as Stunner, but think what you want lol. @#1Stunner - of all the people in the world, why would anyone think that I'm you??
  21. The part I have struggled with and will most likely never agree with in a million lifetimes is bombing civilians. Imo bombing civilians is the most brutal and inhumane thing a man could ever do. Throughout history, when was it ever considered ok to slaughter civilians? I can't think of any other wars where this was considered honorable or civilized. What happened to the days of armies meeting on a battlefield and fighting each other? We crossed a major line.
  22. Yeah. And all that generous tax policy that trickles down to the citizens leads to having lower wages than the national average. High livin'.
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  24. There is no doubt that athletics are the most flexible condition -- teams can obviously have up and down years ... but the program should be be consistently in the upper half of the FBS & D1 (basketball & baseball). That being said ... the teams added have to be able to compete not just for their own post-season, but to increase the chances of their fellow conference members to do so as well. An addition that can compete right away is going to be more attractive than one that will take time to increase their level of play.
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